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Will a mongrel be easier to educate than a purebred dog?

Before adopting an animal, some owners wonder about the choice of the doggie according to its origins in order to know if it will be more or less easy to educate. Indeed, adopting a purebred dog allows you to know in advance certain traits that will make its character and behavior. Conversely, a bastard, whose origins are unknown, will be more difficult to apprehend on this point. Nevertheless, it should be remembered that an animal is above all what it is according to the education it receives, the way it is treated, its past, any trauma it has suffered, etc If you can more or less identify your purebred dog in advance, nothing says that a mongrel will not be the best of companions. But then who will be the easiest to educate? Let’s try to answer it in this file.

Mongrel or purebred dog: what are the differences?

A mongrel or a purebred dog are first and foremost dogs. Indeed, they both have the same physical attributes, with four legs, a tail, a head and a more or less short or long trunk. So there is no fundamental difference between the two. When it comes to adopting a dog, it is possible to turn instead to the purebred dog or to opt for a mongrel. Nevertheless, certain points must be considered to choose the right animal.

What are the characteristics of the purebred dog?

When we talk about a purebred dog, we are talking about a doggie that meets the standards of its breed, that is to say that corresponds in all respects to the criteria listed to register in a given breed. To do this, you must know that the animal must not only look like it, it must indeed come from parents who are also purebred and whose origin is known over several generations, be selected by professional breeders and respond to all the criteria that define his race.

Opting for a purebred dog allows you to avoid certain surprises. On the physical level on the one hand, you will know in advance what your puppy will look like when he becomes an adult, the weight he will weigh on average and the height he will reach at the withers. Within a few pounds and centimeters, you can already project your doggie’s future physique.

In addition, it is easier for you to know his main character traits and his behavior. Even if these factors depend greatly on the way in which he was raised in his first months of life by the breeder and the conditions in which you educate him yourself, certain tendencies do not change. A hunting dog, a herding dog, an attack dog or a guard dog will have very different behaviors. You can thus orient your preferences according to your needs, your expectations, your practices and opt for example for a calm doggie, a dog who barks little, a companion who will protect you from intruders, an athlete, etc.

That’s not all, because the breed of the dog also makes it possible to determine other elements, such as its intelligence, its faculties, its “degree of obedience” or its tendency to run away for example, but also in terms of health. Indeed, we know that certain breeds are predisposed to certain disorders or pathologies.

Finally, it should be noted that the purchase of a purebred dog registered in the LOF (book of French origins) requires a significant budget. It is indeed necessary to count between 600 euros and several thousand euros according to the race chosen.

What are the characteristics of the bastard?

The mongrel is a dog that is not purebred. On the other hand, it is necessary to distinguish the mongrel from the mixed dog. A crossbred dog comes from two parents, the breeds are different, but known. The origins of the doggie are thus clearly identified and this can make it possible to determine more or less its behavior and its future characteristics. On the other hand, a mongrel is a dog whose origins are absolutely unknown or which comes from parents whose origins are unknown.

Accordingly, a mongrel is a dog, but whose future characteristics in terms of weight, size, behavior, health and character are more difficult to determine. Nevertheless, as we have said, if a purebred dog is predisposed to follow certain tendencies in these areas, the behavior and character traits of a doggie are greatly dependent on the way the animal is raised, its environment , his past, etc.

So, even though the mongrel dog is often categorized as a deprecated subspecies, they may be the kindest and most affectionate of doggies. But he can also be aggressive in certain situations, unpredictable in others, he can be subject to certain pathologies and have fragile health or, on the contrary, be healthy and resistant all his life. Impossible to say.

Adopting a mongrel costs much less than a purebred dog. However, as its past and its origins are unknown to you, it is preferable to turn to a puppy, which will be easier to educate, or to an adult animal in a shelter. Indeed, in this case, you may be able to learn more about his behavior, his character, his needs, even about his possible past traumas. You will certainly need to show greater patience to gain his trust and tame him, but he will certainly be an excellent companion in life.

Mongrel or purebred dog: which is easier to train?

In terms of education, it is difficult to make a difference between a purebred dog and a mongrel. In any case, it is important to combine benevolence, reward and firmness. Brutality, violence, humiliations and punishments are to be avoided, because they are not suitable for the education of any animal and they are even counterproductive, because if the dog ends up obeying out of fear, he loses all confidence in his master and does not weave any connection with him. He may even develop serious disorders or aggressiveness. The way you educate your dog, mongrel or purebred, will directly influence its behavior and character.

Is it easier to train a purebred dog?

Educating a purebred dog is a little easier insofar as knowing the criteria of its breed allows you to determine certain character and behavior traits. You already know if your pooch is rather stubborn, obedient, intelligent, playful, etc. This will make it easier for you to anticipate your educational approach in order to overcome certain possible difficulties. Be careful, because this does not mean that it will be easier or easier to raise, nor even that a dog supposed to be of a breed that is calm and “easy” to train will obey you to the finger and the eye, especially if you do not put in place a good educational method.

To educate your pedigree animal, you must above all work with it as it grows and set up good habits as soon as possible, with the right techniques that require patience, kindness, firmness, rewards, a good knowledge of the animal’s abilities, short and repeated exercises, the progressive acquisition and validation of each stage before considering moving on to the next one and great daily consistency.

Some breeds are known to be more obedient and others more restless, runaway or stubborn, but some dogs of the same breed will also have different tendencies that will make them easier to train than others.

Is it easier to educate a bastard?

It is impossible to answer this question absolutely and universally. You don’t know anything about the origins of a mongrel dog, so you don’t have the advantage of knowing the main traits of his character and behavior. However, if everyone respects the other, if a solid relationship based on complicity and trust is woven, there is no reason for one mongrel to be more complicated to raise than another.

We know that if certain purebred dogs are reputed to be dangerous, they are real affectionate teddy bears and overflowing with love when they are brought up in good conditions, by loving, caring masters who correctly master the rules of the benevolent education. Consequently, while it is impossible to know whether a mongrel will have character traits that resemble a rather aggressive or difficult pedigree animal, a good education can make him the best of companions.

Admittedly, you will sometimes encounter reactions from your animal that you did not anticipate. Some learning may be more complex than others or require more patience, but a strong relationship of love and trust between a dog and his master can overcome all obstacles. If you ensure the well-being, comfort and safety of your little companion while providing him with enough love, you will very quickly be rewarded for your efforts.

In addition, be aware that if the origins of a mongrel are unknown, you can still be accompanied by an animal behaviorist or a canine educator in order to set up an appropriate educational method and overcome certain difficulties.

Be that as it may, know that no dog is born mean or bad, aggressive or feisty. Some become so because of trauma, because they were raised in violence, because they were separated from their mother too early, because they were abandoned or because they lost their master. died. But others who experience the same difficulties will be true loves, overflowing with affection and only asking to be loved. A mongrel is a unique animal, unlike any other, but which can be your best friend for many years to come. So why not give him a chance?

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