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Why the earthworm forages like the bee – BLOG

ANIMALS – The earthworm forages! But beware, foraging is not pollinating. Foraging comes from loot, pollinating from pollen. To pollinate is to fertilize with pollen. The wind pollinates without foraging! “The soldiers disperse to forage. Let us hasten to forage.” Voltaire. To forage is to pilfer, to make loot, but it is also to glean or peck. It is in this sense that the earthworm forages.

It forages, but without storing part of its loot like the honey bee. I specify with honey, because it is one of the rare bees to make some on the approximately 1000 species which lodge in France.

There are almost twice as many species of bees as birds, but only one produces honey for heating or feeding. The others consume on the spot like the earthworm. Or transport their loot to feed their brothers and sisters, or their descendants. What the earthworm does not do. He is a loner who abandons his eggs to their own fate!

His only social activity is sexual. But there again, he is very sober, only mating between fellows like all protandrous hermaphrodites. And for the detail-oriented, they ejaculate each other at the base of the neck in comparison to the morphology of a horse. And almost all of them practice the head-to-tail position. Almost all of them, because even among earthworms, diversity reigns.


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