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Why is it vital to bet on the right sites: the Veronica Castillo case

While it is true that it is easy to find sites to bet on on the internet, it is much less so to find operators who guarantee a reliable experience. On the web, there are hundreds of platforms that offer Internet users the opportunity to take advantage of betting options on sports competitions or casino games. The big trap, however, is that many of these platforms are unreliable, and end up making the bettors’ lack of attention pay for fraud, theft or damage of any kind. Today we’re helping you stay away from these dubious sites by giving you advice and setting an uplifting example.

Beware of rogue sites

The cases of scams of online betting sites, we no longer count them. Entertainment on online casinos (or on bookmakers’ sites) having become very trendy in recent years, we have also witnessed an exponential rise of rogue sites which in appearance offer attractive offers for bettors, but which under the surface are real traps for neophytes. At first glance, there is nothing special to distinguish the disreputable platforms from the reliable ones. Indeed, they offer generous bonuses (sometimes a little too much and that should put you on the alert), many games, payment options and all other characteristics of a normal site. Just as we shed light on fake news from the world of Rock, we also help you better orient yourself when it comes to betting on the web. Here are some disappointments that have often been reported by bettors on rogue online casinos:

  • Non-payment of bonuses displayed on the casino.
  • Rigged games that are hard to win.
  • High fees imposed on withdrawals of winnings.
  • Cases of identity theft and fraud.
  • Hacking players’ hardware.
  • Accounts blocked for no reason.
  • Non-payment of winnings obtained by players.

The Veronica Castillo case

One of the ambiguous and scandalous cases relating to casinos is that of Veronica Castillo. According to the story reported in numerous online media, this then 42-year-old woman from Portland, Oregon went to the Lucky Eagle casino in Washington State one evening in November 2015 for entertainment. She tried her luck on the Jurassic Riches slot machine from Rocket Gaming Systems where she bet $100 and played two rounds. On the second spin, luck smiled on him and the game paid him a jackpot of $8.5 million. Until then, everything is going well for Veronica Castillo to the point where the lucky winner even manages to initiate the procedure for recovering her funds.

Unfortunately, just a few minutes later, Veronica is stopped by the management team of the Lucky Eagle casino and is informed that her win is invalid as the game is prone to malfunctions. For only explanation, the millionaire of 5 minutes was only entitled to the label placed on the back of the game stipulating that any malfunction of the slot machine automatically canceled the winnings, as well as a statement from John Setterstrom, boss of the casino at the time. Instead of her 8.5 million initially won, Veronica Castillo was only able to leave the casino with a ticket allowing her to recover a derisory sum of $80.35.

What good online casinos guarantee for betting

It is not always easy to recognize an unreliable gambling site. Nevertheless, to avoid disappointments like that of Veronica Castillo, it is necessary to take precautions before going to online casinos. Fortunately, there are criteria that allow you to recognize and find the best sites in France on which you are sure to enjoy a fun, profitable and also reliable experience in all respects. We have tried to list here a list of everything you are entitled to when betting on reliable online casinos.

1. A legal and reliable framework

Many virtual casinos do not have permission to offer their services on the market. Operating without accreditation means not being under the supervision of any regulatory authority, which implies that the site is able to commit numerous offenses without having to account for its actions. Any casino you find without a license does not guarantee you legal and reliable offers. Of course, it is also not enough to present any license to have the status of legal casino! In the online betting industry, there are competent authorities whose accreditations guarantee reliability for bettors. For those residing in France, for example, the recommended sites are accredited by the ANJ or the Gaming Commissions of Curaçao, Malta and Kahnawake. The Government of Gibraltar and the UK Gambling Commission are also authorities whose licenses are recognized in the market.

Casinos that are accredited by these bodies give you the opportunity to have fun with legal offers that meet the verification standards imposed on the market. In case of fraud or scam problems, you can even report your complaints to the regulatory authority so that the site is blacklisted. The licensing authorities closely monitor the casinos that benefit from their licenses in order to ensure that the bettors who are registered there receive the best possible treatment.

2. Reliable and generous bonuses

One of the easiest ways to entice punters is to offer them generous bonuses that they can’t ignore. Once the bettor has registered on a rogue site after being attracted by a bonus, there are generally two possibilities. Firstly, for offers on deposit for example, it is possible that after having made the required payment (generally a large deposit of €50 or more) and having complied with all the required conditions, that the offer will not be credited to your account. . The other, more subtle possibility, is to impose wagering requirements that are too high to prevent punters from taking advantage of the offers granted. For example, for a €100 bonus, you may be required to wager the amount up to 200x before you start withdrawing winnings.

By opting for sites that are reliable, you can start hoping for bonuses from deposits of 5 or 10 €. What’s also great is that with these offers, you will be able to start claiming your winnings by meeting wagering requirements of less than 50x. The best casinos even go so far as to offer their customers no deposit bonuses (in free spins or in real money) with which they can get started without having to deposit money or even special offers such as tickets for great shows like the Juda Priest concert.

3. Fair games

When casino games are rigged, you lose all your bets and this is another popular tactic on rogue sites. The best sites in France, on the other hand, regularly have their games tested by organizations such as eCOGRA and GLI. The tests take into account the Random Number Generators of the casinos to ensure that they are fair, that is to say that the results of a roll of the dice for example or a rotation of a slot machine, of dealing cards in blackjack and the like, are entirely based on chance. Fair games at top casinos give all bettors the same odds during sessions. It should also be noted that the games tested by quality control bodies offer payout rates within the standards (95% and more) to guarantee bettors a good chance of obtaining payouts.

4. Security in your transactions

Complaints about cases of non-payout of winnings or blocked transactions are numerous at low-level online casinos. When you opt for the best sites, on the other hand, you are sure to take advantage of many secure payment methods. Payment processors are usually credit cards, eWallets, bank checks or even cryptocurrency wallets like bitcoin which continues to grow in value on the market. It must be said, however, that on the best sites, before making any payment, you must submit your account to verification processes like the KYC procedure. The latter makes it possible to really confirm your identity, and therefore to avoid cases of identity theft, fraud, etc. Transaction times very often range from a few minutes to 48 or 72 hours maximum on the most remarkable establishments.

5. Guaranteed confidentiality

Confidentiality is necessary both for your transactions and for your personal information when you bet online. Recommendable sites generally use SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption technology or its successor 128 or 256-bit TLS (Transport Layer Security) to store all your data on encrypted servers and make it inaccessible to people who do not have it. straight. If you bet on a site that is not protected, there is a good chance that your personal information will leak, be traded or used illegally for scams or hacks.

6. Good customer support

If you are not registered on a good site, chances are you will not receive assistance when needed. Indeed, on these platforms, bettors are generally left to their own devices in the event of a problem or difficulty in managing their sessions, since they are in no way the priority of the casino. On good sites, on the other hand, you are entitled to several channels to contact the support team, namely an email address, a live chat and a direct telephone line. Support staff are usually available to listen to you 24/7, and response times are fairly short to ensure a better experience.


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