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Why does my cat follow me everywhere?

It’s a reality: your cat follows you everywhere. Throughout the day, he is behind you. It follows you when you go to the kitchen to prepare your meals, when you go to the bathroom or when you go to bed. Why ? Several explanations exist. Here’s everything you need to know about your gluey cat.

Your cat was separated too quickly from its mother

A kitten that has been separated from its mother too quickly can develop emotional problems and be very clingy with its owners. Although the smaller they are, the cuter they are, kittens should stay with their mother enough. The cat has a lot to offer her little ones. During their first weeks of life:

  • she feeds them, first with colostrum, a milk rich in antibodies, then with her mother’s milk,
  • she helps her kittens to pass the weaning stage which begins at 4 weeks,
  • she teaches her kittens to communicate with her peers,
  • it teaches them to recognize the dangers,
  • she teaches cleanliness,
  • she helps her little ones to control their biting impulses,
  • it accompanies them in their autonomy.

A cat should not be offered for adoption before 8 weeks. As in dogs, it is even recommended to wait 10 weeks. If you find a kitten that no longer has its mother, you have to adapt to its needs. Ideally, you need to find a foster cat, in other words a cat that has just had babies. If this is not possible, feed the kitten with a bottle and milk specifically designed for him. It is marketed to veterinarians. At the same time, you should try to put the kitten in contact with another cat as often as possible.

Your cat anticipates your actions and behaviors

We all know that animals have a 6th meaning. This is the case with cats. These felines are very intelligent and manage to anticipate our behavior. This ability may explain why they follow us everywhere. It’s a kind of ritual with them.

  • If your cat follows you to the kitchen, it’s because he wants his croquettes, his mash or a treat. If you’re cooking and usually give him chunks of meat, he’ll automatically come to you in hopes of getting his share.
  • If your cat follows you to the bathroom, it’s because he likes to lick the water drops you leave after a shower or a bath. Know that he also likes to lick you when you have the smell of shower gel.
  • If your cat follows you into your bedroom, it’s simply because he wants to enjoy the comfort of your bed or likes to sleep with you.

Your cat suffers from emotional dependence

Emotional dependency can occur if your cat was adopted too early or if its mother died. Sometimes it’s just his temper. Whether he was adopted too early or not, he replaced his mother with his master. If this is the case, certain signs do not deceive. Your cat will do everything like you: if you eat, he eats, if you drink, he drinks… More generally, he follows you and respects your rhythm.

In case of hyper attachment, your cat will have difficulty staying alone. Besides, when you leave, he is sincerely unhappy. To calm these anxieties, it is necessary:

  • leave him a piece of clothing with your scent,
  • diffuse pheromones in the rooms frequented by the cat,
  • give him painkiller treatment.

Your cat is sick or injured

It is possible that your cat follows you around because he is sick or injured. As he fails to communicate about his pain, he follows you hoping that you will notice a change. He may be meowing in pain. If so, his meows will be deep and long. If your cat doesn’t usually follow you around and does so overnight, you should be concerned. Make an appointment with your veterinarian to take stock and identify what is causing the problem.

It should be noted that a pregnant cat tends to stick to its masters. The more the gestation advances, the more the cat needs a permanent contact. Don’t worry, she’ll lose this habit quickly once her babies are around.

Your cat wants something

If your cat is a pot of glue and in addition it meows, it means that it expects something from you. Start by doing a few checks:

  • Have you thought about filling his bowl with kibble?
  • Is there water available?
  • Is his litter box clean?
  • Are its basket and cushion accessible?

Sometimes your cat is just trying to tell you that he needs you. If during your checks you find no abnormalities, it may be because your cat wants to play with it or be cuddled.

Your cat monitors its territory

Your cat is a feline. Also, if he follows you everywhere, it is because you are on his territory. He watches you but also protects you. It should be remembered that the cat is a born hunter. It will attack any prey it sees, even if it is a fly.

How to react ?

Managing a glue pot cat is tricky because you must first identify the cause of his hyper attachment. To do this, make an appointment with your veterinarian to make sure everything is fine. Then reassure him. Your cat should be confident and feel safe. You have to give him everything he needs. This includes food, water, clean bedding, a comfortable resting area, and toys.

If things don’t change, it’s a good idea to leave a piece of clothing with your scent, diffuse pheromones or even give it a painkiller treatment.

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