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which one to choose in 2022?

As real little stuntmen, cats sometimes risk their lives, especially when they live several stories high. If you live in an apartment, buying a balcony safety net is the ideal solution to allow your cat to go outside without falling to the ground!

Protective nets are available in several models, as there are both nets with transparent mesh and reinforced models. There are also several fastening systems: in fact, not everyone has the possibility of making holes in the wall to fix a net. This type of fall protection is very durable. Even though your cat likes to climb on everything he finds, he won’t be able to tear the mesh. The netting also prevents birds from accidentally entering the cat area. Are you soon to adopt your first hairball? Welcome him as he deserves by preparing a 5-star outdoor space for him! On the program, hanging hammocks, ladders to climb and chew toys, but also and above all a safety net to close off the balcony. Zoom on the best models of protective nets for cats!


  1. The most transparent
  2. The largest
  3. Good value for money
  4. Most Reinforced
  5. The finer

The Trixie cat protection net, with its attachment system

This cat safety net is made of transparent mesh. It is therefore the ideal solution for installing fall protection on your balcony, while continuing to enjoy the landscape. Very sturdy, this cat net is resistant to scratches, bites and UV rays. It comes with a tether rope, pegs and hooks. So you can fix it securely in the wall of your balcony. Very light, this safety net for cats offers no wind resistance.

The PiuPet cat protection net, for windows and balconies

Transparent, this nylon net is very stylish. You can therefore continue to enjoy the view from your balcony, while providing your cat with an outdoor play area. This protective net also guarantees high resistance to tearing, weathering and UV rays. Easy to install, it comes with a 15-meter fixing rope and fifteen hooks with their pegs. Finally, you will receive a small, very complete manual on the subject of cleanliness for the cat when you purchase it.

The Trixie protective net for cats, in the color olive green

Available in several sizes, this cat safety net can be installed on all types of balconies and windows. Its olive green color makes it almost invisible if your balcony faces a green landscape: meadow, forest, etc. Moreover, this coloring will resist for several years, even when exposed to the vagaries of the weather. The mesh is tight enough to prevent the passage of a cat, even if it is a kitten. Reinforced with wire, this net will stay in place even if your pet likes to climb on it.

The bite-resistant PiuPet cat protection net

Reinforced with iron wire, this cat safety net provides ultimate protection. The meshes are also coated with PE plastic, which guarantees them great resistance to bad weather. Even if your cat likes to climb on his net, he won’t tear it. This protection comes with fifteen pegs to be fixed in the wall and the fifteen hooks that go with it. There are also fifteen cable ties and a 15m long fixing rope. Extra-wide, this net is suitable for all types of balconies.

The Bird-Tech TM balcony protection net is cut with scissors

This cat protection net comes with hooks and an 80 ml tube of silicone glue. So you can attach it securely to the wall or balcony. To do this, install the hooks, then let the device dry for a day. The next day you can hang the net. This one measures 5 x 5 meters and its mesh features an elegant black color. They are also 5 x 5 cm: no risk that your cat will pass through! If the net is too heavy, you can easily cut off the excess with scissors.

Where can a cat safety net be placed?

Defenestration is one of the leading causes of death in cats. If you live in an apartment and want to let your cat roam on the balcony, it is essential to buy a balcony cat net. You can therefore install this net on the railing of the balcony, while taking care not to leave any space through which the little feline could sneak. No matter the size of your balcony: there are safety nets of all sizes.

Cat safety nets can also be installed on windows. This way, if you live upstairs, you can ventilate your apartment without risking your hairball!

In general, cats like to observe what is happening outside. The movements in the street, the birds, the dead leaves flying in the wind represent great distractions for these little felines with hunting instincts.

What to pay attention to when choosing a cat safety net?

To choose the ideal balcony cat net for your furball, you must take into account its dimensions. Measure the area the net should cover and choose a larger model. You can cut it to the right dimensions, before stretching it against the railing and attaching it securely. Also pay attention to the stitch sizes. If you have a kitten, it should not be able to pass through!

The solidity of the net is also one of the important selection criteria. If your pet is particularly active and likes to sharpen its claws against the balcony bars, choose a net reinforced with wire.

Cat safety nets also have a different mounting system depending on the model. If you opt for a classic net, you can fix it yourself. On the other hand, reinforced safety nets sometimes require the intervention of a professional.

It is also up to you to see if you prefer a traditional net, with clearly visible mesh, or on the contrary a more discreet installation, in nylon.

What are the different types of cat safety nets?

Cat safety nets come in several types. It is their material of constitution that differentiates them the most.

The most common nets have colored mesh. They are suitable for all breeds and sizes of cats and easily attach to a balcony. Less expensive than reinforced safety nets, they are simple to assemble and you can disassemble yours in just a few minutes (to take it on vacation with you, for example).

As for the reinforced safety nets, they offer great resistance to bites and scratches. If you have a very restless little cat who likes to bite everything around him, this is the ideal solution. These nets are reinforced with iron wire and cannot tear.

Finally, invisible cat safety nets are the most designed. You can barely see them, whether you’re on the balcony or below. This type of net does not rust.

How to install a cat safety net?

If you want to install a cat safety net without drilling (this is often the case for people who are renters), there are several solutions. For example, if the balcony railing is made of metal, you can use magnetic hooks. Attach half to the bottom of your balcony and attach the rest to the level of the upper floor balcony. All you have to do is attach the net to these small magnetic fasteners.

On the other hand, if you have the possibility of drilling holes near your windows or your balcony, do not hesitate to fix the cat safety net using dowels. It’s an easy system to implement if you have the right tools. Take dowels suitable for the materials of the wall, a drill and a bit, a screwdriver and screws. Be careful, if you are not at all a handyman, do not hesitate to call on someone experienced. It would be a shame to hurt you!

What are the differences between cat safety nets and cat safety grids?

Cat safety nets and cat safety grids are not made of the same material. This is why the nets are flexible while the grids offer perfect rigidity. They don’t have the same utility either.

In general, the nets are posed on a balcony. Wider and more extensible than grids, they adapt to all types of spaces. However, grids cannot change dimensions. This is why they are placed on the windows, which are more or less closed. This makes it possible to ventilate the interior of a dwelling, while preventing the cat from going out.

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