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which hairy friend to choose?

Because of its loyalty and the function of house guard, you opt for a dog whose size depends on the space available. As for the other pet, the cat, the area is not a problem. What should guide you when choosing is the character of the feline. Notoriously, this animal has a strong personality. No doubt, a hairy boyfriend makes your daily life more cheerful and less worrying. Cat hugs are even said to have a healing impact, either physically or psychologically. Given certain specific character traits, it is very important to learn about the breed of affectionate cats. Browse the lines below and fall for your little ball of fur.

Why learn about the breed of affectionate cats?

In general, depending on the character, two groups of cats exist. Some are calm and affectionate, while others are playful and mischievous, let’s say disruptive. Watch out for the cat for your Christmas tree! Just like humans, a kitten manifests its character, either cajoling or stubborn and assertive. While some felines care less about their owners, others enjoy social interaction and follow suit. So, having said that, you need to realize what you want as a pet.

We have consulted a few specialized sites to be able to select the breed of affectionate cats if this is your preference.

Characteristics of the breed of affectionate cats

affectionate cat breed characteristics sociable friendly

Mainly, affectionate cats have certain traits in common. They tend to be more sociable and friendly. They are often gentle and docile and not restless and embarrassing. These cats can communicate their affection through meows, purrs, whispers and trills – all forms of contentment or playfulness. Being empathetic kittens, they can sense your fatigue or depression and might deliberately snuggle on their lap in you. helping you relax with endorphin-releasing hugs. In the meantime, your cat can have a comfortable teepee in a corner of the house.

Tips to keep in mind

Since affectionate cats often have high social needs, you, as the owner, should provide them with toys to keep them entertained while you’re away.

What affectionate breed of cat craves cuddles day and night?

affectionate breed of cats asking for hugs day night

The breeds concerned tolerate life in an apartment or a house very well, without pretending to leave their comfort for walks outside.

British Shorthair: British breed with short hair

british shorthair affectionate cat breed british shorthair breed

Being according to its British origins an alley cat, later it was selected as a cuddly and called that way to differentiate it from its American counterpart. This affectionate breed of cat is characterized by a medium to large size, a round head and large, googly eyes. The temperament of this cat is peaceful and balanced, even going to laziness. He adapts quickly and easily and prefers the company of children. His sociability makes him one of the dog’s best friends. As for health, the breed is robust and reaches 9 kg for males and 6.5 kg for females.

Russian blue with controversial origins

russian blue affectionate cat breed controversial origins

Naturally appearing in countries of the far north such as Russia and the Scandinavian Peninsula, this cat is graceful and has an elongated body. Unlike its British cousin, this breed is characterized by a small head with triangular ears. The fur is short-haired and silvery blue in color while the eyes fascinate with an intense green. Requiring only weekly brushing, the Russian blue is very attached to its master. Although there are new varieties, following the crossing with other races, this feline is very popular in France and occupies the 22and place in the statistics. Its shy, intelligent and calm character makes it the ideal pet.

The Ragdoll is an affectionate companion

breed of cats affectionate ragdoll companion sociable children

Bred to be loving companions, ragdoll cats are ideal if you’re looking for an adorable, low-maintenance pet. Ragdolls are known to follow their humans from room to room, greet them after a long day out of the house, and even participate in playful activities. Ragdoll cats are sociable with children, which makes them excellent family pets.

Scottish Fold or the “Scottish fold”

At first glance, this affectionate cat breed looks like the British Shorthair, but what sets it apart are the forward-folded ears. Assuming a random mutation occurred naturally when the breed emerged, these cats developed a gene that caused their ears to fold in the direction of the yellowish eyes. However, their ears aren’t the only special thing about them. Scottish folds are affectionate and social and don’t like to be left alone. So if you’re away from home a lot, this might not be the breed for you. But if you have more time to devote to your cat, you have surely found your partner. Grayish fur is not the only color available, and two-tone copies are very popular.

The cat that reminds us of Egyptian mythology

affectionate sphynx cat breed native to Canada

The sphynx cat breed has nothing in common with Egypt as it originated in Canada. Although the view is a little repulsive because of the lack of hair, its sweetness is proverbial. The care that the sphynx cat needs the most is warmth. For him to feel comfortable, he must be provided with a hot spring. Cats of this breed love humans primarily for their body heat. This synergistic relationship gives them what they need and in this way, cat and master mutually benefit from each other. Some people say owning a sphynx is like owning a living, breathing hot water bottle. He will cuddle you under the covers at night and perch on your lap during the day.

Maine Coon: the oldest natural breed in North America

what breed of cats affectionate maine coon ancient north american natural breed

As its name suggests, this cat is native to America. His family history is mysterious and controversial, as some believe the origins can be traced back to cats traveling with Viking explorers. Others see these big kittens as a mix between a cat and a raccoon, but biologically that’s impossible. The resemblance goes rather to the lynx. Although the Maine Coon has an aggressive air, he is sociable and affectionate towards people of all ages and likes to be involved in all family events: whether it’s lounging on the sofa or sitting at the dinner table. In addition to the hugs they are generous with, Maine Coons are very intelligent and also great hunters.

The Persian cat has an elegant appearance

what a popular north american persian affectionate cat breed

This stunning pet has an elegant appearance which is due to the angora fur. Not at all energetic, the Persian cat is rather docile and calm and can stay curled up on the sofa all day, scratching its ears. A typical gesture for Persians is to gently touch the hands of their masters asking for attention. We’re sure he’ll appreciate a cake on his birthday if you want to thank him for the affection.

This very old breed does not exceed a weight of 5 kg and a life expectancy of 15 years. As for coloring, it can be varied. Despite the kind character, the flattened nose gives them an angry and sullen look. Don’t let that discourage you if you’ve fallen for a Persian cat.

If the Siamese fascinates you…

opt breed of cats affectionate siamese shy exceptional character

Exceptionally social in nature, Siamese cats are said to be very talkative. This means that they seem to communicate with their master and their intelligence makes them highly envied. Avoid teasing the Siamese as it may show hostility, especially to unfamiliar visitors. It is possible that he hides somewhere in the house and does not come out for hours. To make him feel good, you can give him a litter box.

With a very original physical appearance, the Siamese has a dark brown head and legs that are darker than the rest of the body, while the sapphire blue of the eyes gives depth to its gaze.

The Bombay cat is easily distinguishable

what a breed of cats affectionate intelligent cute cuddly bombay

Once you meet a smart, cute and cuddly Bombay, you’ll be hooked. Despite the jet black fur and curious yellow colored eyes, he is adorable. The triangular ears stand erect, ready to react to every suspicious noise. Although medium in size, the body of the Bombay cat is muscular and graceful. Care is limited to regular brushing and polishing of the fur. This breed of cat, docile and patient, loves the company of children and dogs. This explains why he loves to walk on a leash and can bring back objects.

The Tonkinese is a rare breed in Europe

what breed of tonkinese affectionate cats rare europe

Currently, the Tonkinese cat is not very widespread in Europe. In an effort to create a loving and affectionate breed, a Siamese cat and a Burmese were bred. As he is not pretentious and his health is robust, the Tonkinese adapts as well to an apartment as to a house and garden. The hairs are short, in mink, sepia and colorpoint colors on which the shades of the blue of the eyes depend.

An excellent pet is the American shorthair

what breed of cats affectionate american shorthair large variety colors

When you say “housecat” in the United States, you’re probably talking about an American shorthair. They are extremely popular pets, mainly due to their affectionate personalities and distinct coats that come in a wide variety of colors. Representatives of this short-haired breed are exceptionally adaptable, which makes them excellent pets for families with children. Direct descendants of alley cats, their main function was to protect cereals from rodents.

Today, this rustic cat, which has not lost its hunter character, wins sympathy with its “coat” in all the traditional colors. Sociable, faithful and tender, he adapts well to an apartment even if his real life is outside.

The Burmese cat is superb

what breed of cats affectionate Burmese cat superb

While showing off piercing blue eyes and a long, silky coat, Burmese also exude elegance. They are friendly with everyone, including other pets. They like to play with everyone, regardless of race. The “sacred of Burma” strikes with its blue eyes and its white paws as if it has put on gloves. All white at birth, later the kittens take on the type of coloring of the Siamese.

The Birman cat does not like loneliness and thanks to its calm and gentle character, it is preferred as a pet.

what breed of cats affectionate adaptable pet

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