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where does the fortune of the new Prime Minister come from?

Emmanuel Macron has appointed Elisabeth Borne to be his Prime Minister. And the former Minister of Labor is at the head of a colossal fortune.

And according to BFMTV, which republishes the figures, at the time it was 1.15 million euros. Our colleagues explain in particular that she owns a 68 m2 apartment in Paris acquired in 2008 for 480,000 euros and valued in 2017 at 576,000 euros, and another in Hauts-de-Seine, acquired in 2015 for 410,000 euros in under the Pinel law. In total, the former director of SNCF and Eiffage, who was also prefect, holds 986,000 euros in real estate.

Elisabeth Borne! Its jobs and its heritage

Macron appoints Elisabeth Borne, a technocrat of socialist origin, as prime minister

Her appointment, the second of a woman under the Fifth Republic, follows the resignation of former Prime Minister Jean Castex.

French President Emmanuel Macron appointed Elisabeth Borne, 61, as Prime Minister on Monday afternoon and at the head of a first fighting government, which will have to fight an important battle in the legislative elections of June 12 and June 19. June.

Elisabeth Borne responds without fanfare to Macron’s first sketch: Social, environmentalist, worker. A political and institutional figure at the heart of the entire presidential political project.

Ms. Elisabeth Borne began her political career as an adviser to Lionel Jospin, when the latter was Socialist Prime Minister.

Thereafter, Elisabeth Borne was chief of staff of Ségolène Royal, former minister of ecology of the father of her children, François Hollande, socialist president, between 2014 and 2015.

Elisabeth Borne the new Prime Minister

A civil engineer by training, after this very moderate experience of the institutional and environmental left, the new head of the French government works in several public companies, leaves the PS definitively and ends up joining La République En Marche (LREM), Macron’s first party. .

In 2019, she became Macron’s Minister of Ecological Transition, before becoming Minister of Labor a year later. His experience, his efficiency and his reformist sensibility, formerly an ultramodern left-wing ecologist, allow him to be respected by both the traditional left and the traditional right.

For his part, Macron also chose Elisabeth Borne as a highly symbolic figure: the second female Prime Minister and head of government in the history of the Fifth Republic.

Waiting for the legislative elections

The eight presidents of the Fifth Republic, founded between 1958 and 1962 – Charles de Gaulle, Georges Pompidou, Valéry Giscard d’Estaing, François Mitterrand, Jacques Chirac, Nicolas Sarkozy, François Hollande and Emmanuel Macron – had 24 prime ministers but only one head of government, Edith Cresson, Prime Minister of François Mitterrand between 1991 and 1992.

In his time, Cresson was an elephant-blasted symbol of French socialism. Analyzing Macron’s decision, Cresson said: It’s a very big risk. The French political class is very macho. And the position of head of government is very hard and thankless.

Macron chose Elisabeth Borne as a highly symbolic figure: she will be the second female Prime Minister and Head of Government in the history of the Fifth Republic.

In the UK and Germany, two women, Margaret Thatcher and Angela Merkel, held the highest offices of state for many years, long ago. In France, presidents and prime ministers have been men for decades. Macron also wanted to send a message of renewal in this highly symbolic area.

Elisabeth Borne

Appointed Prime Minister and Head of Government on Monday evening, Elisabeth Borne will have to very quickly put together the new government team, following the very strict and precise instructions and directives of President Macron.

His first urgent political task is to launch the emblematic reforms that could influence the legislative elections next June.

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