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What is the lifespan of a guinea pig?

On average, a guinea pig lives between 4 and 8 years. However, several factors influence its lifespan. Thus, it is necessary to take good care of your animal, in particular by sending it to a veterinarian. This will allow you to keep it longer by your side. Here is everything there is to know about this little beast belonging to the rodent family!

the guinea pig is a rodent which has its origins in Latin America. Of medium size, it is frequently used as guinea pig. However, this does not prevent some households from domesticate. Indeed, it is a very pleasant companion on a daily basis. If you want to adopt a guinea pig, it is necessary to know more about its life expectancy. In fact, depending on its lifestyle, this little guinea pig can live longer than others. But to achieve this, you will have to pay attention to several parameters. These include his diet and monitoring by a veterinarian. By doing so, you will avoid as many problems as possible.

For information, the guinea pig is also called “guinea pig” in English.

A different life expectancy for males

Guinea pigs males are not spoiled by mother nature, even if they are well cared for by a veterinarian. Indeed, you should know that these rodents are enjoyed as a delicacy. And (un)fortunately, males are particularly succulent between 2 and 4 months. Beyond this age, their meat becomes harder to eat. Only stallion guinea pigs stay alive longer for reproductive reasons.

male guinea pigs have a shorter lifespan

For the record, you can enjoy all the meat from the guinea pig except for a few bones. It is possible to serve the guinea pig grilled, in a soup or in a sauce. These are just a few examples. In fact, you can prepare it like any other meat.

And for those who are interested, this rodent has no nothing to do with pig. Indeed, we owe its name to Christopher Columbus. As a reminder, when this explorer arrived in America, he thought he was in India. He discovered several animals there, including furry rodents vaguely resembling pigs. This is the origin of the name guinea pig “. However, many people (expert or not) agree that this guinea pig looks more like a rabbit. This is especially noticeable in his eyes. In addition, the latter are tiny compared to those of dogs and cats.

Tips for extending the life of a guinea pig

In order for your guinea pig to reach 8 years of age, you must comply with certain provisions.

extend the life of a guinea pig with nutrients and a safe habitat

Adequate housing

As a reminder, the guinea pig is hunted by many predators, because it generally lives in a natural environment. In this way, he feels the need to hide, to feel safe. Which means that it will have to be fitted with a habitat with many hiding places. In short, it is not advisable to change your habits. This is why many owners build a cage, in which there is a hut or a channel. Thanks to these elements, he feels safe.

Moreover, the guinea pig is not not a solitary animal. He needs at least one other companion. In this sense, their living space should be large enough. Note that having company will allow it to reproduce. Concretely, the presence of a female is strongly recommended in its cage. You can even add several. In any case, you just have to avoid having several males live together.

In this regard, do not forget to arrange a litter box in the habitat of your guinea pigs!

A specific diet

As a herbivore, this little beast’s body cannot create vitamin C. To compensate for this lack, it will be necessary to give it food, such as mustard, cabbage or even dandelion. Be careful not to miss your daily dose! Besides, the hay and the vitamin D are among the nutrients it needs.

In addition, your furry rodent will occasionally appreciate fruits and vegetables. As for fruits, the most recommended are:

  • the banana ;
  • the strawberries ;
  • raspberries ;
  • the clementines.
  • pineapple;
  • The kiwi ;
  • the melon ;
  • pineapple.

As for other fruits, it will be better to give a small amount to your guinea pig.

A quiet life

Finally, do not stress the guinea pig. So, although you find him cute, you have to give him space. Avoid at all costs the cuddles ! Simple observations from outside its habitat will suffice. This advice is also valid for his veterinarian.

If you absolutely want to keep an eye on your rodent, do it from afar! Moreover, it is not necessary to approach its cage frequently. In fact, it’s best to only come near your furry pet for two reasons. The first will be when cleaning its habitat (changing hay, cleaning its litter, etc.). The second will be when you give him food and water.

Additionally, do Warning if you have one dog or one cat in your home! These two animals are formidable predators for your little guinea pig. Make sure the cage is placed high up and the room is not easily accessible. More specifically, don’t make the mistake of leaving your rodent in the living room!

And the guinea pigs in all this?

Previously, we had already seen that a male guinea pig does not live very long. But in reality, the lifetime guinea pigs is not very long either. Experts believe that a guinea pig who reaches the age of 5-6 years is already lucky.

The reason is simple. These are continuously subjected to scientific tests. In fact, they do not enjoy a serene life. Their health thus degrades at a higher rate.

What races exist?

Like other animals (especially dogs and cats), there are more than ten breeds of guinea pigs. So, let’s discover 3 of the most emblematic!

The Alpaca

Its body shape is similar to that of the classic breed. However, his hair is more voluminous and curly. If we were to compare it to the dog, it would be a coton.

The coronet

This animal clearly takes the hair of the beast (in the literal sense). His mane is particularly imposing and extends over the rest of his body. Many other breeds resemble him.

there are several breeds of guinea pigs including the coronet with a long mane

The skinny

This one is the most different of all. Simply put, it’s a hairless guinea pig.

In the end, the guinea pig is a good rodent capricious. Therefore, you will first need to provide him with a secure housing and food rich in nutrients. And don’t forget the water! Be careful not to invade it! The latter greatly appreciates the tranquility. In this case, you will have to settle for theobserve instead of hugging him. If you need further advice, do not hesitate to consult a veterinarian!

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