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What is the best wet food for adult dogs in 2021? – Consumed

Very palatable, wet dog food contains the same nutrients and vitamins as kibble. If you opt for this type of power supply, here is a small comparison that will help you choose.

What wet food for my dog? If your dog does not drink enough or has difficulty swallowing his kibble, mash is ideal. But there are many varieties and it is important to choose the preparation adapted to the needs of your animal. Very hydrating, wet dog food is available in many flavors: chicken, beef, poultry, etc. Also check the dosage of the different nutrients: vitamins, minerals, fatty acids… Everything must be perfectly balanced to meet your dog’s energy needs. Dog food usually consists of delicious pieces of meat that are bathed in juice or sauce. Your pet will quickly regain its appetite! It’s decided, are you going to offer mash to your old dog from now on? Find out now which is the best wet dog food by browsing through the buying guide we’ve compiled for you.


  1. The most complete
  2. The most palatable
  3. The most natural
  4. The richest in protein
  5. The most balanced
  6. The most diverse

Grain Free Purina Beyond, Rich in Beef with Carrots

With no artificial colors, preservatives or flavors, this grain-free recipe from Beyond selects natural ingredients. By replacing cereals with cassava with high quality protein, this mash is a good alternative for a healthy dog.

MjAMjAM wet food, with a high vitamin content

This wet food is prepared with excellent quality local products: fresh meat (turkey, chicken, duck or beef), fruits and vegetables. Rich in proteins and minerals, it reveals particularly appetizing aromas that will make your hairball salivate. Ideal for dogs that suffer from allergies or intestinal ailments, it strengthens the immune system and promotes shiny hair. With an extra high meat content, this premium wet food is very balanced and complete. It is suitable for all breeds of dogs.

Barking Heads Grain Free Wet Food

This wet dog food has benefited from slow cooking in order to preserve all its aromas and vitamins. Guaranteed gluten-free, it is ideal for animals suffering from digestive disorders. It contains 85% quality meat (beef) and is high in vitamins and minerals. As for vegetables, they support the proper functioning of the intestinal system. Very balanced, this wet food is suitable for all breeds of dogs, small and large. It will meet all the nutritional needs of your adult animal, whatever its age.

Crave Beef and Lamb Dog Trays

This wet food for adult dogs is ideal for animals with difficult digestion, as it does not contain cereals. On the other hand, it consists of at least 65% animal meat: an ideal rate to strengthen the development of muscle mass. Inspired by primitive dog food, this wet food will meet all of your pet’s energy needs. It is suitable for dogs that are over one year old. Once opened, this quality terrine can be stored in the refrigerator for two days.

Lily’s Kitchen cereal-free recipe multipack, with 4 flavors

Gluten-free, soy-free and lactose-free, this wet food for dogs contains only fresh, high-quality meat or fish with lots of vitamins. It also includes fruits and vegetables that provide excellent nutrients, while supporting immune function. Easy to digest, this wet food is ideal for sensitive and allergic dogs. It contains no added sugar, fillers or artificial preservatives. Very complete, it will provide your pet with the daily energy intake it needs.

The Classic Caesar Wet Food Multipack, No Sugar Added

For 25 years, the exceptional recipe for this mash has been delighting dogs of all breeds. The ingredients are carefully selected from producers who make it a point of honor to offer the best to the animals. This wet dog food contains no artificial flavors, colors or added sugar. Your pet will lick its nose! Suitable for adult animals of all ages, it is very balanced and supports muscle development and joint function. It also plays a role in strengthening the immune system.

Why buy wet food for adult dogs?

Wet food has a high humidity level, ideal for dogs that tend to drink too little. Lack of hydration can indeed cause long-term health concerns, such as kidney problems. Giving him mash helps to prevent illnesses.

In addition, wet food generally releases very palatable aromas. It is very effective in restoring the appetite of a dog that takes little pleasure in eating.

Does the amount of wet dog food matter?

Yes of course. It is imperative to properly dose the amount of wet food you give your dog each day. For this, it is necessary to take into account its race, its age and the measurements indicated on the back of the bag of mash. Do not hesitate to ask your veterinarian for advice.

If you feed your pooch too much, he will quickly gain weight. On the contrary, if he does not eat enough, he could develop deficiencies. Don’t forget that the mash contains more water than the kibbles: it is therefore necessary to give a lot more so that the animal receives the same energy intake. Multiply the weight of the kibbles by 3.

What are the types of wet food for adult dogs?

Large dog wet food comes in several meal types. The most common is mash, usually packaged in a bag. This palatable diet often contains whole pieces of meat, accompanied by sauce or jelly.

There is also semi-moist food. These are tender croquettes, which melt in the mouth. They are particularly appreciated by senior dogs who have toothache.

What are the differences between wet food and kibble for adult dogs?

The major difference between these two types of food is the texture. The best wet dog food contains around 70% water, while kibble contains only 8 to 10%.

The pâté is also distinguished by its lower carbohydrate content than that of the croquettes. As a general rule, wet food for large dogs therefore offers more protein.

On the other hand, kibble helps to limit the appearance of tartar on the teeth, while wet food rather promotes the arrival of dental plaque.

In addition, croquettes are easier to store than mash, because they do not deteriorate once the package is opened.

Is wet food suitable for all types of adult dogs?

If you opt for complete, non-supplemental wet food, it will be suitable for all types of dogs. Very balanced, the first indeed meets all the nutritional needs of dogs: it is also available for young, adult, senior, sterilized, overweight animals, etc.

As for the complementary mash, it serves rather as a delicacy and cannot constitute the animal’s main diet.

The moist food, appetizing and easy to swallow, is particularly suitable for older dogs, who have difficulty chewing. It is also ideal for dogs just weaned, who are starting to ingest solid food.

How to store wet food for adult dogs?

Wet food is less easy to store than dry kibble. Composed of 70% water, it does not support exposure to fresh air.

To preserve all the nutrients and vitamins contained in your pooch’s mash, store it in a dark place, with a temperature between 10°C and 38°C. Be careful, if it is colder, the food may freeze, thus altering the taste of the food.

Once you have opened the box of mash, you can keep it in the fridge for up to 48 hours. It is because it is difficult to keep the sachets once opened that the brands most often offer individual boxes of mash, to be served all at once.

What is the best wet dog food brand for adults?

There is no better brand of wet dog food. All have advantages and disadvantages and make it a point of honor to offer excellent food to your doggies. But the composition of the pâtés obviously differs according to the brands and some are perfectly suitable for certain dogs while they are not appreciated by others.

It all depends on the tastes and needs of your pet. If he suffers from digestive problems, opt for gluten-free wet food, if he is neutered, choose lighter mash. Does he prefer poultry? There are turkey or chicken wet food boxes.

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