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What is the best dog bike trailer in 2022?

A dog bike trailer will be useful in various circumstances! If you are used to taking long walks with your pooch, the trailer will allow you to take him with you even if he is convalescing or getting old.

Bicycle dog basket to put on the handlebars or on the luggage rack, two-wheel trailer to attach to the bikeā€¦ It all depends on the size of your dog. Of course, if it is too heavy or too big, you should favor the trailer over the cart. Your pet will be much more comfortable and safe there. Make sure the interior of the trailer is comfortable, with a padded cushion, large vents, a rain cover and a small tether. Are you soon to welcome a young puppy? Be careful, baby dogs should not walk for too long, lest they damage the cartilage of their joints. To start taking great walks with your little friend now, invest in a lightweight, all-terrain bicycle trailer. As there are many models, we have selected several versatile trailers. Some can even be used as strollers too!


  1. The easiest to use
  2. The most practical
  3. The fastest to climb
  4. Good value for money
  5. The most manageable

The Zoomundo dog bike trailer, with a universal hitch

The interior of this dog bike trailer measures 65 x 55 x 78 cm. A medium-sized dog will therefore be able to sit or lie down comfortably. The trailer has a universal attachment system, which fits on all bikes, except electric bikes. Available in several colors, it has a safety flag, which makes it visible from afar, even in the dark. In addition, it incorporates two reflectors at the back as well as at the front. The mesh walls let the air circulate inside, while allowing the animal to enjoy the landscape.

The Trixie dog bike trailer, with a metal frame

This dog bike trailer has a door at the front and one at the back, which makes it easier for the doggie to climb. As for its wheels, they have a quick-release system. There is also a roof net that you can open and close depending on the weather: incidentally, the front door also includes protection against wind and rain. You will also find a small leash inside the trailer, which allows you to secure the doggie. It is very comfortable, because it has a removable padded base.

The Trixie dog bike trailer, with a parking brake

This 2-in-1 dog trailer is very easy to fold and takes up very little space when stored. The tires also benefit from a quick-release system: just press the button in the center to remove them. The trailer also includes a short leash inside, to attach the doggie. It offers protection against the rain, with its waterproof cover. In addition, it incorporates several storage pockets. Be careful, if you want to transform the trailer into a stroller, you have to buy the front wheel separately.

The PetSafe dog bike trailer, with 3 storage pockets

The ventilated windows of this dog trailer allow the animal to enjoy a beautiful view of the landscapes. Welcoming dogs weighing up to 50 kg, the trailer incorporates a safety clip to attach to the doggie’s collar. In addition, it is perfectly waterproof, keeping your dog safe from the rain. There are three small storage pockets on the outside of the trailer: you can put your dog’s accessories there, but also your papers or your car keys.

The Petique dog stroller, ideal for jogging

Equipped with three wheels, this dog stroller is easy to handle. The rear wheels are fixed while the smaller front wheel turns in the direction you want. The stroller trailer comes with a dog protection cover, effective against rain and wind. There is also a tire pump. Finally, this stroller, which can accommodate a 30 kg dog, has a reflective strip and two reflectors: it therefore remains clearly visible in the dark. It offers an interior space of 70 x 44 x 58 cm.

How to transport a dog on a bicycle?

There are several solutions for transporting a dog on a bicycle. It all depends on the size of the animal! If you have a small dog, you can opt for a bicycle dog basket, which hangs on the luggage racks or on the handlebars. It’s the most practical solution for taking your pet with you when you go cycling. It is indeed at your fingertips and you can pet it when you feel it stressed! In addition, you can be sure that your pet is safe, even when you are in dangerous areas for dogs: on a road for example.

In addition, most dog bike baskets incorporate a hood system, which protects the animal from wind and rain.

If you have a medium or large breed dog, choose a trailer instead. This attaches to the back of the bike and provides a comfortable and secure space for the animal.

Why use a dog trailer?

The bicycle dog carrier is used for aging animals, which can no longer make long journeys, for sick animals or for young puppies. Indeed, it would be a shame not to walk with your dog anymore, because he can no longer follow you! Outdoor trips are essential for the mental and physical well-being of your pet.

Opting for a trailer allows the animal to maintain its outing habits. This way, he lacks neither mental stimulation nor social interactions.

The dog trailer can therefore be useful if your cuddly toy has just had an operation and cannot do much exercise. You will also use it for a puppy that has not yet finished growing and does not have to make too much effort. If you have an older dog with sore joints, he’ll be happy to fit in the trailer too!

Where can I find a dog trailer?

You can find a dog trailer at pet stores and specialty stores. If you prefer to order it online, go to the website dedicated to this type of activity. You can also use the comparators to find the ideal model. To use this free tool, all you have to do is fill in the various criteria that interest you: type of trailer, size of the trailer, hitching system, maximum weight, presence of a rain cover, etc.

Before ordering a bike dog carrier, take a good look at the reviews left by customers. Indeed, users who have already purchased this model often give feedback on their experience, explaining its advantages as well as its shortcomings.

Do not hesitate to go to forums specializing in dog trailers, to ask all the questions that concern you. You will meet many enthusiasts who will be delighted to answer you.

How to choose your dog trailer?

To choose the best dog trailer, you must first choose the model that best suits your intended use. There are in fact three types of trailers: the stroller, ideal for use on foot, the bicycle trailer, which attaches behind a bicycle, and the jogger, which can be used on foot as well as by bicycle.

Also take into account the maximum weight supported by the trailer and the size offered by its passenger compartment. Your pooch must be comfortable and have enough room to change position whenever he wants. If you have several dogs, really choose a large cart.

You must also make sure that the cart’s ventilation system is efficient enough. Finally, choose a very stable trailer, which is not likely to overturn. Take a good look at the effectiveness of the suspensions.

Are dog trailers suitable for all breeds?

Bike dog trailers can accommodate dogs of all breeds. Of course, you just have to choose a model adapted to the size of your doggie. A Shetland Sheepdog or a Leonberger do not need the same space!

On the other hand, some breeds particularly appreciate trailers. This is the case with brachycephalic breeds, which should not exercise too much for fear of suffering health problems. Indeed, bulldogs and King Charles Cavaliers are prone to cardiorespiratory accidents. If their master has a trailer, they can therefore rest from time to time, after having exerted themselves well during the walk.

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