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Wedding: the new codes for organizing an unforgettable party

That’s it, weddings are starting again, after countless postponements and as much frustration due to the pandemic. The world of weddings is like dusted off and, among professionals in the sector, we rub our hands. “We have already booked 2023 well and we are starting to open in 2024, says Estelle Monnot, wedding planner and founder of the MC2 Mon Amour agency. More than ever, people want to get together and create parties that look like them. “The opportunity to take an overview of the new fads.

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Seasonal bouquets

Who still wants flowers treated and imported from the other side of the world? We prefer local and seasonal compositions, such as those proposed by Désirée’s eco-responsible florists. The nigelles, dahlias, sweet peas are grown in Ìle-de-France, in Normandy, or near the town of Hyères. The result: unique and charming bouquets. In case of large floral decorations, no waste: the entrepreneurs Audrey and Mathilde, at the head of Désirée, offer workshops the next day to transform them into bouquets.

Organic bubbles

Less expensive, more digestible and terribly in tune with the times, sparkling natural wine has nothing to envy to champagne. Local bottles are favored… In the Basque Country, for example, txakoli is perfect for livening up tapas and fish specialities. The only condition: serve it very cold.

home pictures

To immortalize the party, we requisition a photographer friend whose work we like rather than a pro labeled “wedding” with a standardized style. A priori, the result will look more like us. The best example? The wedding photos of influencer Camille Charrière, signed Maxime Ballesteros. Sexy and high-flying.

A calendar all to yourself

You’re probably not the only one to be invited to a wedding on a Wednesday, in the middle of August. In France as in the United States, more and more unions are celebrated in the middle of the week. Faced with this direct consequence of postponements due to Covid, there is no excuse for those who chain weddings every weekend. Emilie Goulier, celebrant of secular ceremonies, notes a particular enthusiasm for off-season weddings (before 2020, most unions were celebrated between May and September). Among them: festivities organized in Portugal at the end of October, or in the mountains in December.

Upcycled decoration

Once the party is over, how do you properly recycle? When it comes to decoration, the options are endless for making new with old. Among the materials that lend themselves particularly well to this, we can cite glass. We are thus inspired by Q de Bouteilles, a young company based in Le Touquet, which recovers used glass bottles to transform them into glasses, vases, candle holders, egg cups… Strangely effective.

The coco barn wood lodge.© Beatrice The Quirky

Safe sound

How to agree four generations of guests under a marquee? Daniel Weil, international dj, booked on several weddings this summer, entrusts us with his playlist which works every time. It will be ABBA, Blondie, Bowie, and France Gall for the French-speaking unions.

A micro wedding

After two years of nuptials affected by the gauges, it would seem that the bride and groom are embracing the confidential parties. “It’s not necessarily a question of budget,” notes Corenthine, co-founder of the Coco Barn Wood Lodge, which wedding influencers are snapping up. This year, this place located in the Landes will host some weddings that will not exceed 40 people. “This is one of the post-Covid effects, the bride and groom simply allow themselves to select more, continues the young woman. No more invitations out of convenience. » A dose of stress less and the opportunity to enjoy the party.

Eco-friendly gifts

What if, instead of offering sugared almonds to your guests, we opted for gifts in the form of carbon offsetting? The concept, which is gaining ground in particular across the Atlantic, consists of offsetting the kilometers traveled by plane by guests with an investment in projects – such as planting trees – that will do good for the planet.

A vintage dress

If you’ve planned to say “yes” and have always dreamed of dressing in yellow, like Elizabeth Taylor when she married Richard Burton in 1964, choose a vintage dress. Head over to Studio Terre Blanche, where the Parisian Laurène Domange, the founder, unearths remarkable pieces dating from the 1930s to the 1970s.


Retro dress (Terre Blanche studio).©Press

The EVJF are not dead… Long live the EVJF!

The ritual of the “bachelorette party” has not disappeared. The proof with Chloë Sevigny: in March, the New Yorker went with her friends to a Caribbean island. Nessa, creator of the reference blog The Barefoot Bride, confirms: “The evjf are unavoidable, but the wanderings in the big cities and interminable drinking parties give way to slower atmospheres. »

A hexagonal honeymoon

“Before”, couples coveted distant destinations – not to mention the Maldives. Post-Covid, some are freed from the plane to set off to (re)discover France. Example ? Gorges du Verdon. The ideal spot after a day of hiking? La Bastide du Calalou, a charming 4-star hotel-restaurant surrounded by nature.

A new piece mounted

Less stuffy, less sweet, more indulgent… the wedding cake is getting a facelift. Pastry chef Zélikha Dinga creates layer cakes, ultra-creamy multi-layered cakes without fuss. For its mounted pieces that can delight up to 80 people, the one that the whole fashion sphere is snapping up uses ingredients from short circuits. These cakes reveal all their splendor through stagings inspired by the Italian way of life, which even gave the name of its catering service, Caro Diario, a tribute to the cult film by Nanni Moretti. The playful touch: we decorate the cakes with edible flowers, dill or organic coriander, which we find at Fleurivore. Classy!

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