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“We have a number of couples to test during the next Nations Cups”, Henk Nooren

On Saturday, on the occasion of the International Jumping of La Baule, the French Equestrian Federation (FFE) organized a press conference aimed at providing more information on the selection process for the World Championships to be held this year, but also concerning the Mediterranean Games in Oran and of course the Paris 2024 Olympic Games. This is what came out for show jumping.

Henk Nooren, coach and coach of the French show jumping team
“Each championship, and especially a World Cup, is important for the nations that participate in it. We live this year a phase of transition since we lost three quarters of the team which took part in the Olympic Games last year?(Vancouver de Lanlore was entrusted to Pius Schwizer while Berlux and Urvoso du Roch were sold, editor’s note). We are forced to build and integrate new couples to arrive in August with a solid team. We will try to win a medal, with the main objective of Paris 2024 in mind.
We have new couples, like Kevin with Visconti from Telman?(selected at the Riesenbeck European Championships, editor’s note)Bond Jamesbond de Hay who is going to run his first Grand Prix at 5* level in La Baule?(which he finally concluded with two faults, editor’s note)Cheppetta who won the Saut Hermès Grand Prix, as well as Viking?(from La Rousserie, editor’s note), who again jumps 1.50m events. We have planned to put these four horses to the test in the next four Nations Cups. The same is true for Simon Delestre, who has several young horses, including two ten-year-olds and three or four nine-year-olds. He will also be able to juggle between them during the Cups. We also hope that Philippe Rozier and Le Coultre de Muze will pass a milestone?(they were eliminated in the La Baule Grand Prix, editor’s note)?and let’s place real hope in Mathieu Billot and Baschung Courcelle. That’s already a certain number of pairs to be tested during the next Cups. There is also Crosqel de Blaignac, Aurélien Leroy’s horse, for which we have high hopes. Of course, we will continue to rely on Mégane Moissonnier, who is still young at this level. In addition, we have five to seven high quality nine-year-old horses in France. We will slowly introduce them into high level sport and CSI 5*. I am also thinking of Caracole de la Roque with Julien Épaillard, another interesting couple with great potential. For the time being, we think that the CSIO 5* in Rome, which will be held in two weeks, is too difficult for horses of nine and ten years old. Division 1 will start for us in Sopot, so we plan to play between circuits.”

“It is not easy to deal with busy schedules”

Sophie Dubourg, national technical director
“Regarding the Mediterranean Games, we are not very optimistic. They must take place in Oran, Algeria. For the time being, there is no health guarantee concerning return transport. We are told a thirty-hour ferry ride between Oran and Marseille. Italy has thrown in the towel, Spain may be about to do the same, and we are awaiting news from Greece. The FFE must position itself with the Olympic Committee within ten days. During this meeting, the Nations Cup is a 1.40m event. The last edition, in Barcelona, ​​allowed us to grow a few couples. In addition, the technical delegate, Frédéric Cottier, has concerns about the track. These Mediterranean Games could have been a goal because they are mini Olympics and they are interesting in the career of a rider and even a couple.
There is also the European circuit of Nations Cups, the semi-final of which will be held in Deauville this year, with the project of making this meeting permanent, or even hosting a final. We will have two qualifying stages in Madrid and Lisbon, which must be integrated into the calendar which is already full with the stages of the European Division 1 of the world circuit, and the other CSIOs to which we are invited. Édouard Coupérie will be in charge of this European circuit, which will perhaps be a headache, insofar as there is an obligation to present at least one rider under the age of twenty-five in each team. We have already requested five or six riders, but it is not easy to have their availabilities because many factors come into play. It is not easy to deal with busy schedules!“

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