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Vaucluse: Chateau Hotel les Fines Roches

Château Hotel les Fines Roches in Châteauneuf du Pape.

An air of Tuscany in Vaucluse

It is about twenty kilometers north of Avignon, that the silhouette of the perched medieval village of Châteauneuf du Pape appears, and enthroned at the top the remains of a fortress, secondary residence of the popes of Avignon. If the village is first known for this historical fact, its name is known worldwide in the world of oenophiles and sommeliers as sheltering the terroirs of a famous red wine with thirteen grape varieties.

A wine that is the best marketing and promotion ambassador of this Nord Vaucluse, dedicated to wine, with landscapes worthy of Tuscany. The shortcut is made: papacy, red wine of anthology and hilly landscapes: welcome to this former papal land.

Chateau Hotel Les Fines Roches

A stone’s throw away, like a stone vessel, stands the elegant and quite imposing Hostellerie des Fines Roches, perched on a hill overlooking the surrounding vineyards and cypresses. A landscape of Provence made in Vaucluse with the triptych inseparable from the image that we have of it: the vineyards, the Most Beautiful Villages of France and the Giant of Provence: Mont Ventoux, never far away.

Chateau Hotel Les Fines Roches

With a neo-medieval inspiration and towers reminiscent of those of the ramparts of Avignon for the exterior, this 4-star hotel, with 11 spacious rooms completely redone, and recently decorated by the Avignonnaise interior designer Alison Lanceleur gives the place , a “castle life” experience unlike any other competitor around. It must be said that the interior layout has a lot to do with it, four-poster beds, bathrooms behind thick protective walls, or even in turrets.

Chateau Hotel Les Fines Roches

There are also private terraces, where you can see without being seen and laze on the first fine days. There is even one at the top of a tower accessible by a spiral staircase. Not a room like it. And what about the Olympian calm that reigns supreme here, punctuated only by the songs of birds and a few rare tractors busying themselves in the vineyards in the distance. We thus understand better why Provençal poets, such as Fréderic Mistral or Jean Giono, to name a few, from the first half of the 20th century frequented this place conducive to receptions where the intoxication of words animated the verbal jousts with the drunkenness of wine, the beautiful drunkenness, the one that loosens tongues: “In Vino Veritas”. Think: 45 ha of surrounding vines, punctuated here and there with groves and small woods where Provençal species dominate cheerfully. One more reason to love the location of the hotel and to stay there in harmony between nature and vineyards. Another allusion to him, this red from Châteauneuf, which also comes in white (rarer).

Chateau Hotel Les Fines Roches

Wines that can be found in the Food & Wine pairings of the talented menu of Hugo Loridan-Fombonne, the gifted chef of the château who has made his home there. After joining the establishment in 2012 and having climbed all the culinary ladders by showcasing local flavors while respecting seasonality and ad-hoc cooking. Originally from the Camargue, he likes to reinterpret recipes by incorporating the classics he learned from his grandmother: bull gardianne or fish soup. His own Proust Madeleines, in a way. This child of Fines Roches as he likes to define himself, makes it a point of honor to locate his products, having woven a whole network of producers, farmers, processors, all located less than 100km away.

Chateau Hotel Les Fines Roches

Here we sublimate local products and we hate waste. The most unexpected sauces are often the work of vegetable trimmings, poultry carcasses, shellfish juices, etc. We will not be surprised to learn that each of its sauces is made from red or white Châteauneuf du Pape. Still on the subject of wines, every last Thursday of the month from October to May, a Châteauneuf du Pape wine estate will be highlighted with a five-step food & wine pairing menu. Vincent Lafitte the sommelier, passionate and passionate, is in constant research with the chef on these notions of perfect harmony. Dishes and wines in harmony in a castle setting. Surprising guest guests by daring is the credo of this chef, who wants to demonstrate his virtuous and respectful commitments towards nature, the seasons and the work of his suppliers, by expressing it in his stoves through his cuisine. So, it’s not surprising to offer its dishes in the Market menu, the Fines Roches menu and the Inspiration menu: a succession of 4 dishes for the latter, served blind according to the chef’s inspiration. The Hosts play the game and ask for more.

Chateau Hotel Les Fines Roches

Finally, here, what you are given in nice calories can be taken back at your request, after a visit to the Fines Roches spa. Balneotherapy, sauna but also and above all, the variation of Vinésime cosmetic products made from grapes. Grapes are good and beautiful for the skin and the organism. The cosmetic company which excels in natural concentrates, based in Burgundy, has at the same time won over more than one other wine region. When will the treatments based on Châteauneuf du Pape be?!

At the head of this hostelry with an inventory of excellence: Denis Duchêne, self-taught entrepreneur, at the helm of Fines Roches, as owner. An establishment that he took over at the start of 2021 (a difficult period to start), with the ambition pegged to the body and more than one project in mind. With him, two associates: Sébastien Guttierez, general manager and professional in the hotel industry, in place for 3 years at the château, and finally, the “committed” chef, defender of his terroirs, Hugo Loridan-Fombonne, the right taste in each plate. .

Staying at the Hostellerie des Fines Roches means enjoying a quiet interlude, a new gourmet experience, with serenity as the tempo. The Vaucluse viticultural offers itself at 180°, an air of expatriate Tuscany.

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