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Txakurra, a Bordeaux cyclo-company that does not lack flair

Initially, Sunny was only there to keep the family company….

Initially, Sunny was only there to keep the family company. “The children love it,” says this animal lover, who had already had an English setter and a Labrador. But knowing the appetite of this race for missions of trust, he suspected that his professional retraining would please him. Jean-Baptiste Faure worked in ready-to-wear. He ran a store in Bordeaux. Today, he delivers dog and cat food to homes. The interest, for his “employee”, as he affectionately calls her, is that he does it on an electrically assisted scooter. He can therefore take it on tour, with his ears in the wind and all his senses on the lookout. “It’s a sheepdog, a working dog, who needs cognitive occupations, interaction with humans,” explains the company manager. From his vantage point at the front, Sunny is at the forefront of this friendly entrepreneurial adventure.

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The example of the Labrador

Like master, like dog, as they say. Both are particularly sociable. Jean-Baptiste Faure communicates his passion both to passers-by who walk their dogs and to motorists who stop him at red lights to ask him for his card. He knows all breeds of dogs and their specificities in terms of nutrition. “The Labrador has a powerful metabolism to extract nutrients,” he points out. Diving in cold waters, it needs layers of fat to protect itself. For the same quantity, he draws much more energy than other dogs from his food. That’s why we give him a slightly smaller ration. The other problem with Labradors is that 30% don’t feel full. Even with a full stomach, they don’t feel full. »

“He is a sheepdog, a working dog, who needs cognitive occupations, interaction with humans”

Jean-Baptiste Faure is not a veterinarian. It makes no diagnosis, does not treat any pathology. He is a certified “nutrition advisor”. In addition to, or independently of, the sale of croquettes, pâtés and treats, it offers another service, half-hour appointments with animal owners to establish a food plan, to the nearest gram, with or without the brands it distributes. He has three in his trailer: Atavik, which has developed 72 recipes, Maison Moulin and “Daniel’s recipes”. It’s high-end, made in France. Its prices are those charged by the suppliers.

Seeing a dog go by at 20 km/h is not common

Obviously, Sunny has tested a number of these products. All hard work deserves reward. Its good face begins to be known in the streets of Bordeaux, Bègles, Talence and Bouscat, the four municipalities served. Seeing a dog go by at 20 km/h is not common. “She watches everything that happens around, smiles the cyclo-entrepreneur. If I stopped, she would be unhappy. “Sunny is also very successful in the parks of the Bordeaux area, where the boss of Txakurra likes to chat with walkers. “It’s a good commercial, jokes Jean-Baptiste Faure. She’s even my director of communications. »

Bringing your pet to work is a trend from the United States. His is mobile, but perfectly comfortable. The basket has been fitted out for Sunny, who stays attached and doesn’t fidget either in bends or on the cobblestones, since this model of scooter is pendular. “On the other hand, with a cat, that would not have been possible”, observes the former manager. But it’s true, by the way. We would almost end up forgetting that felines constitute an important part of his clientele. A tip for the road: “Cats tend to get bored. You have to vary the recipes or hide the croquettes. The cat is a hunter. Making him work a little to find his kibble is a trick that works. »

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