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Two new technologies at the Grands Prés nursing home in Montluçon (Allier) to promote autonomy

“Soon two kilometers Claudette, that’s good! Daphné Alvy is an occupational therapist at the Grands Prés nursing home, located in Passage Barathon. Today, she accompanies Claudette, 85, on the Theratrainer. This kind of elliptical trainer adapts to each according to his motricity. “You can even use it with people in wheelchairs, the bike then does part of the effort alone, it allows you to mobilize the muscles without forcing it too much,” explains Daphné Alvy.The Theratrainer can also be used by people in wheelchairs.

Faced with a large screen broadcasting immersive videosresidents enjoy a visual stroll while exercising.

It’s great, we even have the little birds singing!

Claudette (resident at the Grands Prés nursing home)

Different landscapes are available. “For the moment, we have the south of France, Rocamadour, the Gorges du Verdon or even vineyards and forests”, lists the occupational therapist.

Since its installation in October 2021, around ten residents have been taking advantage of this new equipment, in weekly sessions. The Theratrainer is also offered to people coming to the day reception, present during the day to enjoy the activities, but returning home in the evening. The sessions, which last ten minutes on average, allow users to cover nearly 2 kilometers by pedaling.

This equipment, which cost around 6,000 euros, was partly financed by the department as part of the AMI project (call for expressions of interest).

Diversified and adapted proposals

This experiment, launched by the Ministry of Solidarity and Health and the National Health Insurance Fund, is part of the strategy of prevention of loss of autonomy 2020-2022, targeting functional abilities: locomotion, nutritional status, mental health, cognition, hearing and vision.The Tovertafel offers games of different levels, to adapt to the abilities of the residents who use it.

This funding also enabled the institution to invest in a Tovertafel. This interactive video projector allows you to work on several aspects of psychomotricity through different games. “We really wanted this tool, especially for our residents with Alzheimer’s, it allows us to offer them several stimuli “Explains Lætitia Aufaure, facilitator at the Grands Prés nursing home.

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In one-hour sessions, up to six residents can play together. Mole chasers, light effects, puzzles… The proposals are as varied as the capacities they mobilize. “The puzzle game is very useful to us for people with Alzheimer’s. They recreate the image and then we mobilize their memories from that. For example with the Eiffel Tower, we ask them if they remember what it is, if it evokes something for them”, presents Daphné Alvy.The puzzle game is used for people with Alzheimer’s.

Night watchmen also use Tovertafel. Elderly and sick people frequently suffer fromnocturnal anxieties. The games of light are then a real remedy for them.

It calms them down, diverts them from their fears and their nightmares so that they find some peace of mind and can rest.

Daphne Alvy (Occupational therapist)

The different games therefore allow a broad and playful work, ranging from psychomotricity to behavioral disorders. “They don’t feel like they’re working, it’s a pleasant moment of play and for us, it allows us to advance in our objectives,” concludes Daphne.Through the mole chaser game, residents work on their reactivity and motor skills.
“We never force them. Sometimes families don’t understand, but when they need calm, we respect it,” explains Laetitia Aufaure, facilitator. Playful, but not mandatory, these two new technologies are offered at the discretion of residents.

Delphine Simoneau


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