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Trout always on the menu at Marcotte

LAC MARCOTTE—Located in the northeast of the Mastigouche wildlife reserve, the Marcotte sector always has a lot to offer with its very good caliber speckled trout.

“I sincerely believe that we can be proud of the fishing territory that we offer to amateurs, explains the director of the reserve, Éric Harnois. We are lucky to have an ideal habitat for the trout to live and develop until they reach very interesting weights. We want the fishermen who visit us to adopt our reserve as their fishing destination par excellence. »

Personally, I consider this reserve to be at the top of the list of fishing destinations for speckled trout. It is easily accessible, offers comfortable and very well organized accommodation for stays on the European plan and finally, the quality of its road network means that you can easily move around the territory to your fishing lake.

In total, the reserve has 51 chalets, which allow you to experience a stay on a European plan. Throughout the territory, access to some 300 lakes is provided for fishing. The catch and possession limit is seven trout per day and on the trip you must have a maximum of seven fish in your possession. On some lakes, the catch limit is set at three because these are truly trophy fish that can tip the scales over three pounds. This measure makes it possible to offer excellent fishing quality throughout the season.


I went back in time this season, during my visit to the reserve, returning to the Marcotte sector. I went there in 2013, during the first season of activity of this unique site, which has a lot to offer you. For accommodation, there are five cabins that can comfortably accommodate four fishermen each.

In addition to being able to fish on Lac Marcotte, which is located in front of the chalets, you have access to about fifteen lakes which are attached to the sector. Everything works according to the method of drawing lots which is done every evening by the guardian of the territory.

Another beautiful trout from Lac Marcotte that made fisherman René Baillargeon proud.

Photo courtesy, Karl Tremblay

Another beautiful trout from Lac Marcotte that made fisherman René Baillargeon proud.

In our case, we have had success fishing with well-known lures like the 2.5-inch Toronto Wobbler, gold and silver, Bruno Morency’s famous Amazing Spoon and the traditional Lake Clear copper and silver. For the fly, the Muddler Minnow and the Silver Par Belle also gave us excellent results.

As we were at the beginning of the season, we had to fish with lighter lures because the trout were hanging out in shallow areas, where the water was warmer. Some of our catches were over a pound and a half and several were around 3/4 pound to a pound. Really, the Marcotte sector made me relive very good memories of my first adventure, this season, on this site which is still so generous.


There are many ways to take advantage of the quality of the fishing at the Mastigouche reserve.

You have the cabin stay which includes accommodation, fishing rights and the boat. Engines are available for rental. From the beginning of July, in certain sectors, family fishing is offered at an affordable price. Young people aged 9 to 12 will receive a starter kit in line with the Pêche en herbe program. There are also ready-to-fish and express fishing packages, for 24 hours, a day or adventure packages. Really, the offer is vast and varied.

A very interesting detail not to be overlooked is the management of fishing in the territory. The lakes are open alternately. This means that in any month of the season, lakes open. So even if you come in July or August, you might very well find yourself fishing on a lake that has just opened.

There is also a very interesting offer, that of Camping du lac Saint-Bernard, located on the edge of the lake of the same name. In addition to all the nautical activities, you can fish for very fine specimens of lake trout. There is even a chalet to stay in the area. Another great experience offered by this reserve located between Quebec and Montreal.

  • To find out more about the evolution of the season, availability and the cost of stays, you can go to the site, under the Mastigouche reserve tab or call the reserve office directly in Saint-Alexis-des-Monts at 819 265-2098. Have a good stay !

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