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Tourrettes: the new deal for Faventia | Gilles Pudlowski’s blog

Jérémie Gressier and Christophe Schmitt © AA

Back to Terre Blanche, for our correspondent from the Côte d’Azur, Alain Angenost, neighbor of Tourrettes and familiar with the place…

The decor © AA

A gastronomic and seductive table in the lush oasis of relaxation that is the Terre Blanche Hotel Spa Golf Resort, the Faventia has finally reopened its doors after a two-year closure due to the pandemic. Its refined layout offers a vast and comfortable lounge which precedes the entrance to the restaurant which can accommodate a maximum of thirty guests. In place, a new table service cleverly redesigned by Tourrettan ceramist Magali Barraja.

Appetizers © AA

The appetizing menu is signed by Christophe Schmitt, successor to Philippe Jourdin, who retired at the end of 2020 after having championed the gastronomy of the place loud and clear. Christophe Schmitt, who prepares the MOF competition, coached by Jean-Luc Danjou MOF 1986 and cooking teacher for 30 years in Toulouse, already has a solid career behind him. Le Crocodile in Strasbourg with Emile Jung, the Lameloise house, the Le Diane restaurant at the Fouquet’s Barrière Paris hotel, where he was first sous-chef at MOF Jean-Yves Leuranguer, then chef at his side with the obtaining a first star. Executive chef of the Almandin restaurant at the La Lagune Hotel in Saint Cyprien, he also won a star there.

Red mullet, cacciuco, Colonnata bacon, spider crab © AA

Among the remarkable creations he offers, there are delicate appetizers, red meat radish and yuzu taramasalata in the style of origami, crispy chickpeas in the spirit of a pissaladière and barbajuan of Bolognese from octopus, then the tamarisk mussel, chickpeas from Roque d’Esclapon, coffee and kumquat from Terre Blanche. As a starter, a giant “Carabineros” prawn, steamed in rose salt by the chef in front of the customer. It is accompanied by green asparagus from Provence, peas, garum (juice or sauce in Latin reminiscent of nuoc mam) based on Mediterranean shrimp and rose de mai, aerial shellfish bisque with rose. Enter a Mediterranean rock mullet with a slice of Colonnata bacon, lacquered with lobster coral then gently cooked, cacciuco (fish and shellfish soup in red wine from Livorno in Tuscany), spider crab and tamarind condiment.

Carabineros, green asparagus from Provence © AA

The pleasure continues around the pigeon, with beetroot, tangy rhubarb, fennel, pomegranate molasses and concentrated vegetable juice. As for the sweet finales, they are signed Jérémy Gressier, who took the place of Gaëtan Fiard, ex of Lutétia, who left to settle in his Lyon region. As a pre-dessert, a flower and mucilage salad, mucilage granita (white membranes surrounding the cocoa beans), mucilage and mustard seed vinaigrette, seasonal flowers will precede the kumquats, in marmalade, raw and cooked, picked up on the Terre estate Blanche, sheep yoghurt sorbet from the Claux farm in Fayence, gavotte and lemon caramel.

Pigeon, squid beet, tangy rhubarb © AA

To accompany this succulent dinner, Aurélie Deharbe, brilliant head sommelier, will have chosen the fine bubbles of Deutz champagne, the elegant rosé cuvée “Fantastic” 2021 from Château Sainte-Marguerite, classified growth in Côtes-de-Provence and in red, a Coteaux d’Aix Château Vignelaure 1987 from Georges Brunet, ex-owner of Château La Lagune in the Médoc. What a superb way to sign off a festive meal!

Kumquats, sheep yoghurt, gavotte, lemon granita © AA

Faventia at the Terre Blanche Hotel Spa Golf Resort

3100 Bagnols-en-Forêt road

83440 Tourrettes

Such : 06 94 39 90 00

Menus: €135 (Jardin des Couleurs, vegetarian, 4 courses), €160 (Expression, 4 courses) and €190 (Création, 6 courses).

Opening time : 7:30-9:30 p.m.

Weekly closing. : Sun., Monday.

Annual closure : From October 05, 2022to April 28, 2023

Site :


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