Top Scholarships in Germany For International Students

Best scholarships in Germany


Do you wish to further your education in Germany? Well, you have made a good choice because studying in Germany offers a lot of opportunities in the labor market. Germany has one of the best educational systems in Europe, which makes lots of students want to go there to further their studies.


Furthering your studies in Germany is a good academic choice, but looking at the tuition fees, you may find it difficult to sponsor your education there. Worry no more, as there are lots of scholarship programs in Germany that will help you with your fees so that you can study there without having to break the bank.

Keep reading to learn more about the best scholarship programs in Germany and how you can apply for them.


Best scholarships in Germany


  1. DAAD Scholarship – Deutschlandstipendium Program


  • Amount awarded: 300€ monthly allowance.
  • Degree Available: Undergraduate and graduate degrees.
  • Scholarship link: HERE


The DAAD scholarship for, which it is popularly known or the Deutschlandstipendium Program, is the best scholarship program in Germany, funded by the German federal government and some private sponsors. This scholarship program is open to international students. The DAAD scholarship is awarded to students who merit it by having an excellent academic result at their University.


They offer students who are academically outstanding from all corners of the world financial support to further their education. Candidates are selected by German universities without taking their nationality, background, or parent income into consideration. The German government awards the selected candidate a sum of 150€ every month, likewise the private sponsors. So awarded candidates get a total sum of 300€ every month to take care of their bills.


Universities in Germany select the candidate to be awarded, which means you have to meet the requirements of the specific institution you are applying from. The scholarship awarded is for two semesters, but selected applicants have the opportunity to enjoy this award till they graduate only if they meet up with the requirements after every two semesters when the University reviews the student. This is so that the private funding can proceed.


  1. Friedrich Ebert Stiftung Scholarship


  • Amount awarded: 774€ monthly allowance and 300€ for study fees, health insurance, and more.
  • Degree Available: Undergraduate, graduate, and Ph.D. program.
  • Scholarship link: HERE


The non-profit Berlin political foundation, Friedrich Ebert Stiftung, is a foundation that promotes social democracy in Germany and the world at large. They aim to support students financially who uphold the same value and importance of social democracy. The scholarship is awarded to both national and international students who are outstanding in their academics but find it hard to further their education.


In order to be considered for this scholarship program, you should be fluent and understand the German language, regardless of the course you want to study, even if it is the English language.


You must show characteristics of a critical thinker, can work with a team, have a strong personality, and have a political mindset. You should also have an excellent academic results.


The award is limited to 40 people per year, and since it is open to both national and international students worldwide, you need to meet up with all the requirements in other to be considered for the award. Go to their official website mentioned above to see the requirements and more about the scholarship.



  1. Heinrich Boll Scholarships for International Students


  • Amount awarded: 850€ monthly allowance for graduates and 1200€ monthly allowance for Ph.D. students.
  • Degree Available: Graduate and Ph.D. degrees
  • Scholarship link: HERE


Heinrich Boll Foundation is an independent political foundation in Berlin, Germany 1997. They intend to promote political education both in Germany and the world at large. While promoting political education, they assist students, both graduates, and Ph.D., financially to further their education. Heinrich Boll foundation awards more than 1200 student scholarship programs.


As the name implies, Heinrich Boll Scholarships for International Students offers this program to students worldwide who want to further their graduate and doctoral degree in Germany. Selected students will further their education in a German state or state-recognized University. Applicants are required to have an excellent academic results and be engaged socially and politically. They should also show interest in values such as democracy, self-determination, ecology, justice, and sustainability.


You can apply for this scholarship program through the portal mentioned above, and note that your proficiency in the German language will be required as you apply. Every other document and procedure will be made known on the official website.


  1. Technical University of Munich (TUM) Scholarships for International Students


  • Amount Awarded: 500€ – 1500€
  • Degree Available: Undergraduate and graduate studies
  • Scholarship link: HERE


As the name implies, the TUM offers an international students scholarship award to further their education both in the undergraduate and graduate programs at the UniversityUniversity. The candidates are selected through merit. The Technical University of Munich aims to support students who are academically smart but cant further their education with the financial aid they need.


You have to answer the survey question on the University’sUniversity’s website and get the required documents ready so as to start your application. The documents should be in either English or German language. Some of the required documents are two recommendation letters, proof of your parent’s income, an academic transcript, a motivation letter, etc. You can get the complete list of required documents and mode of application on the University’sUniversity’s official website.


  1. Amirani Scholarship


  • Amount awarded: Tuition fee waiver and other educational fees covered
  • Degree available: undergraduate and Ph.D. programs.
  • Scholarship link: HERE


The Amirani scholarship is a fully funded scholarship program that offers international students financial assistance to get a degree in dentistry or medicine. They help provide funds for students so as to fulfill their dream of being doctors and medical practitioners so they can, in turn, provide support to their society and the world at large. The scholarship is hosted at Heidelberg University.


Applicants should check the official list of approved countries that can apply. if your country is included, then you can start the main application. Ensure to prepare the required documents so as to be considered for this award. Documents such as curriculum vitae, TOEFL, IELTS, or another English test to prove your English proficiency. Your former academic transcripts are also required. Check out the link above to get the full list of documents that need to be considered for the scholarship program.


  1. RWTH International Academy – HiPS Grant


  • Amount awarded: Up to 50% discount off tuition fee
  • Degree available: Graduate studies
  • Scholarship link: HERE


European and international students are offered the RWTH Aachen University – International Academy scholarship so as to further their education in the Engineering department. This scholarship was established in Germany to recognize outstanding students who are ready to complete their graduate degrees in the Engineering department.


If you intend to apply for this scholarship, get your certificate that states you are one of the best students in your level ready. This certificate is also known as the first class Bachelor’s degree holder. If you don’t have the certificate ready, you can present your previous academic transcript, which should have a minimum of 1.7. GPA according to German grading.


Note: Your result or certificate being submitted has to be translated into German language and also get the equivalent of the minimum required GPA in your country.


A letter of motivation is also required. This letter should state what motivated you to apply for the scholarship program. Your motivation letter should answer the questions directly and be presented in a unique way.


Once you have all the required documents, you are to submit them to the University’s portal. There your application will be reviewed, and you will get notified if you were selected or not.


      7. SIST LMU Study Scholarship


  • Amount awarded: 650€ per month, and it lasts up to 10 months.
  • Degree available: Doctoral degree
  • Scholarship link: HERE


LMU – the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich offers international students who are taking full-time doctoral degree programs scholarships. The scholarship is funded by the Federal State of Bavaria, and they seek to help students support their doctoral education. All the checks, processes, and selection of candidates’ applications will be done by the LMU international office. They are also in charge of selecting applicants that meet up with the eligibility criteria so as to be awarded this scholarship program.


You need to have outstanding previous academic records in other for you to be eligible for this German scholarship. You are also to show your need for financial assistance to further your studies. The required application documents are listed on the official website. Once you have all the required documents ready for submission, you are to upload them electronically through their website. Ensure you follow the instructions listed there to submit. If not, your application will be rejected.


Lastly, once the deadline for submission is closed, the International Office Advisory Committee of the University will select the successful applicants and send emails to them so they can begin their registration.




Germany is one of the best European countries to further your education as they have all the resources to make your education worthwhile. So if you intend on schooling in Germany, then you have made a good choice. Due to the high cost of education in Germany, studying there will cost a lot, but you shouldn’t worry as we have already listed the best scholarship in Germany. All you have to do now is to select the scholarship program of your choice and apply with the required document and procedure.

Good Luck on Your Quest to Germany!


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