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Top 15 Medium Sized Dog Breeds

After the breeds of miniature dog breeds, discover the list of medium-sized dog breeds. One thing is certain: there is something for everyone.

Spitz, English Spaniel, German Shepherd… These medium-sized dog breeds are very popular in France. The reason ? These doggies have a balanced character and an iron health. They also adapt to all environments: apartment and house.

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Like all dogs, they must receive a positive education and a good dose of love. These animals are also very affectionate towards their owners. Be careful, the hunting dog and the cat do not mix.

Without further ado, discover the editorial staff’s selection:

The French Spaniel

The French Spaniel measures between 54 to 61 centimeters. Credit: Shutterstock

We don’t present it anymore! L’French Spaniel is a dog average height is recognizable by its speckled fur. This hunting dog is an excellent companion for the whole family. He is very affectionate and gentle towards his masters and children.

On the physical side, the French Spaniel measures between 54 to 61 centimeters in height and its weight is around 25 kilograms. Easy to trainthis pooch prefers to live in a house with garden. Indeed, he needs to exercise regularly. Note that the life expectancy of a French spaniel oscillates between 12 and 14 years.

The Border Collie

the border collie is renowned for its intelligence and his hyperactivity. It’s simple this breed of dog does not stay in place. You will understand, the long walks and the activities in the open air are more than enough for his happiness.

Previously this doggie was used as sheepdog in Scotland. It is for this reason that the Border Collie is always on the move. At home, this quadruped behaves like a real guard of body with his family. The border’s body measures between 48 centimeters and 52 centimeters at the withers. Beware, his medium-length hair needs to be brushed several times a week.

The English Cocker Spaniel

the English Cocker Spaniel is part of animals the most elegant in the world. This dog love does not go unnoticed with his long ears, his silky hair and her doe eyes. This doggie, originally from Britain – enjoys enormous popularity in the world.

It must be said that the Cocker brings together all the qualities of the perfect pet. This legged ray of sunshine loves to play with his favorite humans and children. This dog of average height who measures between 36 and 43 centimeters at the withers is keen on walks. In other words, the English Spaniel needs to exercise several times a day.

The Australian Shepherd

The Australian Shepherd is France’s favorite dog breed. Credit: Shutterstock

You may not know it, but the Australian shepherd is the favorite dog breed of the French. This quadruped – which looks like a German Shepherd – is very affectionate to his masters. the Australian shepherd sports a magnificent mid-length coat and a cute little face. This dog can have odd or very light eyes.

Medium in size, this ball of fur measures between 51 and 58 centimeters in height. This pooch is overflowing withenergy and gets bored quickly. To overcome this problem, he needs to be occupied through games or other activities. From an early age, this sheepdog must receive a strict but positive education.

The Chow Chow

the Chow chow is a dog average height one of a kind. With her flamboyant mane and his blue tongue, this ball of hair attracts all eyes on it. This breed of dog, originally from China, attaches great importance to its independence.

And the least we can say is that this quadruped is not very demonstrative. Indeed, the Chow Chow demonstratesindifference towards his master, but he is still very attached to him. This griffin is not fond of caresses and other cajoling.

Belgian Shepherd Malinois

the malinois is one of the four dog breeds belgian shepherd. This elegant pooch measures between 56 cm to 62 cm in height. Athletic and loyal, the Malinois is an excellent watch dog who does not hesitate to put his life in danger to save that of his master.

Despite his impressive size, this Belgian Shepherd is a ball of tenderness who likes to take care of his family. Puppy, sound education should be gentle, positive and non-violent. It also needs the socialize From the earliest age. This Belgian Shepherd needs constant exercise.

The Basset Hound

The Basset has a balanced character and an intelligent mind. Credit: Shutterstock

This dog of chase turns out to be an excellent animal of company, provided that he receives a firm education. With his long ears and drooping eyes, the Basset Hound is recognizable among a thousand. This hairball is stubborn like a mule, but demonstrates tenderness and of kindness towards his own.

The Basset Hound adapts to all environments: apartment or house. However, this quadruped likes exits in the nature. During these walks, he explores the world around him with his infallible fairness. This ball of fur accepts the presence of other animals such as the cat.

The Entlebuch Mountain Dog

The Bouvier is a fairly balanced breed that possesses robust health. Credit: Shutterstock

A relatively unknown breed, the Entlebuch Mountain Dog is a dog balance and friendly. From its height of 44 centimeters, this medium-sized doggie lights up the daily life of its master. This breed is renowned for its liveliness and his joy of live. On the other hand, this type of Bouvier does not appreciate the presence of strangers and that of the cat.

Intelligent, this four-legged companion is easy to trainr. Nevertheless, he must receive a firm and gentle education at the same time. Note that loneliness and the Bouvier de l’Entlebuch do not go well together. He does not support the apartment living and is made to live in a house with a garden.

The American Bulldog

The Bulldog does not like the presence of strangers. Credit: Shutterstock

There are two types of American Bulldog : the Bully and the Standard. This dog breed impresses with its musculature powerful and his muscular legs. This doggie has a strong character. It is for this reason that he must be the subject of a firm and rigorous education.

The American Bulldog tends to defend one’s territory and to dominate its congeners. In addition to this characteristic, this medium-sized mastiff is very close of his master. At the same time, this mini watchdog is mistrustful towards foreigners. Note that the American Bulldog has a health robust but it can suffer from bone diseases.

The Whippet Greyhound

The Whippet is renowned for its speed. Credit: Shutterstock

Half-French, half-English, the Whippet Greyhound is also fast what a rocket! Indeed, its running speed can go up to 60 km/h. This physical animal atypical is part of animals most affectionate. This former hunting dog is a very appreciated.

Very intelligentthe Whippet is wise as a picture, and is done very discreet. Little talkative, this medium-sized sighthound almost never barks. He overflows with love for his masters and enjoys family life. This quadruped enjoys the company of children. Contrary to what one might think, this greyhound is also solid than a rock.

The Brittany Spaniel

As its name suggests, theBrittany Spaniel draws its origins from Brittany. This 100% French hunting dog enjoys a excellent reputation. It measures between 46 and 51 centimeters in height, and weighs on average between 13 and 18 kilograms.

L’Brittany Spaniel is a balanced and sociable dog. Very attached to his master, he often asks him for caresses. This dog likes the company of children and adore player with them. Outside, the Brittany Spaniel can spend hours running and hopping. Note that this dog gets along well with other dogs.

The Staffordshire Bull Terrier

The Staffordshire Bull Terrier adores his adoptive family. Credit: Shutterstock

Favorite of the French, the Staffordshire Bull Terrier impresses with his measurements, his body mass and his strong character. This domestic dog needs to practice dog sports such as Frisbee or Flyball. Indeed, it does not stay in place and the physical activity allow him to unwind.

Puppy, it is necessary to give him a education firm but positive. Once this stage is over, the Staffordshire Bull Terrier will not encounter any problems of behavior. At home, this furry ball is a true love. He shows tenderness and kindness to his adoptive family.

The Hungarian Pointer

The Braque Anglais is a breed of dog with short hair. Credit: Shutterstock

the Hungarian pointer short-haired is a breed of dog who loves long walks in the forest. This parenthesis in the middle of nature allows him to do‘practice. Note that this doggie versatilet love to splash around in the water.

It measures on average between 53 and 64 centimeters in height. His body is well proportioned and his eyes are particularly intense. At home, the Hungarian Pointer likes to attractWarning of its owners. This hairball belongs to the category of dog breeds capable of adapting to family life.

The Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever

The life expectancy of this Retriever oscillates on average between 10 to 14 years. Credit: Shutterstock

Formerly, the Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever was bred for duck hunting. In fact, he is comfortable in the water. Today, this medium-sized dog is considered a good companion. Intelligent, kind, affectionate, energetic… This retriever brightens up the daily life of its masters. He is one of the dogs that loves to bathe in water.

The Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever needs to long walks to romp. This is the reason why this pet needs to evolve in a house with a garden. Easy to train, this furball likes to please his favorite human.

The English Setter

The Setter loves bathing in water and exercising. Credit: Shutterstock

the English Setter is a dog of medium size recognizable thanks to its speckled dress. Affectionate, this griffin is full of life and enjoys going outdoors. This griffin gets along well with others. breeds of dogs and loves to spend weather with his master and the children.

Very good swimmer English Setter is very comfortable inwater. Note that this doggie is an excellent hunter. To sum up, this dog is the companion that everyone dreams of, in particular thanks to its playful and docile character.

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