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Top 10 easiest dog breeds to train

Do you want to adopt a dog and are you looking for an obedient breed that is easy to train? Know that some doggies are particularly intelligent, that they love to satisfy their masters and always learn more things. Discover our top 10 of the easiest breeds to educate to better guide you in your choice.

1 – The German Shepherd

The German Shepherd is a very affectionate and intelligent large dog, ideal for family life. Beautiful and elegant, it has great cognitive, social and emotional abilities, which makes it versatile.

Its obedience makes it an animal widely used by the police, the gendarmerie, the firefighters, the rescuers and even the customs officers, even if originally it was a sheepdog, as its name suggests. Gifted in tracking, guarding and security, he knows how to listen and is very easy to train. Increasingly, his predispositions allow him to be used as a guide dog for blind people or visually impaired people.

The Australian Shepherd or Aussie

2 – The Australian Shepherd or Aussie

The Australian Shepherd, also nicknamed Aussie, is a very intelligent dog who loves to learn, play and be intellectually and physically stimulated. Easy to educate, he likes to please his master which makes him particularly obedient. In addition, if he is dynamic, he is less energetic than other breeds that resemble him, which makes him more easily manageable.

Brave and tireless, he defends his loved ones with unfailing courage. On the other hand, if his education is easy, it requires a lot of attention, patience and time, because this animal needs stimulation to stay in shape and balanced. If he lives well with children, it is nevertheless not recommended to adopt him in a sedentary family or living in the city, without the possibility of allowing him to enjoy green spaces in which to relax.

Belgian Shepherd Malinois

3 – The Belgian Shepherd Malinois

This energetic sheepdog enjoys learning new things and pleasing his owner, but his enthusiasm and boundless energy can be hard to temper. Indeed, the Belgian Shepherd Malinois loves to exercise and appreciates that we take care of him. Easy to train and particularly intelligent, it is ideal for families, being gentle and protective with children. However, it is preferable to allow him to take advantage of a garden large enough to exert himself.

The Border Collie

4 – The Border Collie

The Border Collie is an obedient dog breed. Essentially used as a herding dog, it is a naturally enthusiastic animal that likes to learn and please its master. On the other hand, he needs attention, because he does not tolerate loneliness well. Very focused in his tasks, he is excellent in canine agility and is beginning to be educated more and more as a guide dog for blind people.

Extremely intelligent, the Border Collie is able to learn and retain a large amount of things. Know that his training is relatively easy, but on condition that you devote a lot of time to him and constantly stimulate him, both physically than cognitive. Indeed, he is naturally active and therefore tends to get bored quickly and develop stress if he is locked into a routine and lacks activity.

The Poodle

5 – The Poodle

The Poodle is a small, medium or large dog, particularly intelligent, very obedient and easy to train. It is ideal for family life, but it needs the almost constant presence of its masters, because it does not tolerate loneliness very well.

Docile, the poodle was used in many circuses. Its intelligence and ingenuity combine with its great memory to make it an easily trainable animal. Sociable and playful, it is ideal as a first companion dog because it does not require too much work to be educated. Very gentle with children, he knows how to be protective and attentive, while being an excellent playmate.


6 – The Collie

The Collie is a dog of great beauty and is very intelligent, affectionate and gentle. Easy to train, this sheepdog is responsive, lively and energetic, but also very focused on his tasks. He loves to please his master and obeying him is part of it.

Its story is original, because this dog of British origin would have been revealed by Queen Victoria; indeed, this one devoted a great passion to him from 1860 and founded the committee of the Collie Club. An excellent guardian, he is vigilant, attentive and protective with those close to him. In addition, he is very fond of children and is never aggressive.

The Papillon Spaniel

7 – The Papillon Spaniel

The Papillon Spaniel is a small dog with a big heart. Sweet, affectionate and very intelligent, he is ideal for families with children as well as for the elderly, because he knows how to listen and is docile.

This dog is versatile, since it suits all personalities and is easy to train. Very sociable, he also appreciates the company of other animals. In addition, he knows how to be alert and vigilant to protect his home.

His magnificent dress and his elegance made him a very popular dog in France in the 16th century.and and XVIIand centuries, reason for which it is represented on many tables evoking the nobility and the richness.

8 – The Golden Retriever

The Golden Retriever is one of the easiest dogs to train and the most docile. Very intelligent, he is known for his great faculties as a guide dog for blind people and for people with disabilities. Kind and attentive, he appreciates his family and knows how to be playful and protective of children. Its dynamism also makes it a perfect dog for rescuing people, on land, in the water and in the mountains.

Very popular in France, it is suitable for all homes and has a very large memory. As he loves to please his master, he easily learns new tasks to satisfy him. Patient and loyal, they are a very reliable and very obedient breed.


9 – The Labrador

Star of families, the Labrador is a dog appreciated by all. Very intelligent and endowed with an amazing memory, he is an excellent hunter, a very good guide for blind people and for people with disabilities, as well as a protector for children and the home. Jovial, he is very calm and tolerant, which is why he is an ideal playmate, for toddlers and adults alike, for humans and other animal species.

Loyal and faithful, this gentle and affectionate dog is easy to socialize, including as a first companion dog. Its intelligence makes it a complete animal, also used as a therapy, assistance, police and rescue dog.

If he has many points in common with the Golden Retriever, he is on the other hand much more energetic, which is why it is important to allow him to exert himself every day and to stimulate him intellectually. Otherwise, he quickly suffers from boredom and stress.


10 – Shetland

The Shetland is a very intelligent dog originating in the United Kingdom and above all intended for guarding herds; however, due to its elegance, it was quickly adopted as a pet.

This dynamic, playful and very enthusiastic animal loves to learn and needs constant stimulation. However, he also knows how to be very gentle and patient with children. This very obedient and clever dog is particularly good at activities such as agility, flyball or jumping.

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