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Three things to know about the gravel bike

In this wonderful cycling season which is already well underway, it’s time to look at some specificities of the gravel bike, which has been all the rage for several years now. If you are wondering what this type of bike is for, here are three elements that will make you appreciate this mount.


With a gravel bike, it is possible to ride both on asphalt roads and on gravel paths. This one and only bike is versatile and leads the way when it comes to choosing your ride. Its geometry is designed so that it is strong and reliable on hilly terrain and comfortable over long distances. For example, if you’re going on a gravel bike with friends who are on road bikes, you’ll have no problem keeping up with them. You are going to enjoy your ride on your gravel bike without being out of the way or out of breath. You will no longer need to burden yourself with 5 or 6 kinds of bike in your garage since this one will fill all the important points of a mount.

If you want to improve driving and efficiency, you can vary the tire model depending on the intended use. A smoother tire is adequate if you ride on paved roads, while a wider, knobby tire will give you better comfort on hybrid rides which are made up of a mix of asphalt and gravel. Tire choice will help with handling especially in bumpy or slippery sections. It will then be important to put the right pressure according to the width, the type of tire and the choice of route.

Explore Hassle-Free

The gravel bike is versatile and is perfect for adding variety during the summer season. On a road bike, when you can’t goTo explore for long hours, you are often forced to take the same route or only go back and forth. It quickly becomes monotonous and you miss out on great discoveries. The gravel bike gives you access to a whole host of additional options, including shorter, accessible loops. There is virtually an endless world of dirt, rock dust or fine gravel side routes. It therefore remains extremely comfortable in terms of pedaling and steering.

Have fun exploring your options using your cell phone’s GPS map. Put it in the back pocket of your jersey and go on an adventure. You will therefore see all the possibilities of absolutely magnificent journeys that are available to you. With the gravel bike, you will be able to dare and you will no longer be afraid of punctures. You will be able to explore new avenues while eliminating all forms of hassle. It gives a feeling of novelty and it increases the motivation to know that you will unearth something special every time. Besides, here are some suggestions.


Once you have discovered the new roads all over your environment, you will be able to appreciate the peace of mind that they will bring to you.Quietude procure. Some cyclists are afraid to ride on asphalt because of car traffic and the danger it can entail. Road biking is extremely enjoyable, but you have to choose your routes carefully. There is nothing more annoying than being run over by cars and being constantly frightened by the speed of heavy vehicles.

On a gravel bike, the roads are simply fabulous and rural. Thanks to the many trees on each side, they are almost always protected from the wind, which increases the feeling of speed. Sometimes narrow, they can include some small steep climbs. It puts just enough spice in your hike! Imagine courses where you only hear the field of birds and where car traffic is practically non-existent. This kind of hike is very soothing and all the stress of everyday life quickly disappears. It’s safe, peaceful and quiet, which helps to appreciate the scenic landscape. Although they are gravel, these roads are mostly equipped with a flat surface often in better condition than an old asphalt road. Knowing that you don’t have to worry about the quality of the asphalt, you will therefore be able to drive with complete peace of mind.

Happy hiking!

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