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Three good reasons to go to the exhibition-stock exchange for birds this Sunday in Condé-sur-Huisne

The ornithological club Friends of the birds of Eure-et-Loir (AOEL) organizes its traditional stock exchange for birds and rodents, Sunday, in Condé-sur-Huisne.

To see rare birds

More than 250 birds representing around thirty species should be there: rump, royal amboina, hooked beaks, canaries, mandarin, gouldian diamond, cockatiel, pennant, Kakariki, sparman parakeets, wavy, English, Grand d ‘Alexander, etc. The association has about thirty members and many will be present.

To meet bird lovers…

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Helyette Morin, assistant treasurer of the association hopes that the public will come in large numbers to discover and admire all these birds. Birds have been the passion of her husband, Guy, now deceased, throughout his life. He is the one who created this bird market.

Rabbits, guinea pigs and reptiles at the Chartres racecourse

“The objective of this exchange is that breeders can sell their birds. We are at the beginning of the breeding season, and many are looking for males or females. But it is also an opportunity to publicize our association and its activities. The breeders are there to advise, explain how to raise a bird, the food to give it… To begin with, it is better to buy small birds such as mandarins, canaries or parakeets”, emphasizes Helyette Morin.

The members of the ornithological club of the Friends of the birds of Eure-et-Loir. From left to right: Colette Berneron (secretary), Joël Plumas (president), Helyette Morin (assistant treasurer) and Annick Plumas (treasurer). Guy Berneron, the vice-president is not on the photo.

Guy Berneron, the vice-president of the AOEL, is Percheron. He lives near La Loupe. He likes to share his passion for birds with visitors. During a previous meeting, he confided to us: “In the morning, when I come to feed my canaries, I sometimes stay with them, talk to them. Their songs fluctuate throughout the day. It’s very calming”.

Giy Berneron, a passionate breeder

… and rodents!

Jocelyne Nivelle, a rodent breeder from the Paris region (Maisons-Alfort in Val-de-Marne), has been loyal to the bird market for several years. She will be there too with her guinea pigs (guinea pigs), her chinchillas.

Practice. Stock exchange for birds and rodents, Sunday, from 9 a.m. to 5.30 p.m., at the Salle Paul-Pelleray village hall in Condé-sur-Huisne in the town of Sablons-sur-Huisne. Admission: €1 (free for children under 12). More information on the association’s website: or by email: or Tel. (Joel Plumas the president).

Jocelyne Legros


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