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These 5 coins of 1 euro are worth a real fortune if you have them?

Some 1 euro coins can be worth a fortune. Check out these five coins that can make you rich. To discover quickly!

To establish the value of a 1 euro coin, the same principle is applied as for all other currencies. It all depends on the rarity. Indeed, the lower the number of copies of a coin, the higher its value and the fortune too.

To establish its real price, the experts will also take into account its general condition, but also the demand on the market. Several factors can make a big difference.

Value of 1 euro coins: some may surprise you! A matter of rarity

If you are not an informed numismatist, People Act Magazine offers you to take a look at the 1 euro coins which are trading at a price well above their base value. There is indeed a long list of situations in which these coins could allow you to buy something other than your wand or common consumer goods.

For example, a €2 commemorative coin minted by the Vatican in 2005 for the 20th World Youth Day is now worth €220, or 110 times its original price. So it’s easy to see why you should think twice about giving it to your baker on your next visit.

It all depends on the country of issue

When it comes to French 1 euro coins, don’t expect miracles! Like the Austrian, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Belgian, Latvian and Estonian coins, they rarely exceed their face value, with the exception of a few special series which can reach 2 to 5 euros on resale.

The situation is substantially the same for coins from Greece and Portugal, with the exception of the 1 euro coins minted between 2002 and 2003. The latter have seen their value double in recent years. However, in some cases, these numbers can just go crazy.

Take the example of Monaco! If some people think that it is impossible to find a Monegasque 1 euro coin in your wallet, it should nevertheless be remembered that the geographical location of the country, landlocked in France, leads to many exchanges with the French population.

In fact, there are more Monegasque 1 euro coins in circulation in France than you might think. So be careful if you have a copy from 2002, 2003, 2004 or 2007, for example. Indeed, they are worth more than 20 euros. If you are lucky enough to find one issued in 2006, you can sell it for 115 euros and for one issued in 2011, an informed buyer will certainly offer you more than 150 euros.

Other countries

The next time you open your piggy bank, take the time to check if you have a €1 coin straight from the small state of San Marino. Indeed, the 2003 editions are negotiated between 15 and 20 euros.

If you have recently visited the Vatican, however, be careful not to throw your 1 euro coins into a vending machine to get a soda! Indeed, if you have a 1 euro coin from 2002 to 2004, you could easily exchange it for a nice 50 euro note, a very nice added value!

However, People Act Magazine reminds you of another important detail! It is not enough that your 1 euro coin is rare to hope to get a good price. It must also be in very good condition, which is why numismatists generally protect these coins in albums provided for this purpose.


So if you have the opportunity to find such a piece, take care of it! Any scratch, wear or defect due to its circulation would indeed drop its price significantly. There is a very precise table that ranks the coins from the most beautiful to the least interesting. To help you, there are a large number of websites dedicated to this subject.

You can also go to a professional who can give you an exact assessment of the treasures you have in your possession. In any case, People Act Magazine advises you to observe your coins carefully before using them without even realizing their real value.

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