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The Street Food Festival returns this weekend to the Esplanade de la Major! | Festivals & Concerts

For this second edition of the Street Food Festival by MPGastronomie, urban culture is in the spotlight, but not only on the plate. This year, artistic performancesof the participatory workshops, cooking shows, DJ sets, live concerts and street art mingle with the flavors of the 49 stands that are planned to feed your hungry stomachs in the heart of the 2nd arrondissement of Marseille.

Street Food Festival Marseille: art & performances

Here is the program of everything that cannot be eaten but can be contemplated or can be learned during the Street Food Festival 2022:

FRIDAY JUNE 17, 2022

  • From 2 p.m. to 6 p.m.: Food, Wine & Beer talents in the spotlight with Pierre Psaltis in partnership with Radio Grenouille (Live from 4:30 p.m. to 6 p.m.)
  • From 6 p.m. to 11 p.m.: Live artistic performance on MPG lettering with Alfe, Rish & Tchader
  • From 7 p.m. to 9 p.m.: Bodypainting workshop with Enkage & Acet
  • From 9:30 p.m.: Illumination light graffiti by Clément Muraour
  • From 10 p.m. to 11 p.m.: Graff mapping by Clément Muraour


  • From 1 p.m. to 8 p.m.: Workshop #1 Initiation to graffiti on frescoes with Enkage, Difuz, Bobar and Azed
  • From 1 p.m. to 8 p.m.: Workshop #2 Custom graffiti workshop on goodies by Clément, Enkage, Acet and Jade
  • From 2 p.m. to 6 p.m.: Food, Wine & Beer talents in the spotlight with Pierre PSALTIS in partnership with Radio Grenouille (Live from 4:30 p.m. to 6 p.m.)
  • From 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.: Workshop #3 Bodypainting workshop with Enkage and Acet
  • From 9:30 p.m.: Illumination light graffiti by Clément Muraour
  • From 9:30 p.m. to 11 p.m.: Cooking-show with chef Pierre Reboul & graff mapping performance by Clément Muraour

SUNDAY JUNE 19, 2022

  • From 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.: Food, Wine & Beer talents in the spotlight with Pierre Psaltis in partnership with Radio
  • Frog (Live from 11 a.m. to 12 p.m.)
  • From 1 p.m. to 5 p.m.: Workshop #1 Initiation to graffiti on frescoes with Enkage, Difuz, Bobar and Azed
  • From 1 p.m. to 5 p.m.: Workshop #2 Custom graffiti workshop on goodies by Clément, Enkage, Acet and Jade

Street Food Festival Marseille: food & tastings

The entrance to this gourmet gathering is always FREE and this weekend in June, you will find most of the main players in gastronomic life in Marseille. From the small traveling ice cream parlor to the renowned brasserie, passing through the stands of starred chefs, everyone is playing the game and wants to prove that it is not necessary to be really seated to eat well.

Without further ado, here are all the participants of the Street Food Festival #2:

Frozen flavors:

  • Cutie : Artisanal ice cream made in Marseille, with sweet and savory flavors. All in jars and vegan cones with toppings to add. @lamignonnemarseille
  • Marseille Glaciers : Master ice cream maker, Jérôme makes ice cream from organic milk and fruit, without coloring or preservatives. Sale of seasonal ice creams and sorbets as well as fruit popsicles (polo). @lesglaciersmarseillais
  • crazy : The MABOUL icetruck is 16 flavors of artisanal ice cream with a unique taste. @glacesmaboul
  • Emki Pop : EMKIPOP reinvents the frozen recipes of our childhood into delicious frosted, artisanal treats, made exclusively from fresh and natural ingredients from eco-responsible producers in our region, Provence. Each season inspires us with new fragrances and new flavors that complete the menu of our original recipes. All our creations are 100% natural, without dyes or preservatives and the ingredients are carefully selected.

To drink :

  • Cafe Corto : Café Corto offers you hot coffee-based drinks but also refreshing drinks (non-alcoholic), as well as sweet and savory treats to accompany them! All coffee-based drinks come from their artisanal production in Marseille. @cafecortofrance
  • Three Sautets Castle : Wines cuvée 2020 in AOC Palette – white, rosé and red / Organic fresh, matured and dry expensive cheeses + Brousse du Rôve AOP ORGANIC @chateaudessautets
  • Sulauze Brewery : Craft beers and natural wines from the estate. @sulauzebrewery
  • Aquae Maltae : Aixoise beer, artisanal & organic @aquaemaltae
  • At Gaston’s : At Gaston everything is homemade! Hot and cold drinks made from locally roasted coffee. Homemade lemonade or fresh fruit juice. Hot and cold tea Cakes and cookies according to your mood! @chez_gaston and @gastonfaitdesboissons
  • ZOUMAI : Organic Marseille artisanal brewery, 4 draft beers. @brasserie_zoumai
  • FEARS DEGUN : Craint Dégun craft beer is available in Blonde, Blanche, Ambrée, IPA, Stout and seasonal beers (Christmas beer, etc.). @lesdeuxfontlabiere
  • The Naughty : A mineral, aromatic and drinkable rosé which carries at the same time the accent of Provence, the soul of its terroir, the freshness of the Mistral, the warmth of the sun which caresses the skin… and all the spirit of Les Vilaines: temperament and a good dose of lightness! @les.vilaines
  • Domain of the Anchovies : Living and free wines, in biodynamics. @domainedelanchois and @Domainedelanchois
  • Domain Mas de Rey : White, rosé and red wines from the Camargue region. @domainemasderey and @masderey
  • Mars Wine Station : Wines, which assert themselves as accessible, organic and of quality. @marswinestation

Restore :

  • The Shed of Panisses : Panisses and chichis fregis.
  • The Grand Puech : On the slate, the restaurant has wonderful surprises in store for you with Provençal accents. For the sake of eco-citizenship and ethics, the Chief Michael Basaldella wants to bring a whole new look at gastronomy, a completely humanistic vision that encourages us to become aware of the environment that surrounds us. @LeGrandPuechRestaurantHotel
  • Citron x Mama Kyuna : A sensitive and creative cuisine, where the tastes are frank and marked by acidity and freshness. Plates full of pep, giving pride of place to Marseille fish from small fishermen, citrus fruits and fresh herbs. A cuisine between the Mediterranean and modern Asia, punctuated with touches from elsewhere, reminiscent of the travels of Maëlyss Vultaggio. @restaurant_cedrat and @mama.kyuna
  • The Mole Passedat : Chef Gérald Passedat’s brigade honors Marseille Street Food by revisiting two emblematic specialties with local land & sea products: Fish’n’Chips and cuttlefish sausage in corn dog. @RestaurantLeMole
  • GARLIC BREAD : It is a popular Provençal cuisine in Street food mode in main course and especially in sandwiches. It is a “homemade” and seasonal cuisine, identity of Provence We serve all year round the Daube Aïoli our Provençal Lobster Roll, cone of panisses, garlic bread and suggestions which follow the seasons like the PAN Bagnat, Ratatouille, Candied Lamb, Veal with Olives and also Omelette with Sea Urchins, Bottarga without forgetting our Marseille Hot Dog and our famous BOUILLABAISSE BREAD. @garlic bread
  • FOUD : Slightly twisted seasonal cuisine. @foud.official
  • CHOMP CHOMP : Iconic street food dishes from around the world. Streetfood dishes from the Mediterranean region: Greek Souvlaki, Italian grilled vegetables, Sauteed squid tentacles (Portugal & Spain) Kisir (Turkey), Horiatiki Salata (Crete), Shirazi (Iran) and some desserts from around the world Fresh cut fruit, banana grilled, grilled pineapple, French toast (Antilles). @chompchomp.foodmarkets and @chompchomp_foodmarkets
  • BUBO : An instinctive cuisine based on suppliers and mother nature.
  • The aroma restaurant : Mixed, playful and gourmet Mediterranean cuisine. @restaurant_laromat
  • Marseille sardines : Cone of fried local fish: sardines, mange-tout, rock octopus, squid, seasonal vegetables. @sardinesmarseillaises
  • La Taverna Chez Marius, sardines and Buona forchetta : Mezzes of Mediterranean sweets for starters and a wonderful plate of pasta from the sea for a tasty main course, not to mention the rock soup from Sète and its rusty garlic crouton the TAVERNA between Greece and Italy, on the edge of the beach, friends of the mezes and a drop of good wine. @MARIUS.sardineur
  • The Brioche Brothers : Traditional organic brioches toasted and garnished with your choice, fresh products, homemade sauces and meat cooked at low temperatures. @lesfreresbrioches
  • ALF power supply : Signature and seasonal cuisine. @alf_food
  • Coffee [R]equal : Local cuisine, home & solidarity. Taste the famous garnished focaccia, and a 100% locavore street food offer! @caferegalmarseille
  • GERARH : At GERARH the cuisine is locavore and organic, it evolves with the seasons in partnership with the producers of our region. Panisse fries Panisse candy, Figatelli Gazpacho melo, mint Eggplant caviar, Dried bonito Wok of octopus with parsley, Grilled anchovies in a burger, Peach soup with verbena, Sissi lemonade. @gerarhmarseille
  • Opera Zoizo : Honoring the Mediterranean terroir by subtly mixing it with the codes of Street Food. Three savory suggestions: Meat: “Le Daubout”: Stew cromesquis / Fish: “Tart’aïl”: Garlic toast, sardine ceviche / Vegetarian: Basil pasta. Various drinks. @operazoizo
  • The Table of the Olive Tree : Creative and inspired regional cuisine. @latabledelolivier
  • beachgrass : Local and seasonal, inspired by travel and the plant world. @oyat_traiteur
  • Pasta Takeaway : For more than 9 years I have been working with rigorously selected fresh products. All my meats are born, raised and slaughtered in France. The bush comes from an artisanal factory in Aix en Provence. My aromatic plants are picked in the hills of Provence or Corsica. Cooked in the respect of tradition. The ravioli are made directly from the customer for optimal freshness!
  • Pranks Attack : A responsible and committed approach for a cuisine of taste and quality. Both original and convivial, the pranks symbolize the very idea of ​​generosity and sharing. The stuffing is not lacking in ideas, it is available in infinity and can be enjoyed in all sauces. Stuffings of meat, vegetables or fish… There is something for everyone.
  • Street Food Butcher by Raphaël CHIAPPERO : Corn dog, Korean hot dog €9 / €10 with fresh sausage or octopus tentacles €12 / €14. The bread is replaced by a doughnut.

The sweet touch:

  • In the Kingdom of Bees : Nougat, quids, Allauch honey lollipop and crunchy honey gingerbread. @auroyaumedesabeilles
  • House Cracker : Manufacturer of artisanal biscuits (Navettes, palets, shortbread, cookies, etc.).
  • Shortbread biscuits from Marseille : Sweet or savory shortbread cones with unique shellfish and crustacean shapes accompanied by tapenade and other garnishes. @lessablesmarseillais
  • Emacrea Biscuits : Savory biscuits for the aperitif: with Provencal herbs, olives, cheeses and spices. Sweet biscuits tastes, chocolate vanilla, poppy lemon, dried fruits. As part of the “street Food festival” my cookies will reflect the event with major street food markers: sweet cookies: hot dogs, hamburgers, pizzas, etc. @emacreabiscuits13

Street Food Festival #2
Esplanade de la Major – Marseille 2nd
From June 17 to 19, 2022
From 11 a.m.
The wind

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