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the results of the day and the fifth of tomorrow

To properly prepare your quinté of the day as well as your quinté tomorrow, find all the information you need to know when placing your bet

Quinté of the day, the main concepts to take into consideration

Due to the many combinations it allows to build, the quinté is the most popular betting formula for racegoers. But succeeding in a straight is not as easy as you think and the task is even less easy if the bettor is not familiar with the fundamental notions of the straight of the day. If you are thinking of betting on the fifth of the day, here is the main information to know on the subject!

The fifth arrival

As its name suggests, the arrival quinté du jour refers to the quinté result of the day. There are three variations of the fifth finish: the probable finish, the provisional finish and the official finish:

  • The probable arrival : these are forecasts issued by the bookmakers on the arrival of a quinté before the start of the race.
  • The provisional arrival : during the race, a provisional quinté finish list is published depending on how the race is going.
  • The official arrival : at the end of the race, the official arrival is announced by the bookmakers. Note that this finish is published from a few minutes to a few hours after the end of the race.

The fifth runners

The fifth runners of the day are the 5 horses chosen to participate in a horse race. Straight runners are selected based on a few factors involving the horses’ previous race results, importance of the race, level of odds, etc. The list of horses participating in a quinté du jour is published 24 to 48 hours before the start of a race.

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The quinté of the day results and reports

The quinté report of the day is a formula for calculating precisely the winnings that a bettor can obtain if he validates his quinté, in order or out of order. Now, all horse racing betting platforms have tools that make it easy to calculate straight odds, so you don’t have to do it yourself. In other words, the quinté ratio is the sum that the bookmaker grants to people who manage to validate their quinté. This sum can be calculated very easily on horse racing betting platforms.

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Quinté of tomorrow: some advice to apply to bet well on the turf

Becoming a turf ace doesn’t happen overnight, of course. However, anyone who wishes can bet on the turf and succeed in their bets, subject to taking into consideration a few tips, including:

Follow the news on the turf

To succeed in your quinté du jour or any other horse racing bet, it is essential to be an assiduous follower of horse racing news. Following the news of this sport allows you to know the best horses and the best jockeys on which to place a bet. Anyone who is new to turf is invited to find out about turf news on sites and platforms specialized in this sport.

Study horse performance well

Just as a tennis player has strengths and reliable points depending on the ground on which he plays, horses do not have the same performance depending on whether they run on dry, wet, soft ground, or cinder track. Moreover, knowing the relationship between the jockey and his horse is important before depositing his bet. Indeed, some jockeys are less comfortable with certain horses, and vice versa.

Thoroughly analyze previous races

As we do when betting on football, by analyzing the performances of the two teams on which we place a bet, the same principle applies in turf. Which horse has performed the best recently? Is it stronger on dry ground or cinder track? Did the winner of the previous race lead all the way or did he accelerate at the end? So many notions whose study allows you to better prepare your quinté du jour.

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The best horse racing betting bonuses

Registering on a horse betting site allows you to receive a bonus as a welcome gift guide. These welcome bonuses consist in granting new members sums of money to be used on the first horse racing bets. Currently, the horse racing betting sites that offer the best welcome bonuses are: PMU, Zeturf and Genybet.

FAQ Results Quinté of the day

To learn more about the quinté du jour, we invite you to read the following FAQ!

What are the main horse betting formulas?

The most popular horse betting formulas are the following: the tiercé, the quarté and the quinté. For each formula, the bettor must guess the order of arrival of the horses in order or disorder. The number of horses whose order of arrival must be guessed depends on the betting formula.

How to register on a horse racing betting site?

To register on a turf platform, simply go to the site of the platform in question, click on the registration button and follow the procedure. Registering on a horse racing betting site is within everyone’s reach.

Who can register on a horse racing betting site?

Everyone is allowed to register on a horse racing betting platform, the only condition to respect being to be 18 years or older when registering. Indeed, the law on gambling in France and in all countries in Europe prohibits minors from betting on turf.

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