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the Law and Figures EEIG optimizes advice to individuals and businesses

A little lesson in things intended to feed the neurons of neophytes in the field and beginners, in particular. What is an EEIG? Do we give the cat its tongue?! This is the characteristic acronym that designates a European Economic Interest Grouping. The legal status precisely qualifying “EURACTIS”, an interprofessional structure for the legal and accounting professions which held its annual general meeting at the Hostellerie des Clos in Chablis. Immersion…

CHABLIS : Their origin covers various geographical horizons. From the Ardennes to the Marne, from the Côte d’Or to the Jura foothills of the Doubs. From Ile-de-France, bordering, too. Without omitting a small note specific to the international with nationals who exercise beyond Quiévrain, that is to say Belgium!

However, its honorary president is from Yonne: Me Jean-Pierre JOLIOT, honorary lawyer, former member of the Ardennes Bar Council, former member of the Paris Bar, specialist in Criminal Law and founding manager of the EURACTIS EEIG.

The members of this EEIG, bringing together legal and figures professionals (this includes lawyers, chartered accountants, auditors, bailiffs, jurists, etc.) like to converge, once a year – and when the health crisis does not prevent them from accessing our noble territory! – to the Yonne, to hold their general meeting there, in accordance with their statutes. Sometimes by relocating it, not far from the slopes of Chablis, at the Hostellerie des Clos for example, at Noémie VIGNAUD’s.

Three decades of high-level conferences at the service of the sector…

Appearing in the economic landscape in 1992, EURACTIS, whose head office is located in the department of the Ardennes, was the very first in France and the second to exist within the European Union. Moreover, internationally, its ramifications extend to Greece, Luxembourg and very soon to the Iberian Peninsula, on its western flank, on the Portugal side!

It will have been understood: the primary reason for this professional grouping, its extra soul in short, is to strengthen corporatist cooperation in complementary fields that are constantly evolving, seen through the prism of Europe, both at the legal and tax but also in advice to be given to individuals and companies.

For three decades, the meetings of this EEIG have multiplied among the various countries of the members of the group. Appointments where a sum of personalities were to meet.

We will gladly cite the following examples: Melkior WATHELET, Deputy Prime Minister and Federal Minister of Justice and Economic Affairs from 1992 to 1995 in Belgium, Séverine BRAIL, senior official at the European Commission and godmother of the group, Jean TOUZET, honorary public prosecutor, Gilles LATAPIE, former president of the Court of Assizes of the Ardennes, who came to discuss during a memorable conference his latest opus devoted to the “FOURNIRET” affair or even Jennifer PICOURY, president of the Judicial Court of CHALONS CHAMPAGNE.

A large thematic piece as an amuse-bouche…

On the menu of this reunion, several intellectual festivities were submitted to the sagacity of the participants. By way of hors d’oeuvre: “Alternative dispute resolution methods and the treatment of business difficulties”.

Faced with increasingly abused justice (lack of staff in the courts, length of procedures, etc.), the legislator has for several years put in place alternative and amicable methods to allow dispute resolution (conciliation, participatory procedure, mediation, legal action, etc.).

On a daily basis, practitioners testify to the effectiveness of these procedures, which in a large number of cases make it possible to find solutions that are faster and better understood by the parties involved. Beyond the purely legal aspects, it is imperative to take into account, depending on the situations encountered, both psychological and economic dimensions in order for the practitioner to provide the best advice to his client.

doyourevent event organization and management platform

Pedagogy, nothing but pedagogy towards entrepreneurs…

Then came the main course at this annual meeting: exchanges relating to the treatment of business difficulties. Or preventive procedures known as amicable and curative procedures known as judicial.

The ad hoc mandate, conciliation, safeguard, receivership and judicial liquidation procedures were then discussed.

It is essential to inform and raise the awareness of the actors who support companies on a daily basis about the existence of the toolbox put in place by the French legislator for several years. The report is without appeal, too few managers or individual entrepreneurs, out of ignorance, fear or even unfortunately shame, do not seek the opening of amicable or safeguard procedures.

We see them too belatedly push the door of the commercial courts or the judicial courts, depending on the activity carried out. Yet the numbers are there. The sooner the measures to alleviate the difficulties (cash flow difficulties due to unpaid invoices, loss of a supplier, late bank loans, etc.) are taken, the more the turnaround of the company, the sustainability of the activity and preservation of employment are possible.

It is therefore essential that the privileged interlocutors (chartered accountants, auditors, lawyers, banking establishments) provide daily proof of pedagogy with managers and business leaders.

Hence the need to focus on these strong and specific moments to disseminate meaningful messages in terms of communication to the French economic sphere.

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In April 2023, it is in Portugal in Cascaïs that the members of this EEIG will meet, with the integration of a lawyer and a Portuguese notary.

For 19 years as manager of EURACTIS, Me Jean-Pierre JOLIOT wanted the appointment of a successor. Me Alexandra JOLIOT-FROISSARD has been elected in this capacity since 2011. New members have also joined this group.

Endowed with members with various skills, the EURACTIS EEIG has all its raison d’être in view of the proliferation of legislative texts and the complexity of the emerging legal fields which justify the need for work in synergy.

Thierry BRET

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