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The importance of Europe | The Daily of Reunion

Europe Day on 9 March and the deadline for the next legislative elections are an opportunity to recall the importance and the need for Europe. Europe is however an opportunity for us because it is a major player in the conduct of our projects to meet the needs of our island and its inhabitants.

Europe supports the development of our island, our social and cultural policies, the transformation of our cities. The realization of the projects of our university, our associations and our companies relies in part on European support and financial commitment.

The principle of the European Union is respect for human dignity, freedom, pluralist democracy, tolerance, equality and non-discrimination, justice and the rule of law and the preservation of human rights. ‘Male. Europe Day is an international day celebrated on May 9 to commemorate the Schuman Declaration of May 9, 1950.

Europe’s assets are: a continent at peace, the freedom for its citizens to live, study and work anywhere in the EU, the largest single market in the world, the supply of humanitarian aid and of development assistance to millions of people around the world. In 2012, the European Union received the Nobel Peace Prize for advancing peace, reconciliation, democracy and human rights.

Reunion needs Europe which is at the service of a humanist ideal. There is no doubt that Europe, with not only its economic power and its democratic guarantees, but also its creativity, its philosophy, its way of thinking, the diversity of its cultures, its millennial wisdom, its legendary traditions and its artistic capital will participate in the building of a new world. We must not forget that Europe is at the origins of modern freedoms with the three great figures of enlightened Europe: John Locke, Montesquieu and Jean-Jacques Rousseau.

Réunion is an outermost region (Rup) of Europe in the same way as the Azores, the Canaries, Madeira and the three other French overseas departments, Martinique, Guadeloupe and Guyana. Réunion is the leading European producer of cane sugar. In Reunion, we are the privileged custodians of a high quality product in the harmonious component of its cultures, its ethnic groups, its traditions, its religions and landscape.

This product, Reunion Island, a place of tolerance and diversity, a land of dialogue and exchanges, a region of peace and freedom, deserves to be better as in Europe and elsewhere. Indeed, there is a Reunion island of sacred places, thousand-year-old traditions, as well as a Reunion of mountains, rare birds, long walks, springs and waterfalls and old Creole houses.

It is a Meeting of discoveries, discovery of the other, of its values, of its past, of its cuisine, of its music, especially maloya. Culture is a means of bringing people together. Man is not only a brain endowed with will and intelligence, he also has his soul and his sensitivity!

This beautiful island is an opportunity and a privileged bridgehead of Europe in the Indian Ocean. This Reunion is rich in human terms but handicapped by its geographical distance from the European continent and its isolation. Europe’s history has shown that it has always been able to meet the challenges of integration and cohesion. The principles are solidarity and responsibility in the service of a humanist ideal.

Réunion is the leading European producer of cane sugar. With market gardening and livestock, the agricultural territory covers 20% of the area of ​​the island. It is tourism that represents the first economic resource of the island, including the circuses, peaks and ramparts which are classified as World Heritage by Unesco. The tertiary sector is the leading provider of employment, ahead of the agri-food industry and construction. Reunion benefits from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) to support adaptation to climate change and investment in urban areas with economic and infrastructure development.

For Europe Day on 9 May, it should be noted that the actions carried out here by the European Union are not only macroeconomic in scope because they concretely benefit the competitiveness of territories and the daily lives of citizens, whether whether higher education, employment, education, ecology, digital and even social issues.

To conclude, we can say that Europe Day and the deadline for the next general elections are an opportunity to recall the importance of Europe and the need for Europe for all of us, in our daily lives and on all our territories. The untruths and shortcuts fueled by nationalists and populists who advocate withdrawal into oneself have led to distrust of the European Union. Vive La Réunion in France and the European Union.

Gady V. Moonesawmy (St-Denis)

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