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the heartbreaking tribute of Pierre Palmade, devastated by the death of his confidante

Régine has flown away and Pierre Palmade is heartbroken. And what could be more beautiful tribute to tell who she was and will be forever!

Why Pierre Palmade will never forget Régine

How difficult! Pierre Palmade is sad. He struggles to sum up the friendship that bound him to Régine. Choosing social networks to pay him a deserved and sincere tribute, Objeko proposes to explain to you the reasons for this. As a reminder, almost two decades ago, he had allowed him to return to the scene. And not anywhere please! Those who had the opportunity to applaud him at the Folies Bergères will remember this experience throughout their lives. Moreover, for the former accomplice of Michèle Laroque or Muriel Robin, it was impossible to go to Paris without making a detour via the ” Eiffel Tower and Regine ! At least things are crisp and clear. Now that she is no longer there to brighten his days and animate his nights, what will become of him? The mystery remains…

A colorful personality

Forever her confidante, Pierre Palmade told her all her torments, even those of which only a big sister is the unacknowledged guardian. Trusting the warnings of his night owl, he salutes him for this quality. ” You knew at a glance the good guys from the bad guys. I loved having your opinion on my friends, you were never wrong Yes, she had a flair and was unparalleled in warning him against toxins. Throughout her career, details that she has gone through shipwrecks with not really glorious episodes. However, she always got up! How brave !

Moreover, in his establishments, there are beautiful people. Pierre Palmade could spend hours telling us about his memories with Régine. Among his many anecdotes, he remembers that the queen of the night was never shy. ” You were familiar with Sagan and Marlene Dietrich [et] you introduced me to Bruce Willis and Liza Minelli to please me… You knew everyone. And level of thinking, it was the first not to go with the back of the spoon. ” You spoke frankly [et] rai, with an irresistible sense of humor when it came to tailoring suits! »

An artist with a big heart

Objeko looks back for a moment on another part of Régine’s career. Singer, it is Serge Gainsbourg who detects her talent. This song has become legendary. This is why Pierre Palmade does not hesitate for a single second and refers to it in his farewell speech. ” I was in your little papers and I’m proud of it, you took me as I was without judging me. And that, I will miss. » Constantly under pressure, the comedian recently put on a cosmonaut costume in Mask Singer. Ah if he had known that his BFF was going to disappear shortly after the shooting, he would have prepared a special place for him in the Milky Way. There is no doubt that between two shows with her friends, she will watch over him… as she has always taken care to do.

To describe his repertoire, Pierre Palmade uses extremely flattering words. ” And then there were your incredible songs… often funny, poignant too. » He salutes those who have written for her, because they are known to have been detected by her “realistic singing talent”. Moreover, his tone of voice, we identify it among a thousand others. Both raucous and hard-hitting, it will be missed!

Admittedly, he was regularly mocked for his cover of I will survive. Translating the lyrics was not necessarily appreciated by amateurs. However, by reading the French version more closely, we see that it is more topical than ever.. How will he be able to take one step in front of the other without tipping into the void? In conclusion, he forms this wish and will do everything in his power to perpetuate his memory..Provided that the public is curious to listen to your [tubes] and know your life through your books, because you are, you were fascinating. » And you what do you think ? Continued in our next issue. So, as soon as there’s something new, we’ll let you know. Another time for other adventures !

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