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The great naturalist filmmaker Jacques Perrin has joined the bird people

Last flight for Jacques Perrin. The actor, director and producer died on Thursday April 21 in Paris. He leaves behind a prolific body of work, marked in particular by huge animal documentaries.

He produced the film Microcosmos — The Grass People (1996), directed by Claude Nuridsany and Marie Pérennou, before embarking on the production of animal documentaries The migrating people (2001), Nature’s Wings (2002), oceans (2009), The People of the Oceans (2011) and Seasons (2016) on the life of a forest. Pharaonic films requiring years of preparation in scientific research, location scouting around the world, material design. For Microcosmoshe [falllut] build very expensive tools capable of tracking actions and capturing emotions on the scale of millimeters or tenths of a millimeter. For The migrating peoplemonths [avaient été] necessary to accustom birds to the presence of camera-weighted flying machines »recalls the daily The world.

Image taken from the film Microcosmos.

These ambitious achievements had attracted a very wide audience and won numerous awards. Thus, in 2016, Microcosmos was at the top of the ten most-seen French documentaries in cinemas over the previous thirty years with 3.5 million admissions, had received five César awards and had been nominated for the Cannes Film Festival. It was immediately followed byoceans (2.9 million admissions, César for best documentary) and Migratory people (2.75 million entries). The film Seasonswith its 993,297 entries recorded at the time, was also included in this ranking.

This work had opened Jacques Perrin’s eyes to the dangers faced by the planet and its inhabitants. He was thus committed to supporting several initiatives and associations for the protection of the environment. The ecologist supported our approach of buying land to return it to nature. He did us the great honor of sponsoring the very first wildlife reserve in Drôme (Le Grand Barry), that of Trégor in Côtes-d’Armor, and inaugurating that of Deux-Lacs, near Montélimar. »says the Association for the Protection of Wild Animals (Aspas) in a tribute message posted on Facebook. We draw our dreams from untamed and rebellious nature. It arouses our childhood curiosity and revitalizes us by displaying an infinite diversity. Multiplying reserves means leaving secret gardens for future men to get lost in. », would have declared the man of cinema on this occasion. Before continuing: Each time we have been able to offer nature a space of freedom, it has once again blossomed in all its exuberance and diversity. Nature does very well on its own, it does not need us to maintain it. »

He sponsored the very first wild life reserve in the Drôme »

Jacques Perrin also participated in the inauguration of the Ploubezre nature reserve (Côtes-d’Armor) and sponsored the care center for local wildlife in Château-Gontier-sur-Mayenne (Mayenne).

A host of tributes from environmentalists

The documentary filmmaker also holds a special place in the education and hearts of many environmentalists and wildlife lovers. François Sarano, oceanographer and diver, confided in the microphone of Reporterre on what the meeting with the director had brought him, during the shooting of the film oceans. The co-director of The Snow Panther Marie Amiguet also paid tribute to documentaries The migrating people and oceans of Jacques Perrin, who participated among others in his sensitivity » for the animal world, in the interview she gave us. YouTuber Nicolas Meyrieux also spoke about his environmental trigger » in 2009, before oceans – which led him to launch his channel La Barbe devoted to ecology. It is thanks to you, Jacques, that I became what I am today. (…) When I was still a child, I had an impossible and completely crazy dream which was to fly with birds. Thanks to you, I touched this dream »also thanked him on Facebook the Norman animal caretaker Frédéric Profichet, who had assisted him on the set of the Migratory people.

The migrant people are in mourning »also hailed the Bird Protection League (LPO) on Twitter.

Jacques Perrin had begun his career as an actor, and he had been a major actor in endearing films, such as The drum crabby Pierre Schoendoerffer, or Zfrom Costa-Gavras.

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