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The future has already begun – GP Inside

Towards a revolution ? Presented at the beginning of the year, the Varg, Stark Future’s first electric model, will dynamite the off-road market. In any case, this is what its designers and the lucky few who have tried it predict. Over the past ten years, several manufacturers have embarked on electric off-roading, without really convincing. This time, Stark Future wants to be to motorcycles what Tesla is to cars, and is giving itself the means to do so.

The first models of the Varg will be delivered next September to those who have ordered it for long weeks. And they are already thousands in the world to have trusted simple photos, a few attractive videos and a concrete argument. Crazy ? Not sure because the characteristics of the Varg make you dream since, on paper, it does everything, better than a thermal motorcycle.

Weight, handling, performance, maintenance, equipment, driving pleasure, the list goes on, especially since this Varg offers above all to have several motorcycles in one. Indeed, you can vary the power with customizable settings to go from the character of a 125cc 2T to a 650cc 4T, for a power equivalent of 80 horsepower! You can also easily configure the power curve, the engine brake, the flywheel, the traction control and thus have a motorcycle adapted to your riding and your desires. Never seen !

The price is also attractive, €11,900, broadly similar to the high-end market rate but with minimal maintenance. No emptying, no piston to change regularly, no air filter… In short, a wipe of the rag and it’s off again.

The autonomy announced corresponds to a full tank of thermal motorcycle for intensive use and up to 5 hours of driving in tour mode. We immediately begin to imagine a trip with friends with an enduro model, enjoying the song of birds on our beautiful paths and without disturbing anyone.

At a time when noise pollution and ecological necessities designate the motorcycle as a scapegoat, Stark Future intends to provide lasting solutions that could mark the beginning of a new era.

At the origin of this promising project, we find, among others, a group of Swedish investors convinced by Anton Wass who, a few years ago, had developed the 24MX brand. Based in Barcelona, ​​Stark Future plans to start with off-road to prove itself, before tackling the road with clear ambitions.

GP Inside: How did you come up with the idea of ​​creating Stark Future?
Anton Wass (CEO Stark Future): “Almost three years ago, I thought it was possible to create electric motorcycles that can outperform the best thermal motorcycles. I then surrounded myself with talented, very experienced people, to build an electric motorcycle with precise specifications, and we made it a reality in a very short time! »

It is sometimes wrong to be right too soon. Why do you think the market is ready for electric?
AW: “We just saw it when we launched our Varg and I don’t think the market can shift to products that are just compromises. If these products are more expensive, less effective and heavier, it can’t work, we have to come up with a product that is better than anything on the market. There must be enough maturity in the technology and also in the customers. Today we are proving that electric technology is better than gasoline and we see that there are already thousands of customers eager to try the future of motocross. »

How are you going to convince internal combustion motorcycle users to go electric?
AW: “It’s very simple: by showing them that it’s better in all aspects. But I think they will see it especially when they are overtaken by a Varg on a circuit! (Laughs) The best way to be convinced is to try it and see that our Varg is more powerful, more efficient, more maneuverable and easier to fly. This is what those who have tested it say. »

What are your development plans for the next 5 years?
AW: “First, we plan to become the leader in motocross, then we will attack the road segment with a premium product. Our goal is to do in the motorcycle what Tesla did in the car and we hope to achieve this in a short time. »

While waiting impatiently to be able to try the Varg, we interviewed the pilot who developed this bike, Frenchman Sébastien Tortelli, double world cross champion.
To be continued in our columns this Tuesday, May 24…

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