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The equine sector is campaigning to recruit its future talents

What are the annual needs of the equine industry?

Tiphaine Drouot, Equi-Resources Department Manager

“On our equi-resources platform, supported by the IFCE, the French Institute for Horses and Riding, we distribute an average of 3,500 job offers per year. The horse industry is very dynamic in France.

In September 2021, we observed a jump in demand, despite the health crisis. More than 1,000 offers are currently available on the site. A historic record since its launch in 2007. However, employers in the sector are encountering more and more recruitment difficulties. »

In which professions are the needs located?

“All trades are affected by this strong demand: breeding, racing, health, care, sport-leisure, related trades. Groom-keeper, teacher, racetrack manager, equestrian center manager, salesperson, project manager… there is something for all tastes and all levels of study: from the agricultural professional aptitude certificate to the Bac+8.

If the Great West recruits a lot, the needs are everywhere in France, but also abroad. International employers are very fond of French professionals who benefit from excellent training in the field. »

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Which professions are struggling to recruit?

“Before, certain professions were in tension, such as training rider and lad driver, today all professions in direct contact with the animal are in tension.

We are massively looking for grooms-keepers, breeding assistants, grooms (accompanying the horse in competition), riding teachers, training riders and lad-drivers. »

Why this shortage of candidates? How to attract young people to the horse trades?

“Jobs related to the agricultural world are less attractive to young people, but this is often due to ignorance. It is difficult to project yourself there when you do not know the different fields of activity and the different possible careers. However, the equine sector is rich in 50 professions. But many of them are little known. One of the objectives of the site is to promote these professions, the different possible careers. The IFCE has also launched the campaign “The equine sector is recruiting” aimed at the general public to encourage vocations.

Another reason that could explain this shortage: the work is done outdoors. It is more constraining and difficult. But the horse professions are passion professions and sources of fulfillment. When you love what you do and give meaning to your work, it may seem like a detail. »

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What is the place of women in the sector?

“Within the agricultural world, the equine sector stands out, with a significant rate of feminization. While women are highly represented in the teaching and care professions, their share is also increasing in all the other professions: competition, breeding and promotion of horses and related professions (engineering, communication, etc.). In a few years, they will undoubtedly be the majority! Besides, within equine training, they represent 70 to 80% of the workforce. »

Any advice for success in the equine industry?

“Before joining the equine sector, young people must find out about the diversity of professions, training and discover the range of possibilities. They can be accompanied by advisors, available free of charge on our platform, to get the best information.

At last, to succeed in the sector, it will take a lot of investment, passion, but also training throughout one’s life to evolve. »

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