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The best food for senior dogs

Aging dogs do not have the same nutritional needs as puppies. From the age of 7, your companion becomes less active, and his metabolism tends to slow down. Hence the need to adapt his diet to his new needs. More fragile, older dogs need excellent quality protein. His organs, especially his kidneys, tend to work less well than in young dogs. Care must therefore be taken to choose highly assimilable proteins. which is generally the case in the senior dog foodcontaining 18 to 20% quality protein.

When it comes to senior dog food, protein is obviously not everything. Because old dogs store more fat than young dogs, the risk of obesity should be limited by favoring a maximum intake of 10 to 20% fat. Similarly, to take care of your senior dog’s joints, be sure to select foods rich in calcium and vitamin D. Phosphorus, on the other hand, will have to be reduced, since it is more difficult to eliminate. with age. By promoting white meat and the right vitamins, your senior dog’s diet will be balanced.

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What food to favor according to the age of your dog?

The needs of dogs evolve in parallel with their age. While puppy food must be rich to allow him to engage in many activities, senior dog food must, on the other hand, adapt to his health problems and his more limited activities.

What food for a puppy?

Because they are constantly exploring the world and have long periods of play, puppies have specific dietary needs. It will be necessary to give them small amounts rich in protein, at several times of the day, in order to promote the assimilation of nutrients.

What food for an adult dog?

Once an adult, your four-legged friend continues its activities, but the periods of play and exploration are generally shorter. A well-balanced diet adapted to his activity will be essential to keep him healthy over the years.

What food for a senior dog?

From the age of 7 or 8, your dog is considered senior. His activities are reduced, and his dietary needs change. It will be necessary to choose foods with highly assimilable proteins, around 18 to 20% on average.

What foods to avoid for an older dog?

As a dog ages, his dietary needs change, and some foods he used to eat are no longer suitable. But what foods to avoid for an older dog?

Avoiding Gluten for Senior Dogs

With age, many dogs tend to develop food allergies. And among these allergies, the most common is gluten. If your dog tends to scratch, multiply ear infections or have redness, consider offering him a gluten-free diet to see the possible results. Many brands of kibble and pâté for dogs offer grain-free food, and therefore gluten-free.

Avoiding Poor Quality Protein for Senior Dogs

Your dog needs protein to live well, it’s a fact. But as he gets older, these proteins are more and more difficult for him to assimilate. It will therefore be essential not only to reduce the protein intake, but also to choose foods containing only excellent quality proteins.

Where to find the best food for a senior dog?

Finding the best food for an older dog is essential to accompany your companion in his old age, and to ensure him a suitable health until the end. But where can you find the best food for a senior dog?

Finding the Best Senior Dog Foods at Pet Stores

The food departments of pet stores are particularly well stocked, and you can also be guided by the good advice of the sellers. At the same time, if your dog begins to have joint problems, you can easily find him a dog hammock for comfortable nights!

Finding the Best Senior Dog Foods from the Vet

Your usual veterinarian probably has a small shop selling special senior dog food. Here too, you will be able to benefit from the tailor-made advice of a person who knows your animal perfectly! On the other hand, the prices are generally higher than elsewhere…

Finding the Best Senior Dog Foods on the Internet

To save money while enjoying a maximum of choice, you can also find the best croquettes and pâtés for senior dogs on the internet. There are many specialty shops and frequent promotions. So, you don’t need to go broke to take care of your four-legged friend!

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