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the 10 most beautiful horse breeds in the world

Since time immemorial, horses have been known for their beauty. Today, there are more than 300 breeds of horses around the world. Some stand out for their unusual physical characteristics. In this top, discover the 10 most beautiful breeds of horses.

For centuries, horses have been used as means of transport. Today, these mammals delight riders and animal lovers. Sociable, this animal is able to forge strong bonds with its owner.

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As you will have understood, this animal occupies an important place in the hearts of its admirers. Considered “man’s noblest conquest”, the horse is distinguished by its magnificence.

Indeed, its legendary beauty still fascinates as much. As we mentioned above, there are more than 300 breeds of horses scattered around the globe.

Some of them are simply magnificent. This is particularly the case of the purebred Arabian. He is considered the most beautiful horse on the planet. Today, the editorial team has decided to pay tribute to these sublime creatures in this top.

Arabian thoroughbred

Photo Credit: Illustrative Images

Nicknamed the “prince of the desert”, the purebred Arabian is recognizable among a thousand. This majestic animal is characterized by its head with a concave profile and its raised tail carriage.

This breed of horse is blessed with a very expressive look and an arched neckline with a deep, open chest. Its limbs are slender but strong. Its height at the withers varies between 1.45m and 1.60m.

The Purebred Arabian is considered one of the oldest breeds. It has its origins in the Middle East where it was raised by nomadic Bedouin peoples. Born for endurance, this horse is able to run over long distances.

This warm-blooded horse is renowned for its intelligence, kindness, courage and ability to learn. The Arabian thoroughbred is also a horse that quickly becomes attached to its owner.

The Akhal-Teke

Photo credit: Olga_i / Shutterstock

Like the Arabian thoroughbred, the Akhal-Téké dazzles with its beauty. This breed of horse originates from Turkmenistan. It was raised by nomadic desert tribes, the Tékés.

Today, this horse is considered a rare species. Indeed, only 8000 specimens are recorded in the world. Among them, 1000 individuals live in a stud farm located near the capital of Turkmenistan.

The Akhal-Téké is recognizable by its golden or silver dress. It has a slender silhouette marked by a haughty carriage of the head, a long, round and supple neckline. Her dress is dotted with fine, silky horsehair.

Another characteristic: it has no baleen or forelock. The Akhal-Téké measures about 1m60 at the withers and weighs 500kg.

His desert origin makes him an extremely enduring horse. He also excels in other disciplines such as eventing.

The Frisian

Photo credit: Makarova Viktoria / Shutterstock

The Black Pearl of the Netherlands is on – without a shadow of a doubt – on the list of the most beautiful equine breeds.

Frisian originates from Friesland, one of the twelve provinces of the Netherlands. This Dutch horse has a breathtaking ebony wavy mane. His hair is long and his baleen is very thick.

This horse sports an advantageous physique: a high and graceful carriage of the head, a powerful chest, a round croup, an expressive look and muscular legs. It can measure up to 175 cm at the withers.

And the least we can say is that the Frisian has great inner beauty. Indeed, he has a gentle and sociable character. However, he can also be fiery.

This majestic and very intelligent horse is used in traditional driving, equestrian shows, circus disciplines and dressage.

The Andalusian or pure Spanish breed

Photo credit: Callipso / Shutterstock

As its name suggests, the Andalusian originates from Andalusia in Spain. This purebred horse has been present in the Iberian Peninsula since prehistoric times. He is identifiable by his gray dress.

The Andalusian is an elegant and powerful horse. He has a convex profile, a strong back, a thick neckline, a magnificent mane and muscular legs. Its height is between 155 and 175 cm at the withers.

This Spanish Thoroughbred is renowned for its high gaits. His abilities make him an excellent dressage horse. He is the superstar of the Royal Andalusian School of Equestrian Art.

The gray horse is also present in equestrian numbers and shows. The Andalusian is very popular with rejoneadores, riders who face bulls on horseback.


Photo credit: anakondasp / Shutterstock

In fifth place in this ranking, we find the Marwari. This breed of horse is found in the Marvar region of India. He has crescent-shaped ears.

The Marwari has always been a highly protected and rarely exported horse breed. Her high head carriage, her expressive eyes, her thin neckline and her slender legs contribute to her beauty. The Marwaris are available in several colors: bay, gray, chestnut, palominos or pie-bais.

Nicknamed “the horse of the Maharajas”, the Marwari is a versatile animal. Enduring, it is used for travel or for agricultural work. He is also good at dressage events.

Local people believe that the Marwari was born to dance.

The Fjord

Photo Credit: Illustrative Images

This small saddle horse originates from southwestern Norway. He is easily recognizable by his isabelle dress and his two-tone mane. This breed is considered one of the purest in the world.

You may not know it, but the Fjord was built by the Vikings. Today, it is an excellent mount for hitching, aerobatics or even hiking.

Endowed with a frank character, he is also renowned for his kindness and his patience. Be careful, the Fjord can be stubborn. On the physical side, it generally measures between 135 and 150 cm.

In addition to Norway, the Fjord is present in Europe (Sweden, Denmark, Germany). This breed is also established in the United States, United Kingdom and Australia. It appeared in France in 1969.

The Mustang

Photo Credit: Illustrative Images

Emblem of the great American spaces, the Mustang values ​​its freedom. It was introduced by the Spaniards during the conquest of America in the 16th century. Due to its great genetic diversity, the Mustang can be bay, chestnut, black, gray or even piebald.

Short and stocky, this wild horse is usually between 1.42m and 1.52m tall. In nature, he lives in a herd made up of about fifteen individuals. Each horde is led by a stallion whose mission is to watch over its pairs.

At the age of three, stallions are excluded from the herd. Young horses are forced to live alone. The latter will then try to take the lead of a troop by confronting the dominant male in a duel.

When domesticated, Mustangs are used for rodeo, trail riding, or western riding.

The Shire

Photo Credit: Illustrative Images

The Shire is a British draft horse nicknamed the “gentle giant”. He is considered the tallest horse in the world. Its average height is 1.80m at the withers. It usually weighs around 1000 kg. Impressive, isn’t it?

This mammal is known for its long baleen covering its hooves. His imposing build actually hides a calm and gentle temperament. Indeed, the Shire is renowned for its kindness and great patience. It is also very easy to handle.

It is used as a carriage and ceremonial horse. In the UK, Shires compete in plowing competitions where they stand out from other competitors. These horses can also be ridden.

The Knabstrup

Photo Credit: Illustrative Images

Originally from Denmark, the Knabstrup is characterized by its spotted coat. This feature earned him the name “tiger horse”.

This breed of saddle horse comes from a cross between a spotted Iberian mare and a palomino-colored stallion of the Frederiksborg breed.

The Knabstrup has a rather square muzzle, a powerful neckline and a broad, muscular back. His calm and docile temperament makes him a good mount for dressage and driving.

It is also used as a leisure horse. Finally, it is not uncommon to meet him in equestrian shows where his dress does not go unnoticed. Attention, it should not be confused with the Appaloosa.

The Paint Horse

Photo Credit: Illustrative Images

The 10th place in the ranking is attributed to the Paint Horse. This saddle horse from North America was tamed by the Comanches.

Unsurprisingly, the Paint Horse is very popular in western riding. He also serves as a trail horse. He also participates in show jumping, driving and dressage competitions.

On the physical side, he is distinguished by his short head, straight profile and stocky body. It generally measures between 1.48 m and 1.60 m at the withers. This American horse has four coat types: overo, tobiano, tovero and solid paint.

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