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The 10 favorite cat breeds of the French

With Caroline Adelé de Caronino who intervenes in several places to offer comfort to the elderly with all her animals. See website.

Here are the 10 favorite cat breeds of the French and the character that goes with them!

10. The Sphinx

To be placed in the category of “sticky” cats!

The sphynx is an intelligent and affectionate animal that becomes attached to its masters.

He needs a lot of attention and contact otherwise you will make him unhappy.

Obviously, the whole point of the sphinx is that it has no hair, the dream!

No hair in the house ©Getty

9. Norwegian

Like the Maine Coon, it’s a giant cat!

Attention, it is not the “good fat cat to his grandmother”, he likes to play and he is always on the move.

If you want tranquility, this is not necessarily the cat for you.

On the other hand, if you have children, they will get along wonderfully with him.

He is quite independent, while still being close to his masters.

For a more cushy “big cat”, you will need a Maine Coon.

I saw a big cat
I saw a big cat ©Getty

8. The Siberian

An ultra sociable cat, very intelligent and affectionate with his masters.

He likes to communicate, he is a “talkative” cat.

It is also a very lively breed that spends a lot and loves to play with children (it is a cat for families, a little less for single people).

Always on the lookout
Always on the lookout ©Getty

7. Carthusian

One of the breeds that the French love and it has been going on for a long time.

Yet the Carthusian does not have a very very easy character!

He may sulk, sulk, and completely ignore you if he’s unhappy with you.

Overall, it’s pretty quiet (it can get overlooked for whole days).

If you are lucky enough to come across a “sticky” Carthusian, he will never leave you and will become very close to you.

It is sometimes said that it is a dog cat.

The Carthusian represents all the clichés that we can have on cats: “he does what he wants and he is the one who decides”.

A good fat cat
A good fat cat ©Getty

6. Persian

It drops a little in the ranking but in France, it is still as popular.

It is the ideal cat for single or elderly people since it is fundamentally calm and placid.

Do not expect to play with him for hours, he will always get tired very quickly.

On the other hand, if you like calm, he is the one for you, he will love spending whole days sleeping on your lap.

Nothing can distract him when he has decided to doze off!

The Persian can also have a “contemptuous” character and take malicious pleasure in “antagonizing” you.

When it's no, it's no!
When it’s no, it’s no! ©Getty

5. The ragdoll

Here is a cat very pleasant to live with and which has practically only qualities.

He is one of the big cats that are on the rise at the moment.

He is very docile, tends to listen to you and obey and adapts to the whole family.

He will be calm with calm people and lively with children who want to play with him.

This is the race that adapts the most to its masters.

No big question with the ragdoll, you are sure not to go wrong.

You have beautiful eyes you know !
You have beautiful eyes you know ! ©Getty

4. The British Shorthair

He is a fairly independent cat, he is attached to his masters but he can be very lonely at times.

Peaceful, calm, fundamentally nice and not at all aggressive, he is the friend of the whole family.

He is also a reserved cat who is not very “sticky” with his masters.

What makes this breed special is that it is always even-tempered.

The British Shorthair loves to play, he gets along very well with children and does not hesitate to approach strangers (this is a quality but also a fault).

A good big ball of fur
A good big ball of fur ©Getty

3. Bengal

He really looks like a wild cat… but his character is very sociable.

The Bengal is sweet and very very playful.

Very intelligent but also ultra curious, he needs to be stimulated.

He will get along very well with children.

On the other hand, it is not the most cuddly breed there is!

Wild cat... no, bengal!
Wild cat… no, bengal! ©Getty

2. The sacred of Burma

A sweet and very affectionate cat… like the Siamese!

The difference is that the Birman is more “calm” and it is also less talkative (it meows very little).

Very sociable, he adapts perfectly to everyone.

He likes strangers and goes to them quite easily.

He loves to be cuddled and hugged, whether by adults or youngsters.

An ideal cat but sometimes pot-of-glue!

Magnificent !
Magnificent ! ©Getty

1. Maine Coon

Number 1 in the ranking for 9 years!

He is an ultra soft and very friendly giant.

Contrary to what one might think, he is a very calm cat who likes to do nothing (he does not like activity too much).

What he appreciates above all are caresses and hugs.

He loves to walk but never for very long.

Very intelligent, the Maine Coon also likes to communicate with its owner by means of meows and cooings.

He loves to play in the water, which always amazes everyone!

A calm companion
A calm companion ©Getty

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