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Stray: an approaching release date and a new gameplay video for the adventure game with a cat

In the middle of the action and horror games present during this State of Play broadcast by sonywe were treated to a new trailer of Stray, this adventure and platform game that will allow us to embody a little cat. The title of BlueTwelve and Annapurna Interactive even offers a release date!

The wait will not be very long, fortunately, Stray will be available on July 19, 2022 on PlayStation 4, PS5 and PC. As a reminder, we will embody a stray cat separated from his family and lost in a futuristic city that will have to be explored to return home. An adventure that promises to be exciting. Swann Martin-Raget, producer of the game, says:

Hello everyone ! Finally ! After many years of hard work, we have a release date to announce: Stray will be available on July 19, 2022! As you may have seen in today’s State of Play, we are delighted to announce that Stray will also be available for PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium members upon release.

It’s going to be a big day for our small and passionate team, and we can’t wait for people to explore this world we’ve created with so much love and passion.

The concept of this game, which was originally titled “HK Project”, was dreamed up seven years ago by Koola and Viv, the co-founders of BlueTwelve Studio. It’s amazing to think that it’s now a full-fledged game, and players around the world will soon be able to discover and enjoy it. The development took time, and we learned a lot along the way. Among the many difficulties and discoveries of this project, the creation of an interactive chat was clearly the most complicated task!

Stray 02

Controlling a cat is very difficult, both in real life and in a video game! From the start, we knew that getting our star character controls and animations right was crucial to conveying that exhilarating sense of skill and movement to players. Miko, our chat host, took to the challenge head-on and spent a considerable amount of time researching images and videos to use for reference. During this process, we made a strange, but happy discovery: the whole Internet seems to have been invented for the sole purpose of posting photos and videos of cute cats! So we found a lot of good references to work with.

Stray 03

You should also know that about 80% of the team members own a cat (or a cat owns them, depending on the point of view) and that we have two cats in the studio who come to work with us almost every day ! These two are named Oscar and Jun. To be honest, they are not the most productive employees in the studio, but they have the merit of creating a good atmosphere.

We were very inspired by seeing them interact with desktop objects, sometimes causing our computers to shut down at the worst possible time! This helped us create various interactions for the in-game chat. Of course, Jun and Oscar reviewed and approved each of these interactions!

Stray 04

All of this effort was aimed at making people realistically embody a cat in the game. around a huge tank. This is a good example of how the cat’s exceptional abilities give us more freedom in level design, especially from a vertical perspective. So you can explore the world from top to bottom.

Stray 05

When we decided to add the backpack and the small B-12 drone, which follows the cat everywhere, we were able to introduce new ways to interact and become familiar with the environment. In particular, it was important to be able to speak with the characters of the world, in order to be able to transmit to the players certain fundamental information on the environment or to explain more to them the past of the inhabitants.

Stray 06

Our small team had the goal of creating its first game, and this adventure is soon coming to an end. We can’t wait to see how players react as they explore this unique world and interact with its colorful inhabitants on July 19. On behalf of the entire team, including Jun and Oscar: Have fun!

See you in a good month to discover stray on playstation and pc.

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