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Sprinter Sacré Show: one hundred and twenty horses made the entertainment in Decize

As in 2021, the models and paces competition, the Sprinter Sacré Show, took place on Wednesday June 15 in overwhelming heat. “We installed the boxes as much as possible in the shade of the lime trees for the well-being of the animals”, specified the president of the AQPS association of Nièvre, Charles Magnien. The breeders have also taken care to give them regular water and, sometimes, to spray them.
This year, it was the Pointe des Halles that hosted this event and not the entrance to the promenade, “because we had judged, last year, that this location was too close to the city and cars”.

Questioning whether or not to maintain the event in Decize

A decizois site which could however, in the years to come, be called into question when all the trees are cut down. “Until now, this site, which also had a prestigious side, corresponded perfectly to this event. With the plan to cut down all the trees in the coming years, we will have to look into maintaining this event in Decize because it is true that, for animal well-being, shade is essential for organize this contest. »

Despite the heat, the hundred horses put on a show all day, parading, first by walking, then by trotting, in front of the spectators and the members of the jury. The latter scrutinized the animals from every angle to define who had the most beautiful morphology and the most beautiful movement. It was Sunny Vic (Allen breeding) who was crowned AQPS supreme foal champion.
Many professionals were at the rendezvous with, in particular, many trainers and brokers, French and English, according to Charles Magnien.

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The results

Here are the first of each category of competitions.

Purebred female foals (PS). 1st section: 1. Princess Kaine, daughter of Free Port Lux and Princess Kaine (Philippe Desmard, Philippe Thiriet, Vincent Le Roy). 2nd section: 1. Mystic des Bordes, daughter of Jeu St-Éloi and Tornade des Bordes (EARL Les Bordes de Mornay).

PS male foals. 1st section: 1. Full of Car, son of Full of Car and Stellar Mass (Michel Bourgneuf). 2nd section: 1. Mistral Sivola, son of Jeu St-Éloi and Half-Sister Sivola (Violaine Trapenard).

Supreme champion foals PS. Full of Car (Michel Bourgneuf).

AQPS female foals. 1st section: 1. Marigny, daughter of De Bonne guerre and Karaktar (Clotilde de Barmon). 2nd section: 1. Magie Royale, daughter of Nirvana du Berlais and Danse Royale (Laurence Lucquet, Laurence Commeau, Bertrand Collette).

AQPS male foals. 1st section: Visionice, son of Doctor Dino and Visionice (Franck Deliberos and Haras de Saint-See). 2nd section: 1. Sunny Vic, son of Chœur du Nord and Sunny Vic (Allen Kennel). 3rd section: 1. Bejca, son of Prince Gibraltar and Bejca (Florence Couteaudier, Leenders E. and G.).

Best AQPS male foal. Sunny Vic (Allen Breeding).

Best AQPS female foal. Marigny (Clotilde de Barmon).

Supreme champion foals AQPS, Sacred Sprinter trophy. Sunny Vic (Allen Breeding).

Fillies 2 years old PS. 1. Khapta, daughter of It’s Gino out of Chasse sauvage (Haras de Saint-See).

Fillies 2 years AQPS. 1. Kokotte Mag, daughter of Cokoriko and Cabriole Mag (Antoine-Audoin Maggiar).

2 year old AQPS foals. 1. Kop de Boulogne, son of Magnetic Jim and Beirut (SCEA d’Armaille).

Best 2 year old AQPS. Kop de Boulogne (SCEA d’Armaillé).

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