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Special fishing file: fishing with the family for a reasonable cost

Since the time that I exercise the profession of chronicler of hunting and fishing for The newspaper, I have seen the world of fishing evolve in all its aspects, whether it is equipment or the offer of services. Today, it is possible to practice fishing with interesting equipment, at a reasonable cost.

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To get an idea of ​​what is happening in the field of equipment at reasonable costs, I asked the junior buyer of the fishing department of Magasin Latulippe, Jimmy Giguère, to give us some suggestions.

“There is no doubt that fishing is a hobby more and more practiced by people and small families, during a camping trip or when visiting a region. I have therefore chosen to present practical, inexpensive equipment that will do the trick to allow people to catch fish. First, I present Zebco’s Ready Tackle Telescopic Baitcasting Kit. When opened, the rod is 5ft 6in and offers a medium to light action.

It is truly an all-in-one for practicing fishing. In addition to the rod, there are jigs, lures, floats, hooks, weights and box. There’s even a guide bar cover for transportation ($33.95). I consider that it is the ideal set for wading fish, on the edges of rivers or lakes. »

According to Jimmy Giguère, specialist at the Latulippe store, this Zebco set allows you to fish and have fun, without having to buy anything else.  As you can see, it's all there.

Photo courtesy, Karl Tremblay

According to Jimmy Giguère, specialist at the Latulippe store, this Zebco set allows you to fish and have fun, without having to buy anything else. As you can see, it’s all there.

Still in line with equipment at affordable prices, the expert suggests the following set:

“The Shakespeare Catch More Fish Closed Reel Set, which also retails for $33.95, includes various fishing accessories. The two-piece rod is of medium power and measures 5 feet 6 inches. It is fiberglass. The advantage of this material is that it is very resistant to blows. If the fisherman gets caught on the bottom and has a very strong title, it will not tend to break like more sensitive fishing rods. Everything is there so that a person can fish immediately, without having to buy more equipment. »


It is certain that fishing and succeeding in making fish bite is super pleasant, but you still have to be able to recover them.

“For this reason, I present to you the Mystic Landing Net equipped with an anti-tangle net, a non-slip plastic handle and a tie cord. It is the ideal tool for walleye and trout fishing. The dimensions of the net are 20″ x 9″ x 10″ ($29.95).

The most seasoned anglers are accustomed to having with them a chest always well filled with lures of all kinds. For the small family, it can be very different. Here is Jimmy’s solution to still have what it takes to help you out.

“A great solution to equip yourself at an attractive price: the set of accessories for trout fishing from the company Etic ($59.95) represents a good compromise. There really is everything, either hooks, swivels, spoons, a disgorger if the trout swallows the hook deeply. There are also small pellets. Everything is there. »

It is also necessary to have small tools for use as needed.

“The Rapala combo pack, which contains the line cutter, the pliers, two very useful tools that can be used to cut the line to change the bait or even open the eyelets with the pliers. They are really essential. » ($37.95)


The pandemic has caused several people to discover fishing during a stay in the forest, an activity they did not practice before. Instinctively, when you are on the edge of a body of water, the idea of ​​putting a line in the water quickly comes to mind. Several types of stays can lead us to want to try our luck.

For example, if you are in the Laurentides wildlife reserve, at La Loutre campground, you will be offered the opportunity to fish on lakes specially reserved for campers. On these bodies of water, trout are abundant and let’s say they can bite quite easily.

The reserve can provide some equipment, but if you want to be independent, if you have one of the small equipment that Jimmy Giguère suggested above, it will do.

The principle is simple. These inexpensive little pieces of equipment can be easily stored, taken with you everywhere and allowed you to have fun, without breaking your budget. We must stop believing that to fish, it is necessary to have a big box with a crowd of lures and more, if we want to be successful.

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