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Roncq: Dog owners worried after a spike in ‘kennel cough’ cases

Since mid-July, dog owners have been reporting an illness affecting their dog following visits to the Bois-Leurent dog park. The cause ? Kennel cough, an extremely contagious respiratory disease that some are already hastening to call “the Covid of dogs”. However, it is difficult to determine where the dogs got infected.

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On July 17, on one of the rare sunny days of this summer, Manon decides to walk her dog with a colleague, head to the Bois-Leurent dog park in Roncq. A brief getaway, time to stretch your legs. ” The following week, my dog ​​started coughing and then infected my other dog. “, she confides. One thing leading to another, all the dogs in the family fell ill. At veterinary emergencies, the prognosis is good: kennel cough. ” On Facebook, we saw people who also complained of cases following a visit to the dog park “, she adds. His oldest dog, suffering from comorbidities, must finally be euthanized.

A highly infectious disease

Kennel cough is a particularly contagious diseaseas much as chickenpox in humans », caused simultaneously by several pathogenic agents and which is manifested by a dry cough, which can lead to pneumonia or even, in the most serious cases, to the death of the animal. The intensity as the duration of the disease are also variablesome coughs may persist and some dogs may be asymptomatic. But the disease is far from new: several vaccines even exist against the infection.

“We can’t say if it’s linked to Roncq in particular”

So what happened in Roncq last month? In only two out of five veterinary clinics in the sector that agreed to answer us, an increase in the number of cases has indeed been observed. Like this Tourquenoise clinic where ” oh
n had five to six cases in a month, much more than usual. “. But when asked if there could be a link with the Roncq dog park, the answer is elusive: “ We cannot say if it is linked to Roncq in particular. » « B
many have been to Bois-Leurent. But it is not easy to know where there was contamination “, adds a practitioner of Halluin. At the Molinel clinic in Marcq-en-Barœul, failing to see dogs with the disease, it is above all a vaccination rush that has been observed:People are very worried. »

Analyzes carried out in Roncq

At the Roncq dog area, the municipal police services carried out analyzes. The grass was mowed there, above all to reassure users, the municipality recalling that the disease is transmitted directly, from dog to dog. And also to remember that the preventive treatment for these dogs remains the vaccine as for the Covid “.

To have your dog vaccinated against kennel cough, it is necessary to make an appointment with your veterinarian. It should be noted that the inoculation of the vaccine is chargeable, but that its price varies from one professional to another.

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