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Rescue: 18 surviving horses in Gironde

After weeks of struggle the association Crin Nothing More as well as the Bordeaux SPA won their case to seize 18 horses in critical condition, held in Léognan and Canéjan (33). An investigation is underway on the owners.

It all started when the association Crin Nothing More receives a report from a person who relates the worrying state several horses kept in a pasture of a mother and her daughter. September 18 Éric Martin, president of the association, goes to the place and notices with horror the thinness of the horses who seem to have nothing to eat. When he sees one of the owners he calls out to her and questions her about the health of the horses. ” She told me there was no problem and assured me that the horses were not thin. She also assured me that she had no financial problem. I gave her recommendations concerning the nutrition of horses, in particular on the hay which she did not distribute and on the food supplements which she gave which were too thin to help them gain weight. “, narrates Éric Martin. In addition to the power supply which poses a problem the conditions of detention are more than questionable, ” 16 horses were grouped together in a pasture of 6,000 m2 on dung and earth. I saw a horse do its dung and another eat it behind “, adds the president of the association. No doubt, the horses suffer from a cruel lack of food and water.

The start of the seizure

While discussing with the owners Éric Martin realizes that a month before his arrival, the Bordeaux SPA had come to meet them. ” I called the Bordeaux SPA to suggest that we go to the scene together », adds Eric. On September 23, the two associations return to those concerned. The occupants always certify that they take care of the horses. Following which the SPA gives them 10 days to get up to speed. ” I didn’t want to wait. I filed a complaint on Monday, September 27 “. The steps will be accelerated when the volunteers receive photos of the horses which were at the back of the pasture and which they had not managed to see so far. It is clear the state of extreme thinness of these horses, the seizure must be as fast as possible. Thursday, September 30, volunteers from the SPA and the association Crin Nothing More as well as the Cestas gendarmerie and an expert veterinarian commissioned by the prosecution and the DSG go to the scene to requisition the horses. ” Once there, they found that the mares and foals had been moved elsewhere and the owners would not say where they were. So the gendarmerie gave them until 8 a.m. the next morning to say where the equines were on pain of being taken into custody. “. Finally the owners cooperate and give the address of the rest of the herd which was 6 kilometers from the first place of seizure. Bad surprise, hidden equines were those in the worst condition. The prosecution orders the seizure of all the horses which are, in reality, 18.

Thin horse recovered by the association Ne Crin Plus Rien @DR/Eric Martin

In a state of thinness

The report of the mandated veterinarian is final. The condition of the horses is well below average, they suffer from sand, internal and external parasites, engorgements as well as wounds. A 5 month old foal barely standing and presents the physique of a 10-day-old equine, his mother refusing to breastfeed him. ” NOTOur vet did blood tests for those who were in urgent condition. They are all in significant anemia, with parasitism and a failing immune system (their white blood cells are low and their red blood cells below the minimum), and they suffer from muscle deficiency “explains Eric. Since search of owners located in Canéjan and Léognan, the horses follow a nutritional plan based on food supplements and fibers with hay and grass integrated little by little because the equidae ” hadn’t eaten grass in years “. They also saw the marshal, the dentist and the osteopath to try to put them back on their feet. And good news, the mare who rejected her foal now agrees to breastfeed him and one link is recreated step by step.

Another horse seized @DR/Eric Martin

Case to follow

On the trial side, investigations continue to be carried out. The associations have discovered the pot of roses which is behind this terrible affair. The owners seemed to make reproduction. ” We found that they had bred their mares to breeders. The girl also declared herself to be the bearer of a number of products that we have not found », adds Eric. Waiting for the case is resolved, the horses remain with the association Crin Nothing More, but at the expense of the owners. Well aware that they will not have the means to cover the costs necessary for the hoofing of horses, Eric Martin has launched a kitty to meet their needs.

The owners, on the other hand, incur up to 2 years in prison and a fine of €30,000 as well as a ban on keeping animals.

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