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Quinté+: Santorin for the tourists and Santurin for victory in the Quinté+ of Tuesday May 17 at Saint-Cloud

The starters of Quinté+ of this Tuesday, May 17, 2022.

R1 C1


1 SANTURIN 7 M.FOREST 60.0kg MRS C. BOCSKAI 37.0 44962 €
2 SECRET ISLAND 3 F. VERON 59.5kg M.BRASM (S) 36.5 60980 €
3 LETTYT FIGHT 16 M.BARZALONA 59.5kg S.CERULIS 36.5 102118 €
4 IRISH STREET 13 O.PESLIER 59.5kg HA.PANTALL 36.5 40520 €
5 SPELL 8 T. BACHELOT 59.5kg S.WATTEL (S) 36.5 94854 €
6 GIPSY JET SEVEN 5 C.SOUMILLON 59.0kg C. ESCUDER 36.0 111690 €
8 SALDURO 9 I.MENDIZABAL 59.0kg H.BLUME 36.0 14260 €
9 EL MANIFICO 11 C.DEMURO 58.5kg D.SMAGA 35.5 241060 €
10 IDEAL KING 14 E.HARDOUIN 58.0kg V.LUKA 35.0 45050 €
11 NAISHAN 15 A. LEMAITRE 57.5kg G.ALIMPINISIS 34.5 149659 €
12 REPLENISH 10 G.BENOIST 56.5kg MISS AS.CROMBEZ 33.5 134071 €
13 GOLFING STAR 6 H.BESNIER 56.5kg S.CERULIS 33.5 15450 €
14 BOURDAIN 4 Mr. GUYON 56.0kg P&J.BRANDT (S) 33.0 52190 €
15 GOLDEN 1 L.BOISSEAU 55.0kg FRE.HEAD (S) 32.0 21500 €
16 BENE BENE 12 H. BOUTIN 54.5kg M.BOUTIN (S) 31.5 113090 €

The forces present

Promising in its early youth, SANTURIN (1) then experienced a long slump. His comeback shows him on the right track and he starts in the handicaps at a rather interesting value. From then on, he can transform his first attempt at this level into a masterstroke. ILOT SECRET (2) seems to have turned a corner in recent weeks. Well placed in the starting stalls, it will logically win many votes. THE CHARMER (7) is gaining momentum after a long absence and finds the big handicaps at a very attractive value. Associated with Stéphane Pasquier moreover, he has many assets in his game. last place, and GIPSY JET SEPT (6), which cannot be blamed for much, are all possibilities for places. Essential in such a society, EL MANIFICO (9) cannot be forgotten at the time of choice, in the same way as EN OR (15), whose ultimate performance is encouraging.

Guillaume Luyckx’s prediction

1 2 7 3 4 6 9 15









The starters in detail and the opinion of the pros


Still brand new at the age of 5, this son of Sommerabend is making his handicap debut here. It has some interesting lines and its comeback has been very encouraging. It is a possible revelation at this level.

Mickael Forest, jockey:

“Santurin (1) made a more than satisfactory comeback in a good field. He reassured us after his previous lackluster season. He had shown great abilities in his youth and should, in my opinion, be competitive in 37 value. The course will suit him perfectly and he adapts to the different terrains, unless it rains heavily on D-Day.”


Holder of five places in eight tries in Quinté+, this wait-and-see approach this meeting in full possession of his resources. Well placed in the stalls and very comfortable on good ground, it should not disappoint its supporters.

Mathieu Brasme, coach:

“Ilot Secret (2) appears to be in very good condition. It has just regained its morale by imposing itself pleasantly in the provinces. The line was good the other day and I think he is still competitive despite the penalty. He appreciates Saint-Cloud and I would be disappointed not to see him continue his good run, especially if the ground remains good. »


Absent between 23rd December and 7th April, this winner of Quinté+ was not unworthy during his two warm-up races. Relieved of a kilo since his last performance, he will however have to deal with rope 16. For a place.

Stéphane Cerulis, coach:

“Lettyt Fight (3) didn’t run so badly the other day, despite an unclear route. The number in the stalls doesn’t bother me more than that, because we’ll keep him waiting. I hope he can grab an allowance. »


Author of a sumptuous end of the race in the event of April 2, here, this pupil of Henri-Alex Pantall then had bad luck in the Prix de la Comédie Française. At the end of a clear journey, she can get everyone to agree.

Henri-Alex Pantall, trainer:

“Rue des Irlandais (4) is in good condition and is back on a course on which it has already done well. She probably would have preferred a little softer ground, but we’ll deal with it. »


This pretty gray has just regained its morale at Senonnes, in a modest race with conditions. His weight situation has improved greatly, but he would have preferred a longer distance and a very soft ground. Pros and cons.

Stéphane Wattel, trainer:

“Baratin (5) regained morale by winning easily in the provinces. I shorten the distance because I think it can pay off. Its value is consistent and it can therefore be talked about again in this category. »


Trained in the South-East by Christophe Escuder, this 6-year-old gelding shows great consistency. His form is safe and he will benefit from the support of Christophe Soumillon. Well located in the stalls moreover, it deserves some credit.

Christophe Escuder, trainer:

“Gipsy Jet Seven (6) is in great shape. He has turned a corner since this winter. He is a fairly easy horse that can go forward. He has already won at this level in the past. Back at a weight that makes it competitive, it has everything to make the finish. »


Absent from the programs for nearly a year, this resident of Mikel Delzangles is gradually recovering all his feelings. He finds the handicaps at an interesting value and has inherited a good string number. Associated with “Monsieur Quinté+”, it looks dangerous.

Mikel Delzangles, trainer:

“The Charmer (7) remains on two very good runs in different terrains, which is a good point. This will be its first Quinté+, but on the basis of its performance, it seems capable of performing well from the outset. »


During his first two attempts in Quinté+, this son of Rip Van Winkle deluded himself for places before breaking down in the last 150 meters. Relieved of a kilo, he can get closer to the winning combination. At the end of the trail.

The reporter’s opinion:

“Salduro (8) has lacked sharpness since the start of the year and will have to show some progress to hope to finish at the finish. Printing case. »


After a break, this gelding is gaining momentum, as evidenced by its good end of race in Quinté+ on 21 April. Experienced in this kind of tournament, he has absolutely nothing to envy to his opponents of the day. Good theoretical luck.

Cristian Demuro, jockey:

“El Manifico (9) is an “old servant” who remains regular at this level. You just don’t have to put it in the red in the first few meters. Then he knows how to finish his shopping. If all goes well, he should race for the finish. »


Very pleasant at the end of last year, on the Deauville sand, this wait-and-see was unable to accelerate on the day of his return. He has already succeeded on the Clodoaldian turf, but must above all reassure. Better to just watch him run.

Vaclav Luka, coach:

“I’m trying the adventure on grass and a slightly longer distance with Ideal King (10). To tell the truth, I don’t expect anything special from him, except that he runs well, in a context that is not necessarily ideal for him. »


After a good series of places at this category, this son of Pivotal has disappointed during his last two outings. His mentor fitted him with blinkers this time, but he inherited the 15-rope. Retaining him or not is a matter of impression.

Georgios Alimpinisis, coach:

“Naishan (11) hasn’t raced lately. I thought he had a problem, but the analyzes carried out afterwards turned out to be good. Moreover, his morning jockey, who rides him every day, always finds him in good condition. I’m going to try to put blinders on him to see if his last poor performance was a matter of bad will. I hope for a rehabilitation. »


Better known on the sand, this 9-year-old gelding has just behaved well on the turf of ParisLongchamp, in a less upscale handicap. At this level, it is clear that he is barred by several rivals. At the end of the combination.

Anne-Sophie Crombez, trainer:

“The recent fourth place of Replenish (12) has fully reassured me. He needs freshness at his age to be able to perform. The heat is not necessarily a good point about it. He inherited a good string number for his abilities. If the ground remains good, I hope to see him run well. A place at the end of the combination seems to be in his strings. »


Regular since the beginning of his career, without managing to win, this son of Elusive City should obviously not be judged on his last race. Nevertheless, he tackles the strongest part and could prove to be a little tender against such seasoned horses.

Stéphane Cerulis, trainer:

“Golfing Star (13) was flawless until his last outing, when his jockey stopped him on suspicion of a broken bone. Finally, he is fine. I would have preferred to see him at the top of the lower handicap table, but he is still capable of taking a place, even if the distance may prove to be the end of the world for him. »


Passed by the races to claim, this good finisher made a success of his return in the handicaps on the hippodrome of Châteaubriant (2nd). He appreciates good ground and will be associated with the euphoric Maxime Guyon. Therefore, is not out of business.

Joakim Brandt, coach:

“Bourdain (14) has just run well, while being brilliant, and was narrowly beaten. It seems quite competitive at its value. He climbs behind the leaders and enters this meeting in great shape. The course will suit him, as will the good ground, hoping that it won’t rain by then. »


Taken note on the day of his return, this representative of Freddy Head confirmed his rise in power in the event of April 18 (4th). It is shortened, but has already succeeded in this kind of distance. It should be kept in good standing.

Freddy Head, trainer:

“En Or (15) provided good value the other day at this course, but on a bit of sticky ground, which is not ideal for his skills. In addition, he had been somewhat upset entering the straight. As the distance of 2,100 meters is a bit short for him, I hope for a rhythmic race. If so, I believe he can finish in the top five. »


Confirmed on the Saint-Cloud racecourse, this experienced horse has also proven its competitiveness in the big handicaps. He is indifferent to the state of the field and approaches this meeting in top form. One possibility among others.

The Reporter’s opinion:

“Trained by Mathieu Boutin, Bene Bene (16) likes Saint-Cloud, a racecourse on which he has many good performances. Competitive in Quinté+, it is one of the many possibilities. »

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