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Proptech GRIDKY raises €4 million » PACA’s economic and political newsletter

The proptech GRIDKY raises 4 million € to put its revolutionary big data solution at the service of real estate investment.

Proptech GRIDKY raises 4 million euros

Founded in 2019, the Proptech GRIDKY carries out its first fundraising with the VILAVI Group (formerly ASSU 2000 Group).
The startup has successfully developed a digital platform for comparing and aggregating new real estate for professionals in the sector and for individuals wishing to identify the best purchasing opportunities.
The GRIDKY solution offers the widest offer on the market with more than 35,000 referenced properties. It multiplied its number of users by 12 and its recurring revenue by 6 in 2021 alone.
The purpose of this fundraising is to finance the acceleration of the commercialization of the platform, to continue R&D, to develop new products to complete the range of services offered to its customers, and to strengthen the sales and marketing teams (15 recruitments planned). Thanks to this capital increase, GRIDKY intends to establish itself as an essential tool for individuals who wish to invest and real estate professionals who are looking for better market clarity.

GRIDKY, French proptech at the origin of the first intelligent comparator of new properties for asset managers, banks, or even brokers, carries out a funding round of 4 million euros with the VILAVI Group (formerly ASSU 2000 Group ). These new investors are now supporting GRIDKY in its ambition: to facilitate the purchase of real estate thanks to intelligent data modeling, making it possible to find the best investment.
At the end of a process orchestrated by the investment bank of PAX Corporate Finance, GRIDKY and the VILAVI Group were convinced of the mutual interest of this merger, beyond the simple financial contribution, allowing the latter to grant a minority position by carrying out a capital increase of €4 million.

“Choosing the VILAVI Group to support our growth was a natural choice as the best solution to ensure our independence in order to continue to serve all real estate investment professionals. GRIDKY is building the reference technological platform to facilitate the distribution of all developers, and to allow CGPs, real estate advisers and agents, brokers to sell the best of new real estate as simply as possible”, vscomments Mathieu Morio, CEO and co-founder of GRIDKY.

“Following the example of its expertise acquired in the Mobility Universe, the VILAVI Group has decided to accelerate the deployment of a complete range of financial services and products around the Housing Universe, image of the One Stop Shop, a universe in which it was already present through its credit brokerage activities. Our strengthened collaboration with GRIDKY, thanks to this capital investment, will quite naturally allow us to offer a more complete offer for those who are property owners or who wish to become one (whether to reside there, to invest , or to embellish and improve an existing property). Our ambition is to become the leading broker in the Housing Universe serving individuals. We are convinced that GRIDKY offers an innovative and differentiating value offer, far superior to what currently exists on the market”, hasconfirms David Guyonnet, Deputy CEO of VILAVI

At the origin of GRIDKY, an observation: no real estate comparator uses big data!

Starting from the observation that the potential of big data is absolutely not exploited in the real estate sector, Mathieu Morio interweaves his passion for innovation and entrepreneurship at the heart of the creation of GRIDKY: the first tool that allows you to make a pragmatic choice regarding an investment. Now, GRIDKY is the only platform connected in real time to the stocks available at more than 150 promoters. The business model is based on several sources of income: subscription to the platform, commissions collected on sales made and finally the sale of leads.


Founded in 2019 by Mathieu Morio and 4 other real estate expert associates, GRIDKY has developed the first smart comparator for new properties for asset managers, banks and even brokers. This digital and intelligent solution allows them to compare and score properties, simulate investments and finally build a commercial proposal adapted to their customers. GRIDKY now offers the widest offer on the market with more than 35,000 listed properties. The startup is also the only platform connected in real time to stocks available from more than 150 promoters.

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About the VILAVI Group

Created in 1975 to make insurance solutions accessible to those who have been excluded from it, VILAVI (formerly Groupe ASSU 2000), is made up of 11 brands specializing in insurance and credit brokerage and in wealth management ( Assu 2000, Euroassurance, Assuréo, Maxance, profirst, Vousfinancer, abcourtage,, Brookeo, Cheval Blanc Patrimoine, Kaliz). With 1,800 employees and 163 million euros in turnover, VILAVI is the leading expert broker in insurance and credit dedicated to individuals in France. Its mission: to make effective and responsible solutions available to everyone to protect everyday life and make life plans with complete peace of mind.

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