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Prix ​​Romati (Gr.3): a “Gran Diose” victory for partners Frédéric Hinderzé and Luc Monnet

Trained near Senonnes (53) by the formidable Louisa Carberry, the sculptural Gran Diose once again displayed his talent this Thursday, May 05, over the big obstacles of Compiègne, having won the Prix Romati head and shoulders under the saddle of James Reveley, thus offering a first Gr.3 victory together to its lucky owners and breeders, Frédéric Hinderzé and Luc Monnet.

Gran Diose, the winner of the Prix Romati (Gr.3), 2022 edition at Compiègne, with around him Philip & Louisa Carberry, the essential Jimmy Guilleux, James Reveley, Frédéric Hinderzé and his son, and Dominique Boeuf. All that is missing is his other breeder-owner, Luc Monnet, for the photo to become pure and perfect (© APRH)

Gran Diose. Here is one that has all but stolen its name. Indeed, this adjective is perfectly suited to define this son of Plantertrained near Senonnes-Pouancé (53) by the talented and friendly Louisa Carberry. Physically speaking first of all, because this handsome and kind lascar, bay without an ounce of white, still exceeds 1m80 by the fathom… Like his faithful partner moreover, James Reveleywith whom he won his finest titles, and in particular the Prix Romati (Gr.3), contested this Thursday, May 5th over the big obstacles of Compiègne.

Gran Diose and Kolina Has, jumping together the last difficulty of the Prix Romati (Gr.3) this Thursday, May 05, 2022, in Compiègne (© APRH)

Immediately at the forefront, Gran Diose was able to “padlock” the event, leading as he pleased, before asking to take a breather in the final bend, thus being joined by Kolina Has (Holy of Holies) and The Dance (Masked Marvel) to emerge in the home straight. The protege of Louisa Carberry then resumed a start as soon as the last hurdle was crossed, engaging in a lively tussle with Kolina Has from which he finally emerged victorious, by only one length, but with confidence. Kolina Has therefore finished second, just ahead of La Danza, who completed the podium in this event, still seven and a half lengths further back.

Louisa and Philip Carberry, overjoyed after the victory of their protege Gran Diose in the Prix Romati (Gr.3), over the steeplechase of Compiègne (© APRH)

Resulting therefore from the works of Planteur and from a mother by walk in the park, Noanoadouble winner at Auteuil and herself by Vavea, third in a Prix Iena (L.), Gran Diose has finished silver in twelve of his fourteen outings to date, including five times on the top step of the podium. Three of these successes took place at Auteuil, in the Prix Lilium, de Penthièvre and Jean Laumain, and two others at Compiègne, in the Prix Solitaire (L.) and therefore Romati (Gr.3). So many pinned victories each time under the same saddle of the very fit James ReveleyGolden Whip of the 2021 obstacle jockeys (currently in the lead for that of 2022, editor’s note), author of a two-shot this Thursday, May 05 in Compiègne.

Planter, the father of Gran Diose, now stationed in England, at Chapel Stud (CLICK HERE TO READ THE ARTICLE ABOUT IT)

But in addition to his physique and his performances, Gran Diose is also sublime because of the beautiful story that he brings to life, together, for his breeders and owners. Frederic Hinderze first of all, President of a construction group (Harmonie, editor’s note) and amateur show jumping rider who goes out regularly in CSI3* (in particular with Dominique Beefformer star jockey), and Luc Monetknown for a long time in the world of racing, in particular thanks to the brave Doudorwinner among others of a Listed (Grosser Preis der Schweiz) on the steeplechase of Aarau, in Switzerland, for the same training of Louisa Carberry.

Gran Diose, after his victory at the end of March in the Prix Solitaire (L.) on this same Compiègne racecourse, with his two breeder-owners on both sides: Frédéric Hinderzé on the left and Luc Monnet on the right (© APRH)

Two great horse enthusiasts, who hardly knew each other at first, but whom a good dinner and, no doubt, a bottle or two of wine – red, of course – led to join in the ownership of a racehorse ten years ago. The first success of their association was also obtained thanks to Noanoa, the mother of Gran Diose, winning outing, as stated above, of two races on the “brooms” of Auteuil, under the rule ofOlivier Regley. Now a broodmare, stationed in Mayenne at Didier Blot (the man of Group winners trueshan and Cup of Champeditor’s note), Noanoa has another of its products, Poodlealso in training with Louisa Carberryand which also won at the end of March over the Angers steeplechase.

Gran Diose, a big jumper in size… but also in talent! (© APRH)

Leaving, once again, a very good impression on the big obstacles of Le Putois, Gran Diose continues to push back his limits, especially in terms of distance, and continues to make his entourage dream a little more who, moreover, see themselves try the adventure of Cheltenham with him, in the more or less near future. Why not after all ? Because it would not be the first “FR” to shine there under the rule of an English fitter… even if the latter is installed, and firmly installed, in the heart of Mayenne, in Senonnes-Pouancé!


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