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Private Markets – Reglo raises 1.8 million euros and launches its insect croquettes at Monoprix.

Conducted with experts in e-commerce, retail and petcare, more than 20 business angels participated in the fundraising, including other French champions of responsible consumption, among others the founders of Castalie, Greenweez or even Quentin Le Brouster, CTO of Backmarket.

The investment is established in a buoyant sector, the pet food market in France approaching 5 billion euros in 2020. The start-up launched in 2020 has also had a dazzling start, selling 130 tonnes of kibble for dogs during its 1st full year of operation (in 2021), before the arrival the following year of cat food. Made in France with a majority of local ingredients, these perfectly meet the nutritional needs of our carnivorous companions. The two founding brothers were able to place their concern for offering a responsible alternative to the consumption of meat products from domestic animals at the service of a society that is increasingly concerned about ecology and animal well-being.

Insect-based proteins are indeed one of the innovations needed to reduce the environmental impact caused by the consumption of meat by domestic animals. Indeed, to feed 7.4 million dogs and 13.2 million cats, French manufacturers use 400,000 tonnes of animal by-products each year. Insects are therefore positioned as a new source of complete and sustainable proteins. With Reglo, a Labrador avoids consuming 66 kilos of meat in one year, and thus nearly a million liters of water and 1,774 kilos of CO2. “We have really integrated ecological issues into the design of our products. Our only goal is to provide the best food possible, without supporting the meat industry or harming the planet. Insect protein-based kibbles are the only ecological and sustainable alternative adapted to the digestive system of carnivorous animals. » insist Basile and Maxime Laigre, the founders.

Sustainable horizon – Reglo launches at Monoprix.

The brand, whose name is beginning to resonate, aims to perpetuate its strong growth with the help of fundraising. While it was available exclusively for direct sale online, it will be distributed this year in Monoprix stores, becoming the first brand of insect protein to be available on the shelves of the brand.

Reglo is now aiming to complete its range and deploy it in garden centers and pet shops. This development is accompanied by the search for new profiles to complete the team of six employees who will continue to innovate within the HEC incubator in Paris.

A relocation for 100% French production: Innovafeed as a partner.

On the strength of its first successes on the French market and despite numerous requests, the brand does not aim to export to the 4 corners of the world to date. The locally committed company prefers to anchor itself in the domestic market. Half of the supplies are already made on national soil. And the brand is looking for new tricolor suppliers to diversify its supplies, a wise decision in view of the current turmoil in the economy.

Historically sourcing its proteins from Protix, a Dutch pioneer in the insect industry, Reglo has just signed with Innovafeed. A flagship of the industry, the company is a leader in rearing black soldier fly larvae in France, with its first full-scale production site located in Nesle in Hauts-de-France. This new supply partnership will allow the brand of insect croquettes to obtain its raw material directly on French territory and to pursue its commitments.

“We want to participate in the relocation of production to French soil while offering absolute transparency regarding the place of origin of our ingredients. This helps to establish a very healthy relationship of trust between us, the producers, and our customers who wish to get involved. Many of them talk about our initiative around them, something they would never have done before for a dog or cat food brand. » guarantee Basile and Maxime, founders of Reglo.

If entrepreneurs such as Romain Afflelou via the AASons fund, Julien Sylvain from Tediber or Laurent de la Clergerie from LDLC support the initiative and invest in it, there is no doubt that Reglo and its insect protein-based croquettes represent a future for the feeding pets happy to do something for the planet.


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