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Pick from these 10 Christmas gift ideas for dogs or cats!

You know that Santa Claus descends from the sky to distribute his gifts by the thousands… but you may not have known that these gifts are not only intended for humans! Your four-legged friends also have the right to their little end-of-year reward. Dog or cat: discover our gift ideas to delight or delight your Christmas pet.

What type of gift should I give my dog ​​or cat at Christmas?

It exists several categories of gifts for your pets at Christmas:

  • The gourmet gifts : treats, sweets and other culinary pleasures for our little animals;
  • The entertainment gifts : ball, canary, laser… any game likely to make your dog run or drive your cat crazy for a few hours;
  • The functional gifts : brand new necklace, fluffy basket or how to make life even sweeter for him by improving his comfort;
  • The double whammy gifts : for the animal but also for its master!

It’s up to you to determine if your pet needs something in particular or if you just want to please him!

Warning: chocolate is not a delicacy suitable for dogs and cats, it is even very dangerous for their health!

By taking into account these different desired effects, find our list of feline/canine gifts for Santa Claus :

A personalized bowl

It has been lying around for years in the kitchen, it has lost its color and is even sometimes broken as your dog or cat throws itself on it voraciously… And if you offer it a new personalized bowl ? In his name or with unique patternsyou have carte blanche to make each meal a real party!

An Advent calendar

It’s the best way to spoil your pet as you go. Are you afraid of falling into kitsch? Have no more fear, Advent calendars for dogs or cats are now the most aesthetic thing to dress up your interior and accompany your Christmas tree as the holidays approach! In the form of small linen bags containing organic kibble or more traditional illustrated cardboard squares: they will fulfill their mission perfectly by pleasing your animal daily until the surprise of December 24! In short, they are chic, sober and greedy.

The special Christmas ball for dogs and cats

Transparent to better show off its precious secret: the treats that will soon delight your mustachioed friends! It’s a original gift idea for your dog or cat at Christmas. Hang it on the tree or hang it on your furniture until D-Day!

A quality scratcher

Since he was little, you have noticed that your cat likes, for your greatest pleasure, to claw and scratch carpets, sofas and even walls… If he did it initially to mark his territory and deposit pheromones in order to to have landmarks within the home, your cat has surely kept this habit, difficult to get rid of, to file its claws, stretch and relax. So that he continues to do so without scruples and without provoking your most strident cries of distress, why not offer him a quirky scratching post? Wall-mounted in the shape of a cat, on the ground in corrugated cardboard, imitation of a laptop or a cactus… there are many models for satisfy your cat at Christmas without skipping the interior decoration side !

dog cat christmas gift

A soothing basket, cushion or mattress

If you appreciate that your animal comes to tease you, you still like that he rests and lets you go about your business… or your sleep! So that he gains in health and postpones a visit to the vet as much as possible, give him total rest the year to come! With a basket, mattress or soothing pillow, he will be relaxed like never before. Created in partnership with canine behaviorists, these objects are designed to improve head and neck supportresist various bites, scratches and bacteria or viruses through the use of a single natural fiber. Special mention for the hammocks to hang on the radiators, favorite places in the world of our feline friends, even more so as the cold weather of Christmas approaches!

A noisy ball or stuffed animal

It’s a classic toy but which always has its effect even for Christmas, especially with youngest animals. Stuffed animals specifically created for the end-of-year celebrations will surely convince you: Santa Claus, reindeer, log or even the elf with bells, abound in physical stores or online!

Armchair or rocking chair with space for the dog or the cat

In the family of gifts that appeal to master and animal we named the two-function furniture ! Do you dream of a rocking chair but you don’t want to leave your doggie or tomcat on the sidewalk? Say no more, your companion will be able to assist you in your moment of relaxation and rocking, nestling at your feet thanks to models designed especially for this purpose! Lounge chairs are also available on the same model, to fully integrate your cat or dog into the family lifestyle.

A playhouse… made of cardboard

It is well known that cats love to play with the packaging of their toys. Cardboard boxes and boxes are their best friends, curling up inside them is their favorite pastime! To make people happy, why not opt ​​for this Christmas gift idea: a cardboard cat house! With different corners to play or sleep in, we’re sure he’ll spend a lot of time in his castle.

A Doga lesson

A contraction of “Dog” and “Yoga”, Doga will become your new favorite activity! Open your chakras in the company of your friend of all stripes is a fashion that continues to grow in the United States and which converts more and more people in France. Why not take a class with your pet? Sporting and spiritual activityit is also a good way to strengthen the bond between you and your dog … and a Christmas gift you probably hadn’t thought of before!

dog christmas gift

Walking accessories

Because you have to walk it every day, whether it’s snowing, windy, raining, you might as well make this time with your dog (even) more pleasant and practical! In order to locate your pet at night, why not offer him a necklace with LED bulbs? Or bring a original paper bag dispenserto pick up his necessities? No doubt, for the Christmas present for your little animals, the case is in the bag!

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