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Perpignan: hell continues for the residents of Les Oiseaux housed in the ruins of a dump, stigmata of five years of drug trafficking

Housed in the ruins of a dump, scars of five terrible years plagued by drugs, the inhabitants of the Résidence Les Oiseaux in Perpignan are at their wit’s end. If drug trafficking has moved, initiated in 2020 by the State, the Urban Community and the City of Perpignan, the plan to safeguard the condominium “is still at a standstill” denounce exasperated tenants and owners.

Hunted since June 2021 by the national and municipal police constantly on the lookout, the gang of Bird dealers has moved its nest to the Diaz city. But, he left behind him an immense despair. A total disarray to replace the fear inflicted on the neighborhood by the band of thugs, for five long years.

The thirteen buildings that house 150 apartments are “in such a state of disrepair that the only new tenants who agree to settle there are undesirable people everywhere else including in the park of the Offfice HLM, because they have no mandatory reference to renting. But above all , they don’t respect community life, nothing. They even throw all their trash cans out the window, it’s lamentable“, testifies the judicial administrator of the residence.

The concern of the building complex, once pretty and well maintained, is that it now brings together humble lessor co-owners who no longer have the means to renovate their devastated properties. “We can’t blame them, it’s not their fault, moreover a backup plan was decided in 2020 to help them, but things are dragging on.”regrets the representative of poor families.

Building number 1 razed in the next few weeks?

Funded by the State, the Perpignan Méditerranée Urban Community and the City of Perpignan, up to “a few million euros”the operation must allow the rehabilitation of buildings, the replacement of doors, mailboxes, intercoms, the repair of entrance halls as well as structural work on structures, the repair of infiltrations in the roof terrace, the recovery of parking lots… “In short, everything that has been damaged in common areas by thugs”, he summarizes. Everything except building number one, the historic headquarters of the “oven”, a former narcotics supermarket with drive-thru as a bonus, walled up after a municipal insalubrity decree issued in 2018.

This building located in front of boulevard Desnoyés should “to be shaved”, announce residents. Rumor or reality? “Mayor Louis Aliot’s chief of staff, whom I met last November, then during the general meeting of co-owners on January 4, 2022, was in favor of the demolition project”, assures the judicial administrator. He considers it essential to dismantle the building to give clarity to the residence and prevent “ill-intentioned people recreate a deal point out of sight”.

However, for three monthsand while the backup plan was being finalized we were promised, no more news”worries the judicial trustee who revived this week the prefect Etienne Stoskopf and the mayor RN Louis Aliot. “The demolition of building No. 1 is the challenge for the coming weeks. This is the scenario we have chosen, associated with a requalification of the road system, but we must first organize the round table between the Urban Community , the State and us to find out who pays what and who compensates the fifteen co-owners concerned”raises the entourage of Louis Aliot, confirming the urgency of a rapid meeting with the services of the prefecture.

Apartments put up for auction between 15 and 20,000 euros

Until then, the few traffickers who attempt a return to Les Oiseaux immediately have their wings cut off. “The municipal police intervene 24 hours a day, seven days a week, on the simple phone call of a resident, they are extremely efficient, the traffic cannot return”, attests the administrator who continues to auction the apartments of debtor owners. Priced between 15 and 20,000 euros. “We are well below the average price per square meter in Perpignan, but if the backup plan works and the residence regains some of its luster, they will regain value.” The Birds chirp with impatience.

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