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[Pêche] dormants. The South Axonais duo Rodriguez / Gilly wins the 48H Recreational Carp Meeting

Vivien Rodriguez and Alexandre Gilly, two South Axonais from around Château-Thierry, won the 48-hour leisure carp meeting on Saturday May 28, also called Enduro carp, organized by the AAPPMA La Vandoise (approved association for fishing and the aquatic).

Placed at fishing station n°1, the duo shot 63kg680 of carp for six catches: two “white love” carp, two “common” carp

and two “mirror” carp.

The two young carp anglers also made the first catch. “It was barely 7 p.m. on Ascension Thursday, after five o’clock

fishing. The carp weighed 6kg700. » explains Vivien Rodriguez.

48 hours of uninterrupted fishing

The meeting took place on the left bank of the Marne river between Dormans and Courthiézy, from PK 26.00 to PK 29.200. Twelve teams, including a mixed one, of two fishermen equipped with two rods each took possession of the fishing stations at the end of a draw, Thursday May 26 at 2 p.m., to leave them on Saturday May 28 at 2 p.m. after 48 hours of uninterrupted fishing.

All the carp anglers wanted to salute the organization of the event masterfully concocted by the volunteers of La Vandoise

under the leadership of their president Pierre Laurier. The 48-hour leisure carp meeting was the first edition sponsored by the dormaniste association.

“We had a great time, points out Vivien Rodriguez.
We had a good laugh and caught some fish. We succeeded

to be won with a little luck in the draw for fishing stations. We are satisfied with the meeting and thank the fishing company La Vandoise. »

9 “hood” teams

Of the twelve teams present, nine unfortunately made a “hood”. As a result, the release of the final classification was quick.

The Clément Tellier / Matthieu Grandin duo finished second with 31kg980 (two carp). The Romain Bonjean / Frédérique Haineaux duo therefore takes third place with 8kg780.

The only female present, the Rémoise Coralie Michaux, was rewarded for her participation. Biggest Catch Returns

to Matthieu Grandin with a “common” carp of 19kg.

At the end of the meeting, each carp angler left with a participation prize offered by La Vandoise. The prizes were drawn there too

randomly after validation of the fishermen. “For this first edition, we bought lots worth 3100 euros, says the president

of the AAPPMA Pierre Laurier. These are beautiful batches of players in the carp fishing sector, such as Nash in particular. »

Good humor and friendliness

This first edition of non-stop fishing brought together carp anglers from the region but also from a little further afield, such as Noël and Gus, 76 years old on his own, who came down with their poles from Avesnois in the Hauts-de- France. This territory nicknamed the “little Switzerland of the North” extends from the banks of the Sambre to the foothills of the Ardennes, passing through Thiérache.

“I’ve been fishing here for 30 years.confides Noel. I knew people from the Port-à-Binson area [commune située à 9km de
Dormans] who made me discover the region and a friend from the North moved to the department of Marne. I know Pierre, Paul, Jacques and the Marne, it’s great! We have friends from the Marne, “little grandpas”, who come to visit us because we’ve known them for a while. This is our first Enduro on this river. We are happy with the creation of this event and

moreover, we were well received by the association La Vandoise. »

President Pierre Laurier also showed his satisfaction. The first edition was a success thanks in particular to the date chosen.

“If we had done the Enduro a fortnight or three weeks later, the anglers might not have caught any fish at all, because

the carp would be brought up to the Vandières dam, explains Pierre Laurier.
Most of the fish were caught in the first sector

Enduro, where the carp usually come to spawn. The fish stayed put. The carp anglers therefore caught the fish. »

Taking precedence over the competition, the good humor of the teams and the conviviality were part of this event which allowed

to bring together fishing enthusiasts on a magnificent site in the Marne Valley.

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