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origin and characteristics of the most majestic races

The Akhal-Teke

The Akhal-Teke is a breed of horse originating from Central Asia. From now on, it is located in present-day Turkmenistan and northern Iran. Very fast, it is also extremely enduring, robust and sober. It is best known for its dress with golden highlights.


The Anglo-Arabian is a breed of warm-blooded saddle horse, developed in England, Russia and France. This horse is the crossing of a Thoroughbred with an Arabian horse. He is characterized by his paces, his lightness, his address, his courage and his strong personality.

Miniature Horse

A miniature horse is a type of horse found in Europe and the Americas. Miniature horses are the size of the smallest ponies. If they are sometimes trained to help people, outdoor life is the only one that suits them. Rustic, they live longer on average than blood horses.

The Norman Cob

The Norman Cob is a “dual purpose” breed of coachwork horse. Of medium size, the Norman Cob is a harmonious horse with a bay, chestnut or black brown coat, often marked with white. It is very pleasant to ride and adapts to most equestrian disciplines.

The Criollo

The Criollo is a breed of small horse originating from South America. The Argentinian criollo, the best known, has made a good reputation in polo matches. Although widespread in South America, the breed is little known in the rest of the world.

The Falabella

The Falabella is a breed of miniature horse, the result of voluntary crosses between various horses and ponies, including Shetlands, Criollo and Thoroughbreds. Like all miniature horse breeds, it is often considered a pet. But he must live outside, like all horses.

The Fjord

The Fjord, Fjording or Fjordhest, is a breed of small horse from Norway. The Fjord is considered very pure, descending from primitive Asian horses that arrived in Norway from the East. Thanks to its dress, the mullet stripe and the welts on the limbs, and its two-tone mane generally cut in a brush, the Fjord can be recognized very easily.

The Frisian

The Friesian is a breed of saddle and draft horse originating from the Netherlands. He always wears a black robe, hence his nickname, “the black pearl”. This horse is threatened with extinction and is now protected. He is very popular for the show and the cinema because of his great elegance, his dress and his head carriage.

The Kwpn

KWPNs, also called Dutch Warmbloods, are sport horses resulting from crosses between Gelderland, Groningen and Thoroughbreds, also crossed with French and German horses. He is one of the most successful horses in equestrian sports at a high level, more particularly in show jumping.

The Lipizzaner

The Lipizzaner is a breed of horse originating from Slovenia. She was threatened with extinction during the Second World War. Their dress, bay or black at birth, gradually lightens to become a very light gray which can be confused with white. They show many qualities in dressage.

The Mustang

The Mustang is a wild horse of the American Northwest. They descend from Spanish horses brought by the conquistadors during the conquest of America. They live in herds and are known to be resilient. These are horses that we associate with the territories of the great American West and with the western in general.

The Paint Horse

Paint Horses are medium sized horses. They are very calm but have a great character! It can be used for dressage, jumping, hitching or even aerobatics. Docile, he is also very intelligent, which makes him a versatile horse.

The Percheron

The Percheron is the best known of the French horse breeds. Reputed to be docile, it wears a gray or black dress. It is often found in recreational driving and for hauling activities. French breeders often try to make his model a little sportier.

Arabian thoroughbred

The Purebred Arabian horse originated in the Middle East. It is very easily identifiable thanks to its head and its tail carriage. It is one of the oldest breeds and is often considered one of the most beautiful horses in the world. It is often used to obtain sportier horse crossbreeds.

The Thoroughbred

The Thoroughbred is one of the most common breeds, and they are often found in gallop races at racetracks. They can, however, distinguish themselves in other equestrian disciplines such as show jumping, eventing, dressage and polo.

The Purebred Spanish

The Purebred Spanish is also called Andalusian. His dress is often gray and he has a long wavy mane. The Spanish Purebred is sought after for competitive dressage up to the highest level. He is often used as a mount in the cinema, because his good temperament makes him easy to train.

The Quarter Horse

The Quarter horse is a breed originating from the United States. It is the most common breed in the world, and like the Mustang, it is often associated with the world of westerns and cowboys.

The Shire

The Shire is a breed of British draft horse originating in central England. Very tall (he is the tallest horse in the world), but gentle as a lamb, he is nicknamed “The gentle giant”. It is recognized by its abundant baleen. Its membership is quite small but it has great popularity.


The Shetland is a breed of British pony originating in the North of Scotland. It is one of the smallest horses in the world. Its small size and massive body make it a robust animal, which was very popular for descending into the mining installations of the time. Today it is highly valued for basic riding.

The Tinker

The Tinker is a cob-type horse breed from the British Isles. It is recognizable by its long, abundant and wavy hair, very thick baleen, its piebald coat, its raised head carriage.

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