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Oman Cruise | 9 days

Your ship – theElysium – designed for 44 passengers, looks like an owner’s yacht, elegant and friendly. On board, you will sail in the wake of Sinbad the sailor, at the crossroads of the oldest trade routes between Asia, East Africa and Europe, where horses, salt, incense, amber and slaves. Permanence of history, immutability of time, acceleration due to black gold; ocher cliffs, vertiginous wadis and lazy dhows: this cruise Figaro will make you discover the most remarkable sites of Oman, sentinel of the Arabo-Persian Gulf. A country marked by Islam, but deeply attached to an original culture and proud of its tradition of hospitality. There are no vertiginous towers or luxurious air-conditioned malls here: this sultanate, which the Persians and the Portuguese were unable to subjugate, expresses its pride in the powerful castles of the Yaroubid sultans and the eternal contours of its low, white towns. Located at the gates of the Rub al-Khali desert, the legendary “Empty Quarter” crossed by the explorer Wilfred Thesiger, Oman will dazzle you with its history and natural beauty. You will stroll on the Mutrah ledge before swimming in the sumptuous “fjords” of Musandam. You will appreciate the freshness of the wadis and cross the Jebel Akhdar. You will discover the legendary souk of Nizwa and the classified archipelago of the Daymaniyat Islands. A fascinating journey to the most beautiful crossroads of the ancient world.

Cruise in Oman



Upon arrival, you will set off to explore the capital of the Sultanate of Oman. Your French-speaking guide will tell you about its history, which dates back to Antiquity. You will discover, surrounded by delightful gardens, the majestic mosque of Sultan Qaboos*, built in sandstone and marble, known to house the largest handmade Persian carpet and the largest chandelier in the world made of Swarovski crystals. The stained glass windows were made in France. You will continue with the Royal Opera and a photo stop at Al Alam Palace, the Sultan’s official residence.

After admiring the Portuguese forts Al Jalali and Al Mirani, perched on the rocks overlooking the port of Muscat, you will visit the private Bait Al Zubair museum. Located in the old town of Muscat, this beautiful traditional house, which belonged to a powerful local family, is renowned for its collection of ancient costumes, weapons and jewelry. Finally, you will take a stroll through the Mutrah Souq, one of the oldest markets in Oman. You will have lunch at a local restaurant before boarding and settling on board theElysium .

Start sailing to Musandam. Dinner and overnight on board. * Appropriate attire (arms and legs covered; headscarf for women) is required at the entrance to mosques in Oman, where you must take off your shoes.


You will arrive early in the morning in Sohar – the city of Sinbad the sailor, hero of the Thousand and one Night –, famous since the 12th century for its copper ore, which was shipped to Mesopotamia. Sohar is proud of an illustrious past: a thousand years ago, it was the largest city in the country that it embodied in its entirety. After disembarkation of passengers for the excursion, the boat will continue its navigation to Shinas.

You will visit the city, its souk, its fish market, the mosque and you will admire the fort of Sohar. You will have lunch there before continuing by 4×4 to Wadi Hibi, 80 km away. This magnificent road winds between mountains and date palms to a lush valley of the Western Hajar, nestled in its river bed.

You will then continue to the port of Shinas where you will find your boat, which will resume its navigation towards Musandam. Dinner and overnight on board.


Here you are in the Strait of Hormuz in Kumzar, the northernmost village in Oman, and also one of the most isolated since it is only accessible by boat. Moreover, its inhabitants speak Kumzari which is an Iranian language. You will enjoy the clear waters and the impressive scenery for a swimming stop and a fish barbecue.

In the early afternoon, you will continue your navigation through the fjords (khwar) to reach Khasab in the afternoon, the small “capital” (20,000 souls) of Musandam. After a short visit of the city, the fort, the port, the archaeological village of Qadah with its rock drawings, you will continue along the coastal road to Bukha. The journey of about an hour reveals spectacular landscapes of wild beauty. Dinner and musical evening on board. Night at the quay.

Cruise in Oman


Full day stopover in Khasab. You will reach the port on a traditional local covered boat (dhow or dhow), for a discovery cruise among the most beautiful fjords of the Musandam peninsula. You will see secret coves, small fishing villages and the tiny Telegraph Island, where once stood a relay for the telegraph line that linked London to Karachi, via Basra in Iraq. A station that only operated for five years, no one wanting to live on this desolate confetti. No doubt you will see dolphins during your dhow ride. You will stop for a swim and a bit of diving for amateurs (masks and snorkels available on board).

After lunch on the boat, you will return to Khasab port in the afternoon. Back toElysium, for a traditional Omani evening. Night at the quay.

Cruise in Oman


You will leave Khasab early in the morning to resume navigation. You will drive along the west coast of Musandam passing through Kumzar and then through the fjords on the east coast. You will enjoy the ideal temperature of the clear waters of the Gulf of Oman, before lunch on board. Afternoon and night sailing towards Al Suwaiq.

Cruise in Oman


You will arrive in the morning at Al Suwaiq. After disembarking the passengers, the boat will depart for Sawadi Sands (Sawadi Beach).

Day of discovery of the prosperous region of Batinah, the granary of the country which has always been the object of covetousness and has suffered an incalculable number of invasions. In fact, the forts and citadels represent a remarkable feature of its heritage: almost every village has its own defensive work. You will visit Al Suwaiq Castle (also called “Suwaiq Fort”) and you will be able to photograph Al Hazm Fort (1711), one of the most beautiful in the Sultanate of Oman, with its roofs supported by large columns and high walls. You will continue to Al Kasfah, a set of natural water springs whose temperature can reach 45°C. The water is divided into several courses intended to irrigate the orchards. You will stop in front of Nakhal Fort, at the foot of a palm grove, offering a superb view of the foothills of Mount Hajar. Built in the 16th century on a rocky hill, it is certainly the most impressive in the country.

The journey will end on a high note with a visit to Bait Al Ghasham, a house more than two hundred years old, which bears the name of a former minister of Sultan Taimur bin Feisal. He lived there with his family, then generations of the Omani royal family of the Al Busaidi dynasty succeeded him. Bait Al Ghasham houses a museum and offers visitors local dishes, cooked by a village family. After lunch, accompanied by traditional musical instruments, you will take the road to Al Sawadi where you will board your boat. A swim is planned in the peaceful nature reserve of the Daymaniyat Islands, nicknamed “the Maldives of the Middle East”. After dinner, the ship will leave Al Sawadi beach for Muscat. Late evening arrival in Muscat. Night at the quay.

Cruise in Oman


Full day stopover in Muscat. You will depart south of Nizwa, which holds a special place in the hearts of Omanis. It was the capital of the sultanate in the 5th and 7th centuries and one of the first cities in the country to convert to Islam. Its Shawadina and Sa’al mosques, built in 623 and 629, are among the oldest in the Muslim world. You will visit the souk, a real institution for hundreds of years, which offers Omani daggers, silverware, livestock, vegetables, but also local crafts and traditional desserts. Your off-road vehicles will then take you to the mountains of Jebel Akhdar, the green mountain. This immense massif extends over more than 1,800 km2 and several peaks culminate at 3,050 m. The mountain range is dotted with small villages where villagers have dug terraces into the mountain for cultivation. Wadi Bani Habib, planted with walnut and pomegranate trees, is one of the most beautiful sites in Jebel Akhdar. The region is also known for the production of rose essence.

You will have lunch during the excursion, before returning to Muscat. Farewell dinner on board. Night at the quay.


You will disembark after breakfast and be taken to Sheraton Oman Hotel Muscat 5* (local standards). Lunch and free afternoon to visit the Omani capital. Dinner and overnight at the hotel.


After breakfast and check-out at the hotel, free time until the return flight.

Cruise in Oman


Day 1 : MUSCAT










  • Accommodation on boardElysium in the chosen cabin category
  • One night hotel at Sheraton Oman Hotel Masacate 5* local standards (or similar)
  • Full board from lunch on day 1 to breakfast on day 9 (except lunch on day 8)
  • Drinks on boardElysium : mineral water, wine selected by the company, tea, coffee during meals
  • Drinks during meals ashore: mineral water, tea or coffee
  • All visits and entrances to the sites included in the program with local English-speaking guide
  • Conferences on board
  • The services of a French-speaking cruise director and a Rivages du Monde lecturer
  • Tips for flight attendants
  • Customary tips for guides and drivers.

ANNE-MARIE GELINET, Director of the Figaro cruise

Anne-Marie Gélinet will represent Le Figaro during this cruise. His experience in the world of travel will allow him to enlighten you usefully during your stopovers.

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