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N’ZI region: does the Honorable Eliane N’Zi bother so much?

The demons of division are back and raging within the Democratic Party of Côte d’Ivoire (PDCI-RDA) in the communal delegation of Bocanda. In this game, the masters of denigration have set their sights on the Honorable N’Zi N’Dah Éliane, MP for the said constituency, whom they necessarily want to push into the opposing camp, the RHDP.

“When you want to do politics, you have to make your flesh bitter”, it is with these words that Mrs Léopoldine Tiézan Coffie, vice-president of the PDCI-RDA describes the unbearable world of politics where all the blows are allowed. Today, in the N’Zi region, more precisely in the commune of Bocanda, this is what the Honorable N’Zi N’Dah Éliane is experiencing. For some time, the deputy of Bocanda commune has been the victim of a smear campaign by certain political opponents within his party, the PDCI-RDA. After losing in 2018 during the election to the regional council, Mrs. Eliane N’Zi was able to take her revenge during the legislative elections of 2021 by beating by a large score (80%) the current president of the regional council N’Guessan Koffi The size. From now on, the deputy for Bocanda is thinking big. With the local elections announced for 2023, it has ambitions. Why not dare for the regional council?

Only here is that in the region, Ms. N’Zi seems to have taken a little more advance on her potential future adversaries. This, thanks to its social actions in favor of women and young people. With her Ong Action femmes d’Afrique pour le développement (AFA), the deputy has become a development partner for women in the N’Zi region. Creation of cassava processing units here, training of women in the management of their affairs there, the President of the NGO AFA spares no effort to help her parents in the region by mobilizing partners in this direction. But as Miguel De Cervantes, artist, writer, poet, novelist, said, “jealousy never allows you to see things as they are. Jealous people see reality through a distorting mirror that magnifies insignificant details, transforms dwarfs into giants and suspicions into truth”.

This is what the deputy of Bocanda is the victim of in his region where his opponents have launched a smear campaign to tarnish his image with President Henri Konan Bédié of the PDCI-RDA. On May 4, it was a letter attributed to him and addressed to Mrs. Henriette Bédié, in which the deputy for Bocanda announced his resignation from the PDCI-RDA. Like a sermon in the desert, this machination was met with a deafening silence from the activists of the septuagenarian party. But these ominous birds, moulted behind an avatar, have not given up. Following the choice of Konan Kouadio Bernard as municipal delegate of Bocanda, to the detriment of Mr. Adjé Noe, the section secretaries and the presidents of grassroots committees expressed in a press release their dissatisfaction and contested this choice.

For his opponents, it is Mrs. Eliane N’Zi who is the instigator of this movement of section secretaries and presidents of grassroots committees. “Yesterday it was the section secretaries and the presidents of base committees. Women today. All instrumentalized by MP Eliane N’ZI to say NO to M Henri Konan Bédié and his management of the PDCI-RDA after the appointment of a new Delegate to the detriment of M Adjé Noé without his consent. What audacity ! », such as the macabre work of a certain « Le Fédéral ». A totally foreign expression in the language of the PDCI-RDA.

Faced with all these allegations, Ms. N’Zi remains calm. “I remain serene and unperturbed. Stop wasting your ammunition in a vacuum,” quips the vice-president of the PDCI-RDA. For the Honorable Eliane N’Zi, the upcoming local elections are a great challenge for her party, the PDCI-RDA. They require the participation of all components of the PDCI RDA in the N’Zi region. This is why it calls for the mobilization of each other, while avoiding small internal quarrels in order to all look in the same direction.


(via Opera News)

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