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NÎMES Espace Bourgier: training in hairdressing, aesthetics and soon insurance!

Espace Bourgier is recognized in Nîmes for training future hairdressers (Photo Espace Bourgier)

Established for 30 years in Nîmes, the Espace Bourgier has become a major player in training in hairdressing and aesthetics. Under the leadership of its director, Eline Liron, the establishment wishes to offer a BTS in insurance at the start of the 2022 school year.

A hairdresser from Nîmes, Mr. Bourgier decided to open a school in 1990. Over the years, Espace Bourgier has managed to establish itself in Nîmes. Arrived four years earlier as a history and geography teacher, Eline Liron bought the establishment in 2009. From 60 students, the structure now welcomes more than 300 in its premises on rue Henri IV. This hairdressing and beauty school offers diploma courses recognized by the National Education in CAP, professional patent and BTS. “Everything that exists in hairdressing and aesthetics, we offer it”summarizes the director.

For three years, the CAP and the BTS have been available alternately. Nearly half of the students chose this option of dividing their time between the training center and a company. In 30 years of experience, Espace Bourgier has been able to develop a network of employers, and not the least, with in particular large groups such as Dior and Yves Rocher, and thus attract students beyond the Gard. “Employers tell us that our training is very professional. Our team is stable, totally devoted to the students, we have little turnover »analyzes Éline Liron who can count on a total supervision of 25 people.

“Some are already calling us for September and being the first to recruit”

Pupils favoring only school education benefit from all the equipment necessary for their learning. Rue Dhuoda, the establishment has its own hairdressing salon, open every Thursday and Friday, managed by the students from making telephone appointments to making haircuts under the watchful eye of the instructors. A real scenario with real customers who benefit from a more affordable service. Count €9 for a men’s haircut and €28 for a shampoo, color and brushing formula. Espace Bourgier is one of 30 French partner schools of L’Oréal.

Eline Liron, director of the establishment (Photo Espace Bourgier)

This Nîmes center wants to continue its momentum by highlighting learning: “That’s the key, young people come out of there with a job. There is work in our sector. This year, we did not have enough students to meet the demand of all the bosses. Some are already calling us for September and being the first to recruit”, says the headteacher. At Bourgier, the integration rate is 75% on leaving when 25% of students choose to continue their studies for a bachelor’s degree. And if, historically, this activity attracts more of a female audience, men are more and more present.

“We know how to do BTS, it’s all about having the right professionals”

“The rise of barbers has brought back a lot of boys, today it is 25% of the workforce in hairdressing”. In aesthetics, they can still be counted on the fingers of one hand, but some companies are also looking for male profiles. In order to position itself as a major player in its field of training, Espace Bourgier bought the hairdressing part offered and then stopped by Pigier Nîmes. Thus, 60 additional students arrived last September. In addition to apprentices and students, Bourgier also welcomes around forty people in retraining.

Sure of its strength, the establishment now intends to diversify its activity by offering a BTS insurance in September 2022. “There are few or not enough BTS insurance work-study programs in Nîmes. We know how to do BTS, it’s all about having the right professionals., says Éline Liron, whose idea sprouted with the recruitment of two management professors. About twenty students are expected for this first promotion. A new training that will certainly be presented during the establishment’s open days on Wednesday, April 20. Visits finally back after two years of abstinence because of the pandemic.

Corentin Corger

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